Met Ball Well Played Carpet: Jennifer Lopez



“I do not have time for one-night themes. My whole life is a theme. The theme of how I cannot be tamed. Not by music mogul, not by backup dancer who I only married because I thought he was one of the Judds and not just a Judd, not by Beardfleck, not by vampire, not by whatever it is that I am dating now, and not by some invitation to a thingy the Mets are doing about punk. So I come here with the eyeliner and the hair that is bigger than Marc, and I am animalistic and naked and sheery, like the jungle cat you pay to see on safari and secretly hope will eat Nicki Minaj, and I will somehow still seem like I am being punk even though I am not. It is because of my MAGIC. I am like that Harry Potter but without the sad bits and all the pointy sticks and pets (although, lovers, I do think I have four houses). My secret power is that you will love me even when I am ignoring the rules. The Lopez does not bend to the world; the world bends to the Lopez.”

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Comments (22):

  1. greena

    i just love her, diva antics and all. thought she looked fab.

  2.  Carolina Girl

    I am going to try to incorporate a version of the phrase, “The Lopez does not bend to the world; the world bends to the Lopez” into every conversation I have for the next six months!

    • Dirk

      For me, “My whole *life* is a theme” is my new motto. I had to stop laughing at that sentence to even get through the rest of the post.

  3. Trace


  4. Helen

    Lopez-ly Played.

  5. Chasmosaur

    I think this is more J-Lo-Ly Played than well-played. I’ve frequently been a fan of her sartorial choices, but even though this is a Michael Kors, I feel like it could have been yet another Zuhair Murad. (Who I actually like – some of his things that aren’t sheer or sparkly are actually really pretty.)

    I want my J-Lo fiercer and braver than skin-tight and patterned and big hair that’s retro. The world damn well bends to the Lopez, so the Lopez can wear something cramazing, instead of just “Oh look – J-Lo is wearing something tight and possibly sheer…next!”

  6. glee

    I just wished she didn’t need a man (any man, let alone THAT one) at her side. That boy-person looked douche-tastic.

  7. Sajorina

    Just the hair is WIN! The rest is icing on the Lopez cake! FAB!

  8. tigers4us

    LOL! I miss the JLo monologues. Thanks for the fix.

  9. TonyG

    Loved this post, especially the phrase, “…like the jungle cat you pay to see on safari and secretly hope will eat Nicki Minaj…”

    If only!

  10. Tiffany

    I feel like she is always “naked and sheery”. Kind of a rut for her.

    Do love the hair, though. It was one of the best of the night.

  11. Guerra

    I love her!

  12. Art Eclectic

    What’s really great is that in 30 years she can trot this same dress out for her Vegas review show and probably still look hot in it.

  13. Ann

    Muy caliente, lovers!

  14. Hannah

    To me this looks like a cross between a toy reptile for preschool-aged girls and a landscaping project in Vegas. I will concede that her hair is spectacular and her body is miraculous, but that’s as far as I can go on this one.

  15. VanDee

    *yawn* time for a revamp J-Lo.

  16. Elle

    yeah,yeah we’ve seen it all before.

  17. Lily1214

    Not her best look. Maybe it’s the camera angle.

  18. Akit

    Si si! She is truly fabulous. Her hair is particularly wicked.