Met Ball Fug or Fab: Rita Ora

I actually quite like this.

It’s slouchy, it’s cool, it’s got a style to it without feeling like it needs to write a treatise called STYLE AND WHY I HAVE IT which it will then use to smack me upside the head. But if she wore this shopping on Robertson Boulevard I wouldn’t bat an eyelash, which makes me wonder if all its fanciness is in the fabric, which we can’t see in photos, or if she really should’ve kicked up the glam and left this for one of those days where she wants to be spotted coming out of Whole Foods with lots of juices and, like, two cashews.

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  1. Squirrel!

    It’s slouchy, it’s cool, it reminds me of a two-piece dress I made in the ’80s…. It’s NOT punk.

    • jjdaddyo

      NOT PUNK! Seriously, could no one have sent their PA down to the drug store for some safety pins?

  2. goldfish

    Why is everyone so quiet about Rita? Maybe everyone is off processing what GOOP said about the Met Ball this morning.

    • Jen

      Or Nina & Ian(!!!!!) :(

    • Kat

      Now I had to go and check what she said. Dear GOOP I love you – but since you were one of the people not giving a rat’s a$$ about the evening’s supposed fun theme you were also one of those responsible for making it un-fun. You could have at least tried to photobomb your best pal Madonna (like Jennifer Lawrence did with JSP) – I’m sure that would have been epic and fun.

  3. Rowynn

    When she first started showing up on GFY, I used to kinda roll my eyes and snort. But now I like her. Is she dressing better, or did she just win me over by being really pretty and always seeming to be so happy?

  4. Trace

    It kind of looks like a baseball uniform to me.

    • Edith

      Exactly. It’s perfect, if the theme is “Deconstructing America’s Pasttime.”

    • akay

      Ditto. George Costanza would would say this breathes really well.

  5. cath

    I like it. Looking at the “original size” version, it appears that there is a lot of glamour in the fabric. No, it’s not punk, but it’s still more relevant to the theme than 80% of what people wore to that event. The asymmetrical cropped top is definitely a hat-tip to punk sensibilities (within the couture context, anyways), and even the strands of metal hanging down from the top kind of evoke giant safety pins at first glance.

    • Billie

      I agree, at least it isn’t just a pretty gown with heavy eye make up.

      I wish the stripes on this dress were little safety pins, in the same way Hailee’s dress honored the dress code. I also think if she would’ve done something funky with her hair it would look 10x better.

  6. nmlhats

    We need a “Meh, I guess it’s an improvement” or “At least she is covered up” option.

  7. goldfish

    This is really not punk. But I thought about this last night. If you were in their places, might you have been thinking, “What if I go punk, and everybody else is in regular clothes?” I don’t want to give those people a pass, but I understand it. I’ve been to a “costume” party dressed as a dragon, and everyone else was in jeans. I feel that vibe might have been in the pre-ball prep of many.

    I just appreciate that none of Rita’s revealing slits are lined with mesh.

  8. Kris

    Has anyone noticed that Rita Ora has really started dressing better since her epic Fug Madness run? I wonder if she reads this site?

  9. Helen

    Maybe Rita figured she didn’t need to punk out because her hair’s already got that covered? Seriously… that hair is worthy of Nancy Spungen. (Sigh. Poor Nancy.)

    Anyway, she looks lovely in this. Sure I would’ve loved to see her go with the theme more, especially since her normal crazy aesthetic is quite punk-ish at times, but this is gorgeous, unique, flawlessly fitted, and she’s wearing the hell out of it. I say “Brava”!

  10. Colleen

    Didn’t Rhianna wear this at the Grammys?

  11. Courtney

    I like this. She can be pretty loud with her clothes, but I feel like she respectfully toned it down for this event. I think that was classy of her, and I can see the nods to punk, even if they are subtle. She looks gorgeous. I’d give her a Well Played.

  12. julyol1972

    Even though this is pretty and she looks clean and classy for once, I still think this shows she has no style personality. This looks again like someone chose the dress, not Rita and her stylist worked on a look together, that incorporated her own innate sense of style. With all the crazy outfits she’s worn, I’m so disappointed that she didn’t bring that over the top personality on this occasion.

  13. Sajorina

    I love the dress, shoes, clutch, jewelry & nail art, but not for the “Punk” Met Gala! Plus, her hair & makeup look look they do everyday!