Met Ball Fug Carpet: Jennifer Lopez

“Psst. Lovers. A word please. Come closer. Closer… mas closer…”

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Comments (48):

  1. Andrew S.

    why can’t I see the picture? DX

  2. Ranee Singleton

    Me either. We must not be close enough…

  3. The Other Molly

    Wow, it’s so bad, that it’s gone invisible.

  4. Sajorina

    I can’t see the picture either, lovers!

  5. Nichole

    “Lovers….I’m hiding!”

  6. Beth

    The brilliance of La Lopez should not be thus hidden! Fug Girls, share the crazy time with us!!

  7. Beth

    O.k., I just googled it and it is a DELIGHT. Never stop, JLo. Never.

  8. Electric Landlady

    Now is the time to put any psychic powers you may have to work! I don’t have any particularly, but I believe this look, when revealed, will involve… sequins!

  9. Mare

    So little time before I must start work in earnest. Why must you tease me so, Fug Girls??

  10. Jill

    My psychic powers also indicate sequins. And perhaps a hilarious expression. I refuse to Google to confirm this.

  11. The Other Molly

    La Lopez estar en la clandestinidad.

  12. Ranee Singleton

    Just sent the girls an email. I hope they also fug Beyonce’s dress which is sure to have left her chafed.

  13. Stefanie

    Jenny, Im coming closer…tell me what you want to tell me! Let me see you in all your glory. PLEASE! Im dying over here.

  14. Amy

    Mark must have grabbed her for a quick snack at the last second?

  15. Pamela

    Jenny, don’t be so coy! Are you hiding from Marc? Is he hungry again?

  16. Jill

    How much closer must I go????

  17. clb

    Since she’s hiding, I had to go hunt her down… this is a treasure.

  18. freebird

    Of course, JLo took The Emperor’s New Clothes to 11.

  19. Mrs. Julien

    I bet she beckons us closer just so her minions can push us away.

  20. Svahnna

    clb: Thanks so much for the link!

  21. coexxi

    haha….. clb, just had to check out your link…. she is…. hm. Words fail me!

    btw: has anybody seen Ellen Pompeo in the GOLDEN JUMPSUIT? I can’t find it anymore….

  22. The Other Molly

    Arrggghh!!!! Fuchsia on the red carpet!
    I’m blind from the clash factor.
    Lopez always looks like she loves herself soooooooo much.

  23. RosieB

    I also went ahead and searched for it.

    Dear J. Lo,

    Never change. We love you just how you are.

    the Fug Nation

  24. TaraMisu

    My nose is touching the screen…. now what?

  25. BigNoise

    Believe it or not, I couldn’t find one single sequin. But there was LOTS of drama (or fungus, depending on your point of view) and LOTS of sexyface.

  26. Celia

    She looks like she is being strangled by a Christmas centerpiece. That can’t be right.

  27. Electric Landlady

    My psychic powers clearly overloaded on the flowery froof. Hey, it happens.

  28. Heather

    Sorry sorry sorry, thought I clicked the slideshow box, but it’s working now. It was a long night last night.

  29. atz

    Take away the shoulder flowers and this has promise. I love the color.

  30. Mary

    huh. I think I’d like to see the back, in case these are the dreaded neck-sleeves, but otherwise … I might think this is an interesting take on a bolero jacket!

  31. Ranee Singleton

    She is so Angryface.

    (Thanks Heather! And we hope your long night was due to fun.)

  32. Sajorina

    You’re forgiven, Heather, we appreciate your hard work!

    I like it, but is that a flower bolero? Take off the flowers and it looks great! I love the intense fucsia of the dress with red lips and nails! And, I love all the rings she’s wearing!

  33. Kate

    1) Her eyebrows have been super filled in lately. It makes her seem angry…
    2) 1 billion points for color. She looks amazing in it, and you don’t see it done well that often (random lady behind her in that one pic seems to have picked up on the color as well… I wonder if J.Lo had Marc eat her later?)
    3) Lose the wacky bolero and I could probably be happy with this dress. I’d lose that insanely long scarf detail, but it’s very J.Lo, and did I mention I love the color?

  34. vandalfan

    I could live with the wacky flowers as a belt, but she’d have to cover up the abdominal cut outs first. And a little softness on top, rather than the severe hair, would be mas bueno.

  35. clb

    @Kate – I thought the SAME THING about her eyebrows! And I remember seeing a special on her where she, LITERALLY, flew the person in to do her eyebrows from across the country because she didn’t want anyone else touching them.

  36. Fuh Ugh

    I also want to see a closer picture of that woman in the red blossom skirt (behind the goth PR girl behind JLo). Apparently, there were multiple attacks by random gangs of flowers at this event.

  37. Ms Wheezer

    I totally see the scene from ‘Singing in the Rain’ where the costume mistress had to add flowers to Lina Lamont’s dress in order to stow a microphone in her dress. Sooooo, what did Ms. JLo have stashed in hers, I wonder…

  38. Rayna

    “……………frothing at the neck with scarf bows and cheap accessories like I am Steven Tyler or something! ……………… Dude looks like a granny! Ayyyy!”

    Brava, Heather!!! For some reason, the Steven Tyler comments are the funniest of all.

    Keep it comin’, Love.

  39. Ms Wheezer

    Woo hoo, found a link with a picture:

  40. witjunkie

    The color is gorgeous. I think if the neck had a smooth line, not so busy with scarf & bow frippery, I could have loved this. But I guess those bruised puncture holes needed covering up. Needs must.

  41. marcia

    ummm……….yeah, I like it. I like the flower bolero and I LOVE the color and I like that floofy, floaty skirt. I do wish she looked happy, but sometimes I think she matches her face to what she thinks the outfit needs, and she decided this was serious and dramatic.

  42. Katy

    i love it all..she´s just perfection………….but why she can´t polish Marc?!???!?
    Marc looks like her mayordomo!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Jilly

    She looks like my Sweet Roses PJ doll from the ’80′s. You remember PJ, don’t you, Barbie’s brunette cousin?

  44. witjunkie

    @marcia – she TOTALLY does that.

  45. Melissa

    Wow, she’s really playing to the body language “experts” so they pronounce her imminent divorce, right? Or she’s in her own soap opera. Oh, that’s right.

  46. Leone

    “Sad Flower” indeed.

  47. Lina

    Ack. The only good here is the color. The shrug made of flowers is awful. The dress without the shrug is boring. She looks miserable. And I’m mainly curious as to what sort of bra she’s wearing — it looks like individual slings hanging from the neck. (Where do you even get something like that?)

  48. CJ

    JLo is in her own category. Like Posh, this woman does NOTHING half-way. I think she looks fabulous and the color is gorgeous. I don’t think she needs the front scarf thingy which takes away from the gown, and the bolero could be a bit smaller and just as effective. But then again, JLo’s whole schtick is that she is a bit over the top.