Met Gala Fug Carpet: Linda Evangelista

Speaking of people Unclear On the Concept (AKA, two-thirds of the people who showed up at this thing):

While everyone else was attending the Met Gala — well, ostensibly, anyway — Linda Evangelista was apparently attending her own wedding. At Medieval Times.

[Photo: Getty]

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  1. Chasmosaur

    Did she interpret “Punk” as “Fashion Trend that Started in England”?

    (Note – I know Punk didn’t arise solely in England. Just trying to determine the reasoning that got her there…)

  2. Jacquilynne

    Is her hair *crimped*? Or fake? Or both?

    Maybe her hairstylist assumed that since punk was the theme, everything from the 80s was fair game?

  3. Maria L.

    This must be Pre-Raphaelite punk.

    Considering that Anna (and Anna Jr.) did not play by the rules, I think some leniency as far as sticking to theme is called for.

  4. Danielle

    Ugh. The whole Marchesa crew looked like the Miss Havisham collection–Linda E., Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig. It was like they were a coven come together to suck the youth out of Ashley Greene.

    • daphne

      thanks, Danielle!
      I guess one could argue that Miss Havisham is punk; therefore, dressing like her is punk fashion..
      like Katy Perry’s claim for Joan of Arc ?

      ack. I’m confoosed. trying to make sense of all this..
      sigh. maybe the truth is- sadly but simply: ‘punk’ was loosely defined as “wear whatever the heck you want” by many. as in, 2013 was the Casual Friday of Met Balls..

  5. acake

    GUH. That face. She will always be my favourite supermodel, even though this dress is kind of ridonkulous.

    • Jessica

      I feel like it’s extra sad because Linda Evangelista of all people could really have turned it OUT.

    • glee

      Yeah – what acake said. I still love her face (always has been her best feature), but this is an atrocity she inflicted on us and herself.

  6. Sajorina

    Since when “Punk” means Julianna Margulies as ‘Morgaine’ in “The Mists of Avalon”?

  7. Edith

    Clearly, she’s waaaay behind on her ANTM viewing. “Ghost Brides” was ages ago!

  8. Tonya

    I actually like this. In the context that 3/4 of the guests weren’t in punk costume anyway, including Ana Wintour, Linda looks really beautiful here.

  9. Helen

    What’s with all these weird in-the-ear earrings we’re seeing at this event? Is that a thing now, along with the awful second-knuckle rings that’ll come right off if you shake hands or wash?

  10. Shanti

    That’s actually pretty. Too bad the theme wasn’t “ghostly faerie queens.”

  11. mepe

    This one is totally confounding! As far as I can tell there is nothing remotely punk about this look. So is this what she would have worn to the Met Ball regardless of theme? This is just how Linda is dressing for gala events now days?

  12. mary lou bethune

    I think the dress is gorgeous. She is so above the fray that it works; she is being herself which is punk , just as Zoey is being herself- like Debbie Harry was always herself and everyone turned it into punk.

  13. Squirrel!

    Where was her date, Henry VIII?

    • Kris

      Oh, you know she couldn’t bring him along. Getting beheaded at the Met Ball is bad form.

  14. Edith

    I see Helena’s been nicking her mum’s diadems again. Will she never learn?

  15. anonymoose



  16. derpshooter

    She looks like the good girl character in a punk band’s music video. The one they are going to rescue from an unfulfilling and boring existence just before she says “I do.” LindaE is punk, she’s just the Before shot. ;)

    • Edith

      No, that’s a hair-metal video. And now I want “Hair-Metal Video” to be the theme for next year’s Met Ball. And I want to get invited…

  17. bee

    i kinda like this dress, although, on her, it looks SUPER matronly especially in addition to the hair. she kinda resembles glinda the good witch :/

  18. Fletcher

    She is starting to look like Ashley Judd.

  19. Vandalfan

    Dirty sheers under dining room drapes that have not been cleaned since 1986.