Met Gala Fug Carpet: Nicki Minaj

Let’s get real. This woman once attended the Grammys dressed as a PSYCHOTIC NUN and dragged along a faux-Pope as her accessory:

Nicki, I don’t know who told you to tone it down for this event. Maybe it was Anna Wintour! Maybe it was Mariah Carey. Maybe it was a new stylist who recently hit her head and didn’t realize where she was or to whom she was speaking. Whoever it was, to paraphrase the words of Brenda Walsh, NEVER SPEAK TO THEM AGAIN.

[Photo: Getty]

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Comments (13):

  1. Helen

    She looks great, but…

    It’s so weird how Minaj and Ora, who, fashion-wise, arguably both had better reason to be there than anyone else who’s been pictured here, both went so “normal” for this.

  2. Ruth

    Her top looks like a napkin tied in a knot and her skirt looks like a vinyl tablecloth.

  3. cath

    I think I read recently that La Minaj has sworn off of the sartorial hijinx. Not sure what possessed her to do that; maybe she just couldn’t keep up with Gaga. For this particular event, though, she really should have jumped off the wagon for the night…. she could have done it with such aplomb!

  4. Edith

    She looks FABULOUS, and I applaud her for renouncing the hijinks in general, but I do wish she’d pulled out all the stops for the theme.

  5. AnnieB

    I like it. I think she looks beautiful.

  6. cc

    I’m enjoying the current toned-down Nicki though I must say.

    • googler

      I am, too. The weirdness arm’s race some of these musicians have had has grown so tiresome.

      • Art Eclectic

        It’s getting harder and harder for these girls to get attention. Katy Perry will put anything on her breasts, Gaga will wear meat, Rihanna will wear nothing…what’s an ambitious, attention craving singer supposed to do?

  7. Chris P

    My theory: Mimi secretly bribed Nicki’s stylist to pick out the most “feh” gown imaginable.

    Although, isn’t this kind of par for the course for Nicki at events like these? She usually tends to have MAJOR hair and a somewhat understated (at least in cut) dress. So it’s less of a “fug” than a “feh” for me (although it is creeping into fug territory).

  8. house mouse

    I’m not moved by that snoozy dress, but I do love her hair and make-up and think she looks pretty great all around.

  9. Amberoni13

    While the dress isn’t super interesting, or really interesting at all, can I just say her figure is SO flattered in this? I realize it is partly because of the near-limbo posturing going on (perhaps her take on “punk” was the “I know most women cross their legs and do the full bladder pose, but I’m gonna do ME”), but look how smooth her hips look! For a lady who seems to love making her thighs look bizarrely inflated, I have a dropped jaw just for the difference.

    • jay

      the problem is that her ass looks INSANE, and not in a good way. I saw a side view of this dress and it seriously looks like a gigantic victorian bustle skirt.

  10. Beth

    I almost didn’t recognize her because she looked so…normal.