Met Gala Hilariously Played, Nicole Richie

This fall….on Lifetime, Television For Women:

Nicole Richie is Karl Lagerfeld in A PINT OF LAGERFELD: The Karl Lagerfeld Story. It’s a gender-bending musical extravaganza also featuring Meredith Baxter, Rob Estes, a selection of extras from the Lady Marmalade video, and a hologram of Lindsay Lohan beamed in from Mean Girls. IT WILL BE EPIC.

(PS: this dress is kind of great.)

[Photo: Getty]

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  1. linda

    So…how long have you guys been waiting to use that “pint of lagerfeld” pun? Love you!

  2. Sarah

    I think she looks awesome. Points for bringing it. I have no idea what “it” is, but points all around!

  3. Leigh

    She looks like she got ready as usual, then just as she was about to leave the house, suddenly remembered there was a dress code, and hurriedly spray painted her hair with leftover Halloween hairspray just to make out like she didn’t forget.

  4. Helen

    All she needs is a couple of black streaks to do a reverse-image of Elsa Lanchester’s Bride of Frankenstein. I SO WISH SHE’D DONE THAT.

  5. Ines

    wow, i never noticed, that she has _that_beautiful face.
    the dress is gorgeous (even it’s not adequate) and it fits very very well

    and her posture is just fabulous

    • mary lou bethune

      Her face is absolutely beautiful. The hair accentuates her face as it would no other woman except Beyonce.

    • Orange Clouds

      Yes, she also has the most beautiful, striking eye colour.

    • Jules

      Doesn’t she look stunning? The hair works – it might even make the look. I’d look like I’d been exhumed with my hair like that, but she’s going to make one glamorous grandma in a few decades!

  6. Tracey

    I love the dress… and don’t mind the hair due to the event, but I guess she’s senior punk?

  7. Jasmine

    Her face is what makes this photo. She looks statuesque and amazing and then BOOM! Shock of fried white hair.
    She’s like “yeah, I zapped my head and I still kind of look amazing. Effing right I do.”

  8. Lynne

    You know? I’m automatically giving props to anyone who made an effort to work with the theme. The crazy hair makes me much happier than the gutless chics who wore a boring, pretty dress and slapped on a little extra eyeliner. So well done Nicole, I say!

  9. AmandaD

    Total robot overlord thing happening, and she looks awesome.

  10. Tiffany

    I guess I am alone in this! I feel like the dress is beautiful and fits her very well…but the hair seems very last minute and inappropriate to me. Grey hair isn’t punk. If she went with another color I would support it, but the color she chose just emphasizes the “granny” style of the dress. I think if she would have contrasted the style of the dress with the hair, it would have been more successful. Green, blue, red, pink, so many other colors would have worked better.

  11. TonyG

    She has “Heat Miiser” hair, but you know what?…she looks great. In fact, the odd hair really makes her face stand-out, and that face is gorgeous!

    Heat miser image:

  12. Kris

    No, actually, this is the long awaited prequel to the Little Mermaid, “Little Mermaid Origins: Ursula Dynasty”.

  13. BrownEyedBetty

    Yes to Heat Miser, Ursula Dynasty and also….Martin Short’s Jack Frost character.

  14. Miranda

    All I see is Hades from Disney’s Hercules.

    • Beth Padgett

      I thought the same thing :) though I have to admit that this hair works better than when she goes with a shade the same as her skin tone

  15. Candice

    I love her nails / hand jewelry for the event (via her instagram).

  16. mbe

    Did Rachel Zoe style her? This looks just like the dress the British friend/vintage dealer/guy who’s probably getting his own show on Bravo next season gifted her a few episodes ago on The Rachel Zoe Project.

    • Jessica

      Oh, it DOES. But I think they’ve never made up from the time Nicole basically fired her and told people she (RZ) had an eating disorder. I think they had a kind of bad falling out, and judging from the thing w. Brad, RZ doesn’t seem great at making up with people. That being said, I think Zoe is a REALLY good stylist and her early work w. Nicole was basically live-changing. So it would be nice if they got back together.

      • Guerra

        That is exactly what I thought! The dress is very similar but I read some where its from top shop?… I could be wrong! But its fab regardless

        Remember Nicole called her rasin face & ever since Zoe has gotten Botox.

  17. Tassie

    She looks amazing. Love the hair & dress. But the vintage style AND the hair color are very aging.

  18. TaraMisu

    Ok I literally spewed water on my keyboard…. “A Pint Of Lagerfield” :D :D :D :D :D

    Love the dress, love her face, but the hair…. ye gads.

  19. Elle

    Love the whole thing. Yes she looks like a beautiful older woman. She reminds me of Carmen Dell’Orefice in the photo.

  20. Robin

    If this is any indication, she will continue to be gorgeous well into advanced age.

  21. Goldfish

    I am going through an actual grieving process because that show won’t really be available for me to see (and DVR).

  22. Spider

    She’s absolutely stunning.

  23. Sajorina

    LOVE this from the neck down! The dress is exquisite… It reminds me of my mom’s wedding dress from 1968, which I adore! Her nailpolish, jewelry and clutch are also FAB! The makeup is nice, but that hair is AHHHHH! *screams in horror*

  24.  jen

    Sometimes, when NR has yet another “well played” (I have grown to just adore her), I like to imagine that Paris Hilton’s bedroom is awash with broken phones, ipads, and laptops she’s thrown against the wall in absolute misery, anger, and “should have been me”-ness.

    Well Paris, if you would dress reasonably, not date guys who pay homeless men to pour things on themselves, and stop posing as if your pelvis is full of magnets and trying to find the north pole, maybe it would have been.

  25. Guerra

    Gorgeous!! Fits to perfection!

  26. Jessica

    Did anyone else read this in Stefon’s voice? “It. Has. Everything. Meredith Baxter, Rob Estes, a selection of extras from the Lady Marmalade video, and a hologram of Lindsay Lohan beamed in from Mean Girls. IT WILL BE EPIC.”

    The dress is pretty fabulous. The hair is ridiculous but her face is so stunning that it doesn’t really bother me here.

  27. Julia

    I agree- I never knew she was so lovely!

  28. goldfish

    That’s something you hardly ever see — an impending trainwreck that switches tracks at the very last moment. Good for her. She is, indeed, currently fabulous. She needs to talk to Lindsay.

    • Helen

      They used to be friends, but I think Nicole has very deliberately lost touch with anyone with whom she once allegedly did drugs. Which is the only thing to do really. However she got past it… you can’t make anyone else do the same thing. They have to do it for themselves.

  29. Cora

    That’s not Nicole Richie. That’s Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

  30. Suzie

    She went for the shock factor (pun intended), and it works. Bravo Nicole!

  31. Elizabeth Gorman

    This works. Don’t know why, but she really pulls it off. I think its the whiteness of the dress and hair next to her tan skin.

  32. Eve

    The first slideshow I saw, I thought it might be a little reminiscent of Will Ferrell in Zoolander, but on seeing the details it’s actually quite nice. Maybe more sci-fi than punk, but she looks healthy, happy, and not boring, so well played, Ms. Ritchie.

  33. Michael

    She on Heroin again? I hope so. At least it’ll excuse this god awful hair.

  34. Molly

    Thank god it’s a dress. If it had been a pantsuit like KStew wore, it would have been frighteningly on the nose Gozer the Gozerian cosplay.

  35. Lis

    When I first saw pictures of her from that event, I thought it was Archie Panjabi.

  36. googler

    I’m really sad now that I won’t be able to watch A Pint Of Lagerfeld. Even knowing you guys made it up, I got so excited….

  37. understateddiva

    Wow, good to see Richie’s PR people found your blog.

  38. Lily1214

    The hair color makes her look old but I must say I never knew she was so beautiful.

  39. A123

    All I see is Jay Manuel.

  40. lola

    Lena Horn.