Met Ball Fug or Fab Carpet: Alicia Keys


It’s kind of fun to see someone wearing rich brown — doesn’t happen that often, I guess maybe because if you are a celebrity you don’t want OTHER celebrities running up to you and trying to swipe a marshmallow through your skirt because they think you’re the mandatory chocolate fountain.

I’m not REALLY sure if this needed the belt right there under her boobs? Can’t tell if that’s part of the gown or a special addition that made Alicia feel better about adding the brown leather jacket. Which, by the way, has a surprise for you:

It’s a cropped brown leather TAIL COAT. She should’ve popped by the wedding last week. Maybe claimed that this is the official uniform of the Empire State of Mind Guards and that she was thus owed a salute of some kind. I can’t figure out how I feel about this. On its own a cropped brown leather tail coat seems incredibly dopey, but somehow deployed here it’s flirting with funky and I might be on board.

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  1. Eimear


  2. Lina

    All I can see is the dead crocodile clinging to her back. I love brown. Everyone who can rock brown SHOULD. But dead crocodiles are CREEPY.

  3. Scully

    With the cut of the dress it reminds me of those cropped tail coats so prevalent among the rich and fashionable arch-enemies of the heroine(s) in film adaptations of Jane Austen novels. If the heroine(s) and arch-enemies were enacting their romantic quarrels in the Firefly universe.

  4. Skinnyplum

    Who knew the sartorial potential of an armadillo skin? It looks like she’s wearing roadkill.

  5. Stefanie

    I love this. But why did they have to add tails? Seriously, cut em off and Im game. I also really hope that coat is faux.

  6. Libby

    The coat made her look preggers in the first pic, not in the second, but I think the coat could have been pulled off with something else, however, here it just..breaks what could have been a lovely, and unique, color choice.

  7. wtfnyc

    Take off the unnecessary boob-belt and maybe just make it a seam, and I actually think it could be an interesting punked-out Pride and prejudice update.

    Of course, I’m on my fourth day of heavy cold meds…

  8. Gigi

    I’d think she raided ALT’s closest except this wouldn’t fit her if it were actually his.

  9. adrienne

    I think she chose the belt to work with the post-baby bod. She looks fantastic, of course, the belt makes her figure look even better.

  10. karen

    I really want to see the dress without the jacket, because I really want to like it but just can’t with that jacket.

  11. Halo

    The dress looks like its probably pretty under that ugly jacket. I don’t mind the high belt, but then I do that all the time to give myself the illusion of a smaller waist (I’m hippy and short-waisted, with a slight roll at the waist).

  12. Sajorina

    It’s a pretty dress, but the jacket, the belt and the clutch ruin it for me! I love the color, though!

  13. gav

    Something about this look reminds me of an armadillo.

    An incredibly pretty and undoubtedly expensive armadillo, but an armadillo all the same.

  14. GigiNYC

    The monochromatic brown is overwhelming. This is simply too much armadillo and brown for me.

  15. Ranee Singleton

    I am with Stephanie – love the dress, belt and jacket. Just wish the jacket did not have the stupid tails.

  16. Rayna

    Normally I wouldn’t care for any of it, but it seems to come together for her.

    I’m giving her the benefit of the doubt on the dead animal being faux…….

  17. Ayelet

    I found the addition of the coat somewhat matronly, like this would be awesome on Helen Mirren, but on A-Keys, it’s a little old.

  18. Jael Paris

    Love it! The tails make it better. I’m crazy-go-nuts for a tail coat. Again, I feel this fit the theme of the night while so many others seemed to have ignored it.

  19. Hannah

    I was TOTALLY on board and even willing to forgive the belt until I saw the ridiculous tails.

  20. Lori

    I would love it passionately if the jacket were made of coordinating fabric, not leather or faux whatever it might be. It looks stiff, awkward and ugly.

  21. witjunkie

    I dig this. I’m partial to brown anyway. I think it needs the jacket but I don’t like how it pokes out front so stiffly in the 2nd photo. I wish it had been more fitted.

    And, it’s definitely “savage”.

  22. vandalfan

    The jacket ruins and otherwise interesting dress, a la Jennifer Hudson at the Oscars a few back.

  23. pghbekka

    I love it but.

    The dress would be gorgeous without that belt; as it is, it always looks to me like the boobs are way too low and perhaps the poor woman has no waist.

    I want to love the jacket, but the severe crop and stickoutageness of the front makes it look like someone grabbed the back of the collar and yanked down, and she just hasn’t gotten around to fixing it yet.

  24. Anita

    Crocodile Dundee goes formal.

  25. freebird

    I love this from the front. Funky belt and all. I like it with the tails, but somehow the hang of the coat isn’t full on for me. I usually hate what she wears and I’m glad she opened her eyes all the way for the event.

  26. gryt

    Is she pregnant?

  27. Bambi Anne Dear

    Hmmmmmmm. Brown. Not my cup of tea. It’s not amazing enough to get over the drab colour. The jacket is fantastic but would be much better with something more casual. Or rocky. Like jeans.

  28. Bambi Anne Dear

    Regarding the bit sitcking out at the front, I would assume that this is just because it’s brand new. A bit more wear and it’ll soften and hang a bit better.

  29. Lindsay

    One word: Armadillo

  30. Leah

    EEEWW it makes me imagine the smell of armadillo roadkill (unbelievable common in FL) which is a bad bad thing.

  31. crystal

    I love and hate it. Every time I look at it my opinion changes. It’s gorgeous, but it’s also kind of aging her.

    I also thought she was pregnant in the first photo, and apparently I’m not the only one. So that’s probably not a good thing.

  32. ProudMary

    I think she should have either buttoned the coat, or taken it off. The dress underneath may have been pretty cool and unique without the Crocodile Of The Future wrapped around it.

  33. Sarah

    I think I saw this on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

  34. Jessica Moore

    Dramatic and dashing, but the coat needs to be more tailored. Maybe if the fitting under the boobs came from the coat and not the belt, the whole thing would be more figure flattering – which it needs to compensate for the bulk on the bottom.

  35. Lisel

    You gotta stay warm somehow…

  36. CJ

    Did she wrestle an alligator to get there? I too like rich brown but the coat looks ridiculous, partly because a skin coat like that is sooo over the top and mostly because it lacks proper tailoring. Being able to work with animal skin that’s heavy and stiff takes a expert tailor and whoever made this was not. Am curious to see the dress underneath. Animal skin and chiffon is an odd mix but could work. I realize she is not pregnant anymore, but when I see a “real” belt on someone pregnant (or transitioning afterwards) it makes me think of a hilarious scene years ago on Cagney and Lacey when pregnant whoever-Tyne-Daly-was is trying to figure out how to wear a belt with her dress — and asks “Harv” whether it should be above the bump or below it?

  37. Nina

    Eesh. Can’t get behind this. AK has a great body and this just hides it. Don’t know if the belt is there because she’s lactating (she had a baby a few months back) but it needs to go. Along with the armadillo coat.

  38. Gee

    how come no one has noted the matching clutch?!