Met Ball Fug or Fab: Christina Ricci


I am distraught that none of our photo services had a shot of the back of this that we could use, because it was AMAZBALLS (AmazMetBalls?).  It was a Butt Bow so TREMENDOUS and MAJESTIC that someone should write a children’s book about it (Maurice Sendak, RIP) and call it The Amazing Adventures of Butt Bow: Butt Bow Goes to the Ball. (AHAH! Here is a shot of it.)

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  1. babylennonof5

    Kudos to her for doing something different and taking a risk

  2. Tara

    Weirdly, my complaint is that it’s a two piece. What was she thinking? It would be perfect otherwise. As is, it looks like the poor lace had a mishap and tore.

    • LizzieT

      Agreed! I love the whole thing, but the two-piece is throwing me off. If it hadn’t been chopped in two strange pieces, this would be a full WIN! In all its delicious craziness, of course.

    • tarasaurusrex

      I agree. I would be obsessed with this if it was one piece. And maybe if it was green with the lace instead of peachy pink.

    • mepe

      Are we really sure that’s two pieces? It certainly looks like it from the front but I’m not entirely convinced…I think it might just appear that way from the front.

  3. theotherjennifer

    I love it – it fits her perfectly and how else to wear a ginormous bow than with a crop top?! Although it looks like a cape in the first picture. She is also at ease and wearing the sh*t out of it – unlike some of these other red carpeteers who don’t look at all comfortable in their outfits….She looks great!

  4. Lina

    If only it weren’t peach. I love the black lace bits and I ADORE that it’s completely unusual, but I wish the peach parts were teal or purple, or basically any color that didn’t wash her out.

  5. Stubenville

    I think you can see the back of that enormous bow in someone else’s photo on the NY Times web page (about halfway through the slide show – Dianna Agron). It made me wonder who was wearing it and what the front looked like.

    Christina’s back

  6. aeb

    i googled the back, and it sent me over the edge to fab-dom.

  7. Riley

    Maurice Sendak is dead?! I’m kind of depressed now…

  8. gladly

    She looks like a perfectly preserved and beautiful 1950s Barbie that I wouldn’t have been allowed to play with–of course I love it.

  9. Kit

    What is UP with her weird leg positioning in all the photos?

    Also, I love this and can’t explain why. I think it’s because she’s so absurdly tiny and the dress is so absurdly big, like she’s going to turn into a butterfly or something. Also, for some reason the crop top (I saw a really good picture of it on another site) somehow makes this outfit good.

  10. Sylvia

    I voted horrible but I love it. It’s taking a regular dress and going to Mars with it. If you are going to rock an epic butt bow, rock it at the Met Ball. I approve.

  11. Annie

    I wasn’t sure about it until I saw the photo of the back, and THE BUT BOW IS 29 KINDS OF AWESOME!

  12. AshleyKay

    when i first saw this i was firmly in the “horrible but i love it.” category. Now, after tracking down a picture of the back and looking at it several more times i am leaning toward FAB! it’s different and crazy but it looks fantastic on her, and she is selling it.

  13. sharjem

    She is working it, and thus it is fab. Despite her teeny frame, Butt Bow is not overwhelming her, and thus it must be sorcery.

  14. Allie

    I really don’t like it from the front, but I love the back. The Amazing Adventures of Butt Bow: Butt Bow Goes On Project Runway.

  15. jjdaddyo

    OK, I love the back and I love the lace dress, but I HATE the satin in the front that covers the bust and goes over the shoulder. Very awkward.

  16. Clarisse

    The bow is bigger than her whole person. Isn’t that even for hollywood kind of a bad thing? Just sayin…..

  17. Sara

    For the bow!

  18. gail

    Nice to see someone at this event looking alive, mischievous, artsy a la Duchamp. It makes me like her. I hope she gets some good roles in the future that tap into that.

  19. Kristen from MA

    The giant-bow-on-the-back-of-the-dress was originally a motif created by one of the great French designers. Can’t remember if it was YSL or Givenchy, but I remember the dress: black strapless, with a giant pink silk bow. It was fabulous, as is this one, which is just different enough to not be derivative.

    Can any fashion historians weigh in?

    • Liz

      YSL – that dress is the centerpiece of the show at the Denver art museum right now. Fabulous!

  20. Nat

    I have just one question: how did she get there without ruining/creasing/wrinkling the Butt Bow???
    Maybe she only wore the skirt when she went out, while the top with the Butt Bow was transported by a special car/van and then she wore it at the very last moment, before stepping on the red carpet? That would explain everything (Re: the two pieces)! Pure genius!

    Yep, someone should really write a book about The Amazing Adventures of Butt Bow.

    p.s. I do not like the look, but she is *almost* selling it to me.

  21. Amy

    I saw a few other pictures of her today, but I never really understood what was happening. I kept thinking it was a huge peach dress with a black lace detail in the shape of her body – like those novelty T-shirts with a “sexy” body printed on it. I had no idea it was the world’s biggest butt bow. And I definitely didn’t realize it was 2 pieces. Now that I understand it…I think I kind of like it?

  22. erin

    i love it.
    a) i’ve never seen it (or anything close to it in scale, at least) before
    b) she picked the right event to wear it to (definitely a good fit for the met ball)
    c) i would never have expected a “giant butt bow crop top lace overlay” to get a fab in my book… well done with the unexpected.

  23. Lynne

    Yeah, she’s posing pretty hard here. I guess if there is one appropriate place for that, it’s the Met Ball. Really cannot express how much I hate that peach color on her. It’s really awful.

    I have an unreasonable bias against Christina Ricci. She freaks me out, slightly. And I miss the bangs. She’s got one hell of a forehead. Too much.

  24. Eliza Bennett

    Butt bOw goes to the ball! GFY Jessica, you light up my life.

  25. sarah

    Until the Fuggirls made me aware that it’s a two piece, this was my second favourite look of the night [after Solange!!!] Now I don’t know what to think..

  26. Rachel L.

    It reminds me of “Peaches n’ Cream Barbie,” especially in the first photo. I can’t be alone here…

    • LibraryChick

      I still have my Peaches ‘n’ Cream Barbie, and I definitely thought of it when I saw this outfit too. I think I like the outfit from the back better than from the front, but I agree with everyone groaning at the two-piece construction.

  27. drs248

    That is an amazing photo bomb by the butt bow.

  28. Claire L1

    It just makes me happy. It’s ridiculous and over the top ….and I love it….and while I don’t want a butt bow, I would sell a kidney for that pencil skirt.

  29. jacey

    Love it. These are the kind of dresses I hope to see every year at this event.

  30. Sharon

    It looks like it was a lot of fun to wear and she is gorgeous. If I looked as good as her, this would be so great to wear!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lucky girl!

  31. nikole

    i loved it from the moment i laid eyes on it. I loved the Posen last year and i love this this year

  32. Sandra

    How did she manage not to get Butt-Bow caught in the car door? And not to step on it? And to sit down in it?

  33. jen

    why does christina ricci try so hard to be edgy- she should smile!

  34. Cranky Old Batt

    It would be great on someone else. Not a fan of the clowning or the shiny forehead. Kind of cheapens things.

  35. Sandala

    This is the first dress in a long time that has done different exquisitely. I love the two pieces, the crazy bow, the peach and black, the lace. Perfection for the event. Gushing.

  36. Girlin

    I think this is gorgeous!! Her expression for most of the photos I’ve seen is so knowing and impish! Well played Christina for going for something totally out there and different and WINNING!

  37. Willow

    It disturbs me that the giant bow matches her skintone so well…

  38. S

    Like many, I would be totally on board if it wasn’t two piece. Or if the two pieces overlapped rather than exposing that thin strip of belly. Also, would be better if pants – adorably 1950s.

  39. Nancy

    This outfit is perfect for the Met Ball. I thought it was the best of the night before I saw the Butt Bow and before I realized that it was a two-piece; in fact, the bow and the crop top cemented it’s winner position for me.

  40. JaneEyre

    Take off the Godzilla-esque bow and I like the dress.

  41. unvacuous

    Love love love!!!! Go big or go home, it’s the Met ball godammit!!!

    …and I love Christina Ricci for giving hope that couture can work for short girls!!!

  42. Karen

    This is one of the only fug posts I’ve ever seen where someone took a chance and TOTALLY GOT AWAY WITH IT.

    I don’t know why I love it, but damn I love it. And she’s working it. It’s brilliant, and she’s wearing the hell out of it.

  43. Mahastee

    I love this on her, it’s campy and she knows it!

  44. Veronica

    I think this is amazing – on her, anyway. Christina Ricci has something of a flair for the dramatic, so I think it works, insanely big bow and everything. On anybody else, though, I’d be all OH NO YOU DIDN’T.

  45. lalala4

    I LOVE this, but then I work with opera singers. Doesn’t this epitomise Go Big or Go Home? This was joyous and singular.

  46. Mary

    I found a picture of the butt bow!!! Holy frijoles… that is one BIG bow for sure!

  47. rb

    ms. ricci clearly broke into my mother’s “wrapping room” for this one. it’s a peach chiffon monster eating her otherwise boring black on white lace shift. yawn.

  48. Guerra

    She pulled it off!! Yay

  49. LIlibet

    Looks like it needs a lotta wrangling but it’s fabulously glamourous in a kooky way that I just love. Must be the apricot satin.

  50. ML

    I love that she looks like she’s coming in for a landing at the nest of Met Ball Bitchery in Photo #1.

  51. Mel Duff

    That is some serious Victoria-Beckham-face right there.

  52. Josephine

    I love that she doesn’t just Go Big, she often Goes Weird, and pulls it off. It helps that she rarely wears anything that isn’t perfectly tailored to within an inch of its life–very necessary if you are elf-size like she is. I think this, specifically, is pretty great. Event appropriate, fun, odd, shapely, you name it–put me on the list of people who wish the two pieces were connected, though.

  53. Susan

    Bow, it has a bow? That just made it fab for me.

  54. M.Amanda

    I LOVE THIS. It is pretty crazy, but she is wearing it well, owning it, and having fun. I’d be all “WTF?” if she wore this to some promotional event or even just a regular party, but it’s the Met Ball. If you don’t dress a little crazy, or at least take a fashion risk, you aren’t doing it right.

  55. Ms.A

    At first I was like, what the hell!? And then I realized it was a two piece with a butt bow. YAY! Also, her hair is perfect with this.

  56. mara

    Her poses in some of these shots make it seem like she’s actively trying to shit out the bow standing up. I’m glad she had success getting the damn thing out.

  57. mepe

    Wow – what a dress! It’s a a lot but so perfect for the Met. Although, that HUGE bow kind of overwhelms her tiny frame (not talking about her weight FUG girls!) I wonder what it would look like on somebody with a bit more height.

  58. Rubee

    This is “quirky aka unique” as opposed to ” quirky aka stupid”… The outfit is smashzing -my copyright for smash amazing – ! And I really, really love the bow is not pink, or black, or white, or red but this peachy shade! She looks like a classy butterfly! The hair & makeup take the best out of her features. I still see her legs as very, very short and the pumps are a little bit severe. Fab fab fab, anyway, for the accomplished risk.