Met Gala Fugs and Fabs: Black and White

Let’s look at all the people who wore black or white or black AND white. (Now I want a cookie.) There were A LOT of them.

[Photos: Getty]

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  1. Rebecca

    As much as I hate to be disagreeable, I thought Olivia Wilde’s dress looked like a back brace or ace bandage. While it may be super comfy, I wouldn’t go so far as to call it groovy.

    Also, Kelly Osbourne has some nice outfits on occasion, but this one was weird for the sake of being weird.

    That being said, Lily Collins totally brought it.

  2. qwertygirl

    “I think you have to be careful not to devolve yourself into someone who is Famous For Being Famous, because that burns out quickly.” Unless you find the tipping point and go back to doing something, even if that something is making yourself more famous. The Kardashians have this mastered. They are the picture of the baby on the box of cereal sitting next to the box of cereal that has a picture of the baby on the box of cereal sitting next to…you feel me. First they were famous for being famous, then they started a reality show about being famous for being famous, and now they’re famous for their show about being famous for being famous. Which of course makes them famous. That said, I personally can’t stand Jessica Alba, and if she were to fade away because she was too busy trying to be famous for being famous, you wouldn’t need to offer me a Kleenex.

    • AnnieB

      I was kind of wondering if I had just missed any of the amazing projects and acting jobs Jessica Alba had going recently. She’s a terrible actress and I certainly would love to see less of her. She always looks like she is miserable or takes herself way too seriously.

      • qwertygirl

        You haven’t missed anything, in part because the words “amazing projects” and “Jessica Alba” seldom appear in the same sentence (unless the author is writing humor, in which case they absolutely go togther). I agree she’s pretty awful.

        • Helen

          She was perfect for Machete… but of course, as a parody (and a hilarious one in my opinion), that was SUPPOSED to be a showcase of bad acting.

          I think to get the right effect with Alba in that film, they probably just directed her as if she were meant to play it straight.

  3. Jane

    Lily Collins for the win – she had fun with it!

  4. jenelope

    I actually love Lily Collins’ tribute to Siouxsie Sioux. And yeah, Olivia Wilde’s thing really doesn’t work for me.

    • jenelope

      Oh, and I forgot to include my fervent desire to know who that is in the hot pink behind Krasinski and Blunt. Because THAT gown may be totally working for me.

    • jenelope

      Ugh. Replying to my reply.

      Holy crap. It was Gwyneth’s dress I was admiring. Apparently, I like it more from the back.

  5. Squirrel!

    I am intrigued by Leelee Sobieski’s viny gauntlets.

    • Squirrel!

      More thoughts:

      Taylor Swift looks more goth than punk, but I like the look.

      Lily Collins and date, fab! Eye makeup, love!

      January Jones’ makeup makes her look cross-eyed and makes me feel uncomfortable looking at her. I really dig her shoes, though.

      In this shot, Kelly Osbourne’s purple hair looks more like a purple pillbox hat atop auburnish hair. Her dress is fab!

      A Jane Austen theme would be très cool. Fug Girls, you must have connections to whom you can drop some hints, no?

      • KB

        I totally agree about January Jones’ makeup. Close up, it looks kind of cool, but stand about 10 feet back, and it’s a no go.

  6. Rose

    Adding to all the Lily love… she’s about the last person I would’ve expected to go all-out for this theme, but she pulls it off quite nicely. And whatshisname is adorable while also winning the award for “most into the theme (male)”, and I think I like them together.

    Olivia Wilde’s dress might be better if it was an actual color? I agree that it’s rather odd, but part of me wants to see a similar style in hot pink or maroon.

  7. Mary

    I’m imagining Carey Mulligan, ready to go out the door, glancing at her Met Ball invitation so she can program it into her GPS… and only just then seeing the word “punk.”
    At which point, she jams that giant safety pin into her otherwise boring dress.
    “Crisis averted!” she crows and breathes a sigh of relief.

  8.  LT1

    I LOVE January Jones’ makeup and shoes.

    Is Kelly growing out the lavender or was it always not all the way to the roots?

  9. Helen

    I think I might like Eve’s look the best.

    Now THERE’s something I never thought I’d find myself saying!

  10. nicole

    whoever the person in dark red is behind Emma is serving up a heaping helping of side boob – distracting!

  11. nicole

    And re: Aubrey – view the Father John Misty video for Hollywood Forever Cemetery… I’d say she is a odd little bird.

  12. holly

    T-swift = Margary from GoT?

  13. Kat

    I can’t explain it – but for some reason Sofia Coppola’s PJ look enrages me. That PJ thing worked on the runway when it was styled with some sort of 30′s debauchery but here it reeks of ‘I’m too cool for y’all’.

    Not sure I’d like to see an Austen theme – after this year’s experience we might end up with even more goth princesses because lacy is Austen.

    • Liviania

      I kind of liked the PJs. They’re punk in I’ll-wear-what-I-want way. And they looked great with Marc’s outfit.

  14. Sophia Loren

    Hey! There’s a lot more Honorable Mentions For Creative Use of Punk-ish Elements: Eve’s cuff, Leelee’s facial expression, Marc Jacobs’ cons, Aubrey Plaza’s dress (who?), Cary Mulligan’s safety pin, Lily Collins’ date . . .

  15. Paige

    I’m just glad Taylor got rid of those blunt bangs and left her hair kind of wavy.

  16. Mikki

    I think Emma and Carey are wearing the same shoes! Maybe that’s why Carey looks like she’s frightened that someone is going to rap her on the knuckles, the horror!

  17. Leah

    Are Emma and Carey wearing the same shoes?? Regardless, want them.

  18. Annie E

    What is the deal with Ashley Greene’s dress? She looks like a paper doll standing behind that giant thing.

    • Amberoni13

      Also, is she not a wee thing? With a super thin torso? How is this dress so poorly fitted to her that she looks yea wide? Usually such a bold accent at the waist makes a waist look small, but somehow the whole effect on her, in this dress, is that she has gained 35 pounds, all evenly throughout the torso. Yikes.

  19. Trace

    Emma Watson’s dress looks familiar – I think it reminds me of what Nicole Kidman wore to the Oscars in 2003, the year she won.

  20. Daenerys

    January Jones looks like she is on the way to a David Bowie impersonator contest.
    And didn’t Camilla- aka wife of Prince Charles- just wear a dress that looks a lot like Leelee’s?

  21. Eirwen

    Emily Blunt looks far better with darker hair.

  22. Mary

    I’m surprised that Nina Dobrev hasn’t been featured here… I don’t think she’s up to her usual “best dressed” status…

  23. Mary

    Katie Holmes hasn’t been featured either… really pretty dress!

    • Mary

      whoops… nevermind on Katie… I see she was in the Well Played… hmms and Zzzzs post. =)

  24. Mary

    Oh and I guess I missed Nina in the pantalunacy section…. Pantalunacy is right! =)

  25. buttercup

    I think we can all agree that Olivia Wilde is wee, but that makes this dress decision even more bizarre. If you look in the first picture, by her right hip, there’s like a pork chop’s worth of skin blumping out from between the top of the skirty part and the bottom of one of the bandagey parts. If a dress can be unflattering on one so wee, it should be burned, no?

    And yeah, sorry Fug Girls. It’s totally a back brace in disguise.

  26. Sajorina

    I really like Olivia’s & LeeLee’s dresses and COVET Bella’s dress! I love Emma’s & Carey’s shoes, which look alike, but are slightly different! And BRAVO to those who went there! January’s look makes me want to puke, though!

  27. Beth

    I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Taylor Swift looks fantastic.
    Also: Sandra Lee WHY. She makes my eyeballs itch.

  28. Donna

    I desperately want Carey Mulligan to have red lips. As is, she looks like that character in the Twilight Zone movie who has her lips removed.

    • Kristin

      I hate the nude lip look in general, but I really hate it on Carey, who tends to look wan anyway.

  29. Anna Maria Cárcamo

    I think Emma Watson and Jessica Alba look better than any of the best dressed on your list!! Plus, Emma Roberts is really in theme, why wasn’t she only the list, like many other awful looking people on theme were like Madonna, Nicole Richie and Miley!