Met Gala Well Played, Hailee Steinfeld


When I saw this on the live-feed on Monday night — where Hailee said she thought Avril Lavigne was her favorite punk artist and Teen Vogue‘s Andrew Bevan almost choked on his own tongue laughing at her (in a sweet, older-brotherly way) and yelping that AVRIL IS NOT PUNK — I was all, “cute, Hailee. You’re adorbs. Moving on.” And then I took a closer look:

The dress is leather; the star-bursts are made of tiny safety pins. This is adorable, age-appropriate, event-appropriate, and — best of all — smart.  Avril wishes.

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  1. Gine

    This was great. Adorable and flattering on her, but with that clever nod to the theme.

  2. amys

    This is my favorite interpretation of the night.

  3. kimberly

    Also. she’s wearing just the right amount of eyeliner.

  4. Rachael

    This is perfect. And charming. And so damn cute.

  5.  Carolina Girl

    Another win for Team Steinfeld. It’s kind of funny to me that Anna Wintour issued an invitation to Hailee but only allowed Kim K. to come as Kanye’s plus one.

    •  bambi_beth

      How is that funny? Kim K is not fashion or famous in a way Ms. Wintour finds acceptable. Ms. Steinfeld is a popular young actress who generally does very well in the clothing department.

      Loved this before I found out is was leather and safety pins. LOVELOVELOVE it now.

      •  Carolina Girl

        That’s why I find it amusing. Kim is completely ridiculous yet she tries so hard to be “in” and the only reason she’s on television at all is because of a sex tape and a possibly surgically augmented butt. A year ago she probably would have sold her soul (if she still has it) to the devil to be invited to this party, and the ONLY way Anna Wintour would let her come was as the date of someone just as idiotic as she, but infinitely more talented. She supposedly let herself be bullied into altering a designer dress (that was really ugly in the first place) by adding sleeves, gloves and a mock turtle neck that made her look like a neckless double amputee, all the while, all Hailee Steinfeld had to do was show up looking effortlessly wonderful.

  6. Stefanie

    LOVE IT! I also love her eye makeup. Drama without being all raccooned out.

  7. Genevieve

    This is a fantastic dress!

  8. Kristan


  9. Elle

    This is the very first time that I thought this girl looks really great!

  10. Pouncer

    She looks tremendous. I love the safety pin starbursts!

  11. Cat

    She’s adorable. I love this!

  12. Misstee212323

    Did you see the shot of her photobombed by Jamie Lannister? Fab ;-)

  13. Seamyst

    Look at the huge pic. Are… are those safety pins taped on the dress?? Or is that just an artifact? Because if they are, then OMG that’s even more brilliant!

  14. Chasmosaur

    Wow, I noticed neither the leather nor pins. That is wonderful. I now have a rotating Top 4.

  15. Helen

    LOVE it. This is terrific. Such a clever concept, to look all princessy at a glance… then, when one comes to check out the details, all are taken from classic punk looks. Very smart, very pretty, funny, and functional.

    She might be the best-dressed of the night.

  16. Suzie

    You know there is that whole genera of pop punk: Blink182, Sum41, and I’d even maybe put Avril in there. Plus, I am not a fan of punk snobs. Ok, we get it. Your soooo much cooler than the rest of us, and we have no clue about true punk rock. With my rant done, Hailee is kicking some butt in that dress!

    • Poppy

      I don’t think they were being snobby, it’s just that Avril or her music aren’t punk in anyway whatsoever…

      • Tiffany

        Avril is pure pop.

        • Guerra

          This girl was born in the 90′s she has absolutely no reference to punk, I was born in the mid 80′s & I don’t really get it either.

  17. Beth C.

    I love this. I might even steal the gold safety pin starburst idea and put it on something of my own. It really looks way better than I might have thought if I came up with it on my own.

    She is adorable.The end.

  18. Jen

    SO cute and smart. I love it.

  19. CC

    Love this. Love it even more finding out it was leather and safety pins….brilliant.

    I think a lot of the guests had trouble with the dress code. Some ignored what the exhibit was and just dressed for a fashion ball. For others, it gave license for some weird eyeshadow or a studded belt or just being a bit more ballsy. Some really went out there — Miley, SJP’s mohawk headpiece, and Madonna come to mind — but let’s be honest, considering their past outfits, they might have shown up in the same ensembles for an exhibit about men’s tailoring. I think Hailee found the perfect balance. She looked beautiful in a dress that is incredibly flattering and appropriate, but the details gave a charming wink and nod to the theme. Brava.

  20. tigers4us

    How great is this?!? Absolutely perfect choice, Hailee!

  21. Christine

    She is so gorgeous and wonderful, and seemingly has such a great head on her shoulders, that I’m seriously looking forward to watching her over the next decade or so. Hopefully she doesn’t fall down the Lohan-rabbit-hole and she makes it to the other side as fabulous as she clearly is now!

  22. Kristina

    I love her, and this outfit, but what does a 14 year old do at a Met Ball/Gala?

    • Helen

      She’s 16 now, but still, point taken, you’d think it might be rather dull for her. I hope she did have fun.

  23. Cecily

    Absolute best yet. LOVE

  24. Tiffany

    I love this. I think I love it even more because it takes a closer look to appreciate the details. I didn’t realize it was leather and safety pins at first.

    I don’t know if I like the taping of the safety pins…but at least the leather dress can be restyled and recycled for a different look?

  25. Mongerel

    AWE SOME and then some more.

    Did you check out the pattern seaming of the leather skirt? Just gorgeous.

  26. Mary Urech Stallings

    By George, she’s got it!

  27. derpshooter

    When I saw this during the live blog I was immediately disgusted as the boring twee-ness of it. Isn’t she a teenager? I was so hopeful the up-and-coming Cute Young Things would really bring it. :( But, learning now about the leather, safety pins, and apparently tape – I like this dress. It is definitely a worthy interpretation of distilled punk.

  28. Tiffany

    I am really looking for a reason to do my eyemake up like that. Soooo gorgeous!

  29. Sajorina

    YES! This totally works in a subtle way! Perfect for the occasion & Hailee’s age! LOVE the dress, especially because the safety pins are sewn into it and not pinned into it! Makeup, hair and accessories all work beautifully! I say WIN!

  30. M

    Another of the best dressed. I have no qualms or quibbles.

  31. Lori

    A+. Best Dressed. The piecework on the leather is fantastic. The pleat/darts at the waist and the gentle diamond shaped pieces in the skirt. Love the tulle peeking out the bottom and love the sandals. This is my favorite dress of the year. And of last year.

  32. lola