Met Ball Well Played: Emma Stone


Well, Dakota Fanning back there thinks this dress is HILARIOUS.

But me? I think it’s kind of great. I can’t shake the feeling that I’ve SEEN IT already – and I’m worried that where I’ve seen that pattern was on a pair of bike shorts I bought at Wet Seal in 1988 — but I think she’s kind of working it. Bonus: FINALLY, the blond hair doesn’t look like she fell head-first into the sale bin at Lohan’s Extensions Emporium, and I love the lipstick. Maybe what Dakota is just wishing she’d thought of it first.

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Comments (34):

  1. Willow

    she should look like a sofa but she actually looks amazing, props for pulling it off.

  2. Anne B

    Why Dakota is laughing:

    “Emma. Wrapping-paper-origami-challenge winner?

    “You weren’t supposed to WEAR it.”

  3. Fuh Ugh

    Made of awesome! Or perhaps, Maid of Awesome!

    Both of the Fanning sisters looked tragic – like Olesons in waiting.

  4. Willow

    I secretly loved Dakota Fanning’s dress because I just want to wear it for a day, why her sister was dressed as a prudish french maid I do not know.

  5. Gigi

    What pretty skin Emma has! And a better makeup job than poor Dakota from what I can tell.

  6. CJ

    I think she looks wonderful here. I want to walk over and flatten one little pouf of hair that she combed over, but other than that, it’s totally fab.

  7. SmallFry

    I HATE her lip color. She’s been using it so much and it looks so terrible on her!

  8. anonymoose


  9. Judith

    I just wish she had worn bright coloured shoes with it, that black toe looks heavy.

  10. ortenzia

    she looks like my fancy aunt’s apartment in miami circa 84…. but emma stone has a kickass expression and she’s completely selling it so i like it.

  11. Tracy L

    Emma looks great! I do prefer her as a red head, though. Dakota’s dress is meh.

  12. ortenzia

    @fug ugh — i’ve been patiently waiting to thumbs up one of the olsens dress. the one with the puffed sleeves (!!!). it was pretty! great collar bones! odd but not crazy! it can be done!

  13. jessicookie

    Dakota looks like the designer tried to do a literal interpretation of an impressionist painting by Monet.

    Not a fan.

  14. sarah

    She looks great, but she doesn’t look like herself.

  15. Breda

    I’ve been so fiercely anti-blond with her that it kind of pains me to admit this, but her hair looks really pretty here! I think I’ve figured it out: STOP WITH THE FAKE TAN. She looked so bad before because the hair looked fake and the skin looked fake and that doesn’t suit her persona OR her face, but with this normal natural skin tone, the hair (and face) look lovely.

    Oh, the dress? Well, props for the guts, but I don’t know about the dress/print/occasion combo.

  16. Cecily

    The dress is fabulous, and she’s working it, too.

  17. Kate

    With the hair, she just looks a little too Generic Blond Actress for my taste.

  18. foo

    I love it. Non-objectively because I’m wearing a silk blouse with that exact same pattern- but smaller- right now. (I am really) (and I don’t usually do florals) (but she still looks great)

  19. yeahandalso

    This is the first time I’ve seen Emma Stone blond and thought she looked like herself and not just some generic blond. I don’t think the problem was really the color, it was those crazy bangs, she looks much better with diagonal cut bangs and/or layers.

  20. Stefanie

    I like this – a. Lot.

    I also like it because it seems to be different than most of things we’ve seen.

  21. freebird

    I would normally hate this (florals are a hard sell for me – most often over done), but I actually love it. I was very surprised. I would have expected to like Dakota’s dress since it seemed just a smattering of flowers, but I thought it was fug. I agree that the shoe is too heavy.

  22. Mire

    This is the first time I have seen Emma Stone pulling off blonde hair. She looks gorrrrrrrrrrgeous.

  23. Kathleen F.

    The dress is a solid B; the hair and makeup are A+! And I agree with Breda that the blond hair works much better now that she’s lost the awful fake tan.

  24. Sandra

    Dakota doesn’t really have any reason to be pointing fingers at other people’s fashion choices. ‘Cause hers is fug too.

  25. vandalfan

    Emma is a perfect English rose here. Dakota’s hair, on the other hand, is too flat-ironed, and her skirt is a bit Barbie on the Back of Grandma’s Toilet for my liking.

  26. Lina

    Emma looks fantastic and she’s rocking the hell out of that dress. I’m so glad they’ve let her have her natural skin tone back.

  27. The Other Katherine

    I… really don’t like this. I’m with the Fug Girls on 99% of their judgment calls, but can’t cosign on this one. It looks like an evening gown you could buy at Walmart, if Walmart sold evening gowns. I don’t know, it just bugs me.

  28. The Other Katherine

    P.S. I mean Emma’s gown, not Dakota’s. Don’t have a clear view of Dakota’s, but I like what I see there.

  29. Bambi Anne Dear

    Surely even a frump can dig out a BIG frock to wear to a BIG occasion. Unlike the woman on the right with the BIG bag and the BIG legs. And cork-sandal woman……
    Oddly, I like Dakota’s toilet roll cover. She’s young enough for it isn’t she?

  30. AMS

    WOW! I actually gasped when I clicked on this post, because she looks so lovely, and so much more vivid and alive than anyone photographed at this event. She is rocking that dress, which is quite something given a print that could have swallowed another girl whole, and her makeup is fantastic. I agree, Jessica, I LOVE that lipstick on her. Well-played.

  31. Sajorina

    I LOVE IT & WANT IT!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Nina

    The Other Katherine, I don’t like it either, and for the very reasons you said. Something about this whole ensemble feels cheap, and Emma certainly isn’t that. I’m not digging any of it, the hair, the dress, not even her lipstick, really.

    Dakota’s isn’t much better, but I’ll take hers over what Emma has on.

  33. GigiNYC

    Her face looks amazing–such perfect, poreless skin! Though if I’m going to be persnickety, I prefer her as a redhead. Her dress reminds me of a couch pattern but she’s definitely pulling it off. She looks fantastic.

  34. jean

    I love her hair in this, although I agree she doesn’t look like herself, which I actually think is a good thing. She’s adaptable and not stuck in a groove yet. I like the slightly edgy quality of the hair–it’s almost messy, but not quite. She also looks really tall here and I didn’t think she was that long. Is she tall? And I don’t think Dakota is laughing at her! I think she’s 16 and got the giggles.