Met Ball Fug or Fab: Taylor Swift


Here’s one thing I DO like about this: it is not the usual Taylor Swift Metallic Mini Explosion of Twee:

I totally support her trying something new and different, even if this looks a teensy weensy bit like the moths got at it while it was sitting in Granny’s cedar chest for the last seventy years. WE’VE ALL BEEN THERE. (Yes, I did just imply you’ve all been sitting in a chest for seventy years. What? I don’t know your life. We could have a totally well-preserved vampire readership who just spent much of the last century with their collective cheek resting on a doily.)

Dramatic! And, apparently, also given to shedding like a nervous cat at the vet. Personally, I like that she took a risk, even if I’m not in love with the particular risk she took.

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  1. Vanessa

    Gasped when I saw the back because I thought it was so pretty… although, what is with the shedding?? Shouldn’t expensive dresses, like… NOT do that?

  2. Geemee

    Her face and hair are STUNNING in that first photo. Because 1) from the neck up is so fab, and 2) the train on that dress is awesome, and 3) this is something completely out of her wheelhouse, I’m gonna have to say I love it.

  3. Dorothy Snarker

    I think the shedding is from Liv Tyler’s white feather dress. She must have come through before Swifty.

  4. Sajorina

    I don’t love it, but I don’t hate it either! I do like that she took a risk and went outside of her comfort zone, but the top part looks like a map to me and the bottom looks like a shal was wrapped arouhd the skirt and sewn in!

    My song is called “Cascade of Shreds”!

  5. kelley

    I think she looks perfect for the event! Too bad about the weird shedding, though …

  6. Chris

    I don’t think that is the dress that’s shedding. The floor’s been covered with those white stringy bits for most of the photos.

  7. amy

    I like the dress, but the best thing about her is the hair. She’s not wearing that awful dippy hunk of hair across her forehead.

  8. Kerry

    I love the top part of it, even though (as someone said) it looks a bit like a map. It’s the bottom part I have a problem with. I just plain don’t get it.

  9. Billie

    The fabric at the bottom of the dress confuses me, but since she doesn’t have those stupid crimpy curls and cat eye liner, I say she looks Fab.

  10. Leslie

    Normally I find her to be very bird-like and I don’t like avian things BUT this time she looks good. So I voted love. I love black and nude todgether, can I just get that off my chest. The dress also gives her a butt and as my friend Viv would say “you know that girl ain’t got no butt.”

  11. Josephine

    Love the dress! Wish her lovely face weren’t quite so aggressively MATTE OMG I MUST NEVER SHINE IN FRONT OF A FLASHBULB EVER OMG OMG OMG. However, I realize that’s just a pet peeve of mine. Lots of people do this, and I am taking it out on Swift because I find her tiresome. I realize no one wants to look like an oil slick in event photos, but seriously, it’s okay to look like you’re made of actual skin.

  12. freebird

    I blame Venus Williams for the shredding everywhere! I love this dress. I think Taylor looks nice, but somehow she didn’t pull it off for me. She’s just a little too ‘I’m sweet’ for a dress that should be OWNED. She just didn’t own it, she merely wore it with aplomb. Admirable for a young woman, but I would have rather seen this dress on someone that could handle it. As vacant as Blake (lol – I just typo’d Blank!) Lively is, at least she would’ve filled out this magnificent dress.

  13. freebird

    oops. It was Serena Williams with the molting dress.

  14. snuffy

    I’m not in love with the dress but I do like it on her… It would have been totally overwhelming on someone with shorter legs but she’s got the height to pull off that drapey bunchy craziness.

  15. Stefanie

    I like that Taylor actually looks like an adult woman for once.

  16. Anne B

    Hell has officially frozen over.

    Let’s Hate On Taylor’s Dress is usually one of my big faves around these parts. Color me flummoxed.

    I LOVE THIS. It’s ethereal and edgy, a dream of a dress that’s also a little creepy. In other words, I very seriously want it.

    Well played, Miss Taylor Swift. FAB.

  17. Willow

    It looks gorgeous while moving but when she stands still it looks like a badly folded pancake.

  18. Karen

    Not only is that dress simply stunning (both in itself AND on her), but she can power herself up the stairs, BEYONCE. (Take THAT, Kanye.)

  19. Katharine

    I kind of wish there were more black accents on the back part; there’s something of A Different Dress Each Way! going on, which is an effect I personally hate. However, on the whole, love.

    And the shedding, I heard, was actually from Daphne Guinness’s dress, an awful thing that looked like the result of the extinction of a rare, melancholy and storklike bird.

  20. Fuh Ugh

    How is this outside of her wheelhouse? It looks exactly like what I’d expect from her.

    She looks knobby and awkward in everything she wears to me.

  21. Lisa

    HAAAAATED this. All I could think of was moldy pancake.

  22. Nina

    Love her hair and face.

    The dress, not so much. Looks like burned patches of fabric. As a whole, it’s a very haphazard dress.

  23. Sandra

    It’s Metallic Mini Explosion of Twee with Granny’s best tablecloth super-glued to the hem. Yuck!

  24. pinkcheese

    It looks like it’s decomposing.

    I will say, though, that I can’t stand her; I think she’s an obnoxious, untalented whiner, and boring to boot, but I’m pretty sure that even if this was on someone I absolutely loved, I’d still hate it. Zombies are cool (although bowties and fezes are cooler), but Zombie Chic is not.

  25. Anne B

    @pinkcheese, I like the dress *because* it looks like it’s decomposing.

    “I’m pretty much always zombies.” – Troy, “Community”. And also, me. :)

  26. sara

    I think that you’ve become numb to Swiffy. This is a longer version of everything she ever wears. It is a nude color of the long version of everything she ever wears. Everything she wears looks like she is a really ridiculously rich girl going to prom. BORED.

  27. Erin

    I think she looks beautiful (wish I had her hair, makeup, and shoulders!) but it looks like there are wet spots on her front and on her rear. Perhaps I’m just seeing things or the coloring of the material changes (but not in a good way).

  28. anonymoose

    cool dress; but tell me why *taylor swift* was t the met ball?

  29. jen

    I LOL’d at Karen’s Kanye comment. Well played! The dress, eh, whatever, it’s fine. She looks like she was trying to look grown up, and it was a nice change.

  30. Sonya

    For once I like her hair, makeup AND dress.

  31. Julia

    Hmm. The front of the dress reminds me of a map of Boston harbor. It’s not *quite* right – the islands aren’t in quite the right places – but it’s awfully close.

    So… does that mean that she’s making a statement about future fashion involving maps? Does that meant that GIS is fashion-foward all of the sudden?

  32. Mary

    Scroll down fug.

  33. Jezz

    Love it on me. Not on her. Gimmie.

  34. vandalfan

    The only redeeming part is her different hairstyle. The dress looks like something left in the back of the ‘fridge until it makes its presence known by smell.

  35. Jeroen

    In the first picture the fabrics create the illusion that she has no legs. Like a half-mannequin on a pole. Weird.

  36. Cecily

    The back is gorgeous. The front has too much going on, and the pattern is disconcerting, fungusy. Don’t understand the pleatage near her knees. And why is it shedding? So confusing.

  37. yeahandalso

    she is so tall and stick thin, I’m surprised she isn’t a bigger deal in fashion…a huge pop star who is built like a model, you think Anna would be all over her

  38. MUE

    If she’s wearing a train something she ought to stand up straight. It may follow better.

  39. Sandy

    Am I the only one whose opinion goes back and forth as I read the comments? I like this at first for the drama, but now I can’t look at it without seeing mold. But I love the train, and she gets bonus points because the illusion netting matches her skin.

  40. Julie

    I just don’t get Taylor Swift. I’ve never heard her music, the only time I read about her is on here or other US gossip blogs and I don’t find her attractive in the least. I mean, she’s tall, skinny and blonde(ish) but she’s no Diane Kruger. Her outfits seem mostly dodgy from what I’ve seen too. So, why the fuss? Is she even known in the UK? Her music must be amazing.

  41. Becky

    The front looks like some ebola virus or mold rotting away at the rest of it. And the pleats in the front are not great at all.

    The back is beautiful and her hair/makeup is perfect. I’m hoping the shedding was someone else’s dress like others have suggested, otherwise, ew.

  42. Lori

    I actually like it a lot, all except for the pleaty stuff in the front; it looks wonky and awkward. The rear view is fantastic (in more than one way!) and her hair and face look so much better than usual. All in all, a definite win.

  43. Lina

    I would really love this in a different color combo. The black beaded parts are awesome and how the verge on the solid section is almost map-like. I also like the shape of the pleated layers. But in the end, I can’t get past hating peach on people of her skin tone and how the train is about 3 feet too long.

  44. Bambi Anne Dear


  45. Ann

    Love it. It’s interesting and I think it’s one of those dresses that is amazing in person. Plus you just know Taylor is building up to timeless style icon within the 5-7 years. The girl has any-person classiness to her. It gives me hope for the Facebook generation.

  46. kates

    For someone who’s beauty is the exact, saccharine-sweet opposite of the ‘savage beauty’ theme of this event, I think she’s done pretty well. I’m not sure she has the presence required to make this an amazing look, but it’s good.

  47. Rina

    The back is gorgeous but her face, while lovely, always looks affected to me. Very much “I AM a Cover Girl!” *shrug*

    The front looks like the aftermath of an incredibly bad sunburn, where the red has faded but the skin is now mottled and sloughing away. Ew.

  48. jnadreau

    Hate. The front looks mangey, or like sandpaper that’s been overused. The pleats at the bottom & on the train look raggedy. The whole thing is an ode to leprosy. However, everything from the neck up is gorgeous. Love her hair, and the lipstick is exquisite.

  49. Pam

    Thought the front was very VERY similar to what Nicole Kidman wore to the Oscars.

  50. CC

    Is that a map of Middle-earth on her dress? Does this mean she is now dating a hobbit?

  51. ddukes

    love it, but i feel like the shed feathers are liv’s

  52. KP

    “Ode to Leprosy.”

  53. MrsWright

    Does this girl ever do anything other than stare wistfully off into the distance??