Met Ball Battle of The Glees: Dianna Agron vs Lea Michele

Historically I’ve never been a fan of this kind of halter neckline.

But I have to admit, Dianna Agron looks very pretty. Which is about as controversial a statement as saying that water is hydrating, or that Diet Coke is my bliss. Dianna Agron looks pretty because she is pretty, and she’s just letting that do the talking here. Part of me thinks that for all our joking about how the Met Ball only works when everyone smokes the fashion crack, it takes guts to go restrained and know you’ll knock ‘em dead as opposed to wearing an oil spill and hoping people think it’s an awesome statement on, like, embracing life’s gunk. But at the same time this IS surprisingly staid — it’s Michael Kors, so it was never going to be crazeballs — and I almost wonder if nobody told her what a wacktacular high-fashion event this is, ¬†because she might as well be at the SAGs or the DGAs.

Lea Michele went for a tiny bit more drama:

But only a BIT. I’m surprised. This child sneezes drama. She wears more insanity than this to tweeze her eyebrows. There’s something sort of… crispy about this dress, too, and not in a delicious Lay’s potato chip way. It’s crunchy and the seams aren’t that cute and frankly, it seems like it’s trying to restrain itself. Like, it thinks it’s edgy enough, yet at the same time it WANTED to erupt into a volcanic lava puddle, but it was told to behave or else it would be grounded and it wouldn’t get to meet Kanye.

Separately, of course, I like to imagine Dianna and Lea circled each other all night, glared viciously across the room, and then spent today on the Glee set putting laxatives in each others’ Jamba Juice.

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Comments (44):

  1. LindaD

    WHO is that woman in the cork sandals!!! She’s everywhere!

  2. Hannah

    I’m more concerned with the woman behind the woman who wore her beach wedding dress in Dianna’s picture. She appears to have stapled tissue paper to her bust and a silk sheet to her hips.

  3. Jenn

    I picked Lea because the Dianna has something unfortunately going on in the chest-al area. It makes her look like she’s completely lacking and she’s not.

  4. CH

    @Jenn–It’s funny, I picked Dianna because something weird is going on in Lea’s chest-al area. It looks like she’s wearing a really bulky padded bra or something. It might just be the fabric combined with the cut, but it’s not working…

  5. Karen

    LindaD beat me to it–Ms Cork Sandals is in almost every shot at this thing.

    I suspect the photographers did it on purpose.

  6. LoriK

    @Hannah: Yes! What is going on with that woman? I was so distracted by her I barely saw Dianna.

    For the vote, voted “do I have to?”. Lea Michele annoys me so much that I can’t be objective about anything she wears and Dianna’s dress was too dull for the event for me to feel right giving her my vote by default.

  7. Katharine

    Dianna. The dress looks great, and she’s just small enough in the bust that it looks great, and interesting, instead of like a potential engineering disaster (which I think is usually the problem with that kind of halter neckline, or its low-rent sister, the tube-top with tiny string tie).

    Lea-whatever looks both overdone and clich√©d; the dress isn’t really stretching itself much beyond standard promwear territory.

    That woman in the background in the white dress needs to STAND UP STRAIGHT, though.

  8. girlnone

    I love Miss Cork Sandals, LindaD! She really was in about half the red carpet shots. They’re a photobomb of fug.

  9. currygirl

    As a short person, I can understand that it must be hard to find dresses that fit, but the whole pooling of fabric around the feet on Lea really really bugs me. Also, now I’m craving potato chips (and it’s still morning, which is when I usually pretend to be healthy), so thanks a lot! ;-)

    I vote Diana, but I do want to yank up the dress a bit!

  10. currygirl

    Yes, also, cork sandals lady FTW!

  11. freebird

    I agree with LoriK. I went with ‘do I have to?’ and decided cork shoes should win it. She really went with something unexpected and she seems to be the toast of the photogs. They can’t stop photographing her and I can’t stop looking at her!

  12. Josephine

    This point goes to Dianna. It’s a little sedate for the event, but the color is good on her and the the cut is classy–many people try to wear this sort of thing too tight, and that’s unfortunate. This is how you do a sleek seventies column with a pieced halter neckline. Lea Michelle’s is far too prom-dress for my taste, and also really boring. If you’re going to go restrained, go really restrained, and if you’re going to go prom-dress, effing go prom-dress and don’t worry about what I think. Snore.

  13. Rayna

    @LoriK – what you said!

    @currygirl – yeah, Cork Sandals!

  14. Billie

    The woman in white not only needs to stand up STRAIGHT, but would it kill her to put on a pair of spanks? She’s wearing white silk for Heaven’s sake.

    And, Lea bothers me so much, she’ll never get my vote. That being said, I feel like her dresses always lean toward the prom department. Stiff and foo foo and FUG.

  15. Geemee

    I actually thought the woman in white in Dianna’s photo was Donna Karan, and I was like, “wow, couldn’t you have tried a little harder?” then I realized it wasn’t and was very relieved. I preferred Dianna’s look in part because that gold bangle ROCKS and in part because I don’t like Lea and her purse looks like something I’d store my knitting needles in. And the dress looks like a duvet cover.

  16. Anne B

    They both look very pretty. Nice Battle of the Reds, ladies!

    I went with D’s dress, though, because it’s (1) more interesting and (2) a better fit, and also, I really like that bracelet. Exactly the kind of thing I’d wear if I had seriously long, like praying-mantis-long, arms.

    I think Cork Sandals is secretly awesome. Unlike Satin Scoliosis Bride with Black Platforms, there, behind Dianna on the left.

  17. Sajorina

    I picked Lea because I think that her dress is more appropriate for the ocasion and more interesting than Diana’s, and I covet her clutch! Diana’s dress is nothing I’ve never seen before and it’s just bland!

  18. Stefanie

    Oh crap, I voted for Lea on accident!! (I will never vote for her on ANYTHING. EVER) I meant Dianna!!!!

  19. Willow

    I love the sleekness of Dianna’s dress, she is in the same caregory as Zoe Saldana, a very welcome pallate cleanser.

  20. Dee

    Oh that neckline Dianna is wearing is popping up everywhere – what do we call it?

    I picked Dianna because she makes it look effortless and I think it is just super flattering. Bonus points for the cuff!

  21. Beth C.

    I really like the design of Lea Michelle’s dress, but the execution is horrible. It really looks like a prom dress some poor girl made herself in Home Ec as her final project and it looked totally different in her head from how it turned out. The seams look all bulky and ill pressed and the fabric looks like that cheap poly taffeta you get at JoAnnes that SEEMS like a good idea when you’re a beginning sewer, but then it turns all bulky and stiff and never falls right. Not that I would know anything about that…

    The other dress is OK, it just needs to be hemmed.

  22. Beth C.

    @Dee I call that neckline “Star Trek Formal” It was a favorite of the costume designers of the original sieres for the hot alien chics, so I always just assiciate that look with them.

  23. Jane

    The woman with the cork sandals is in every picture – could she not have at least tried?

  24. Lynnie

    SO much going on behind Dianna…
    - Beach-bride-who-needs-Spanx is also wearing black sandals with her white gown. Blurgh.
    - Tissue-paper-flowers-explosion-bodice lady’s dress also has a shiny, shiny satin skirt. Fug all ’round.
    - And yes, cork sandals FTW!

  25. vandalfan

    Beth and Dee point out the thing that makes me select Lea over the other. That stupid Captain Kirk’s Alien Girlfriend neckline. All of the saggy danger of a strapless with the strangling discomfort of a turtleneck! That’s a nip slip just waiting to happen.

  26. Sandra

    I voted for Dianna because she looks pretty and friendly. I wanted to smack Lea because she looks like a smug bitch. Not saying she is; I just don’t like the look.

  27. Maretha2

    My main thought now after seeing all these pics of the Met Fug Ball is: I must know who Ms. Cork Sandals is!!! As for Dianna v. Lea — zzzzzzzzzz. Both of them can do better than this.

  28. witjunkie

    I say we do a shot every time we see Cork Sandals, the Hardest Working Publicist in New York.

  29. pinkcheese

    Anne B, I love you. “Satin Scoliosis Bride with Black Platforms” indeed!

  30. Breda

    I always feel like Lea Michele’s dresses are weirdly askew, and because of that, I have a hard time telling them apart. She’s worn a few spectacular ones, but most of them look to me like ill-fitting, old-fashioned 80′s taffeta dresses the likes of which I’ve worn quite a few times as costumes in plays. They were great on stage (and free or super-cheap), but I’d NEVER wear them outside.

    Dianna looks fine, but with her, that’s practically an insult. Girl, you’re GORGEOUS, but you looked prettier on Glee last night than you do here.

  31. Mary

    @Beth C.: Star Trek Formal. Hee hee, so true! Nonetheless, this isn’t even close for me. Dianna’s dress is sleek and interesting and fits her like a dream. Lea’s is, as Josephine so eloquently put it, both prom-dress and boring.

  32. yeahandalso

    I think Diana wins because her dress is much more flattering. As we know from those “shocking” GQ photos Lea actually kinda has the better body, yet that dress makes her look slouchy and short

  33. Lina

    This is the first thing in aaaages I’ve seen Dianna wear that I thought really suits her. It doesn’t look like something a stylist forced her into. It isn’t too twee. It isn’t too childish. It isn’t too faux-edgy. This is just HER, and I really like it. (She doesn’t have the fashion veteran oomph to pull off something crazy without looking ridiculous, so I’m glad to see her rocking something that suits her beautifully.)

    Lea…sigh. There’s something very tacky about the top of the bodice coming up so high, and the whole dress kind of fundamentally fails to drape. I appreciate that she’s clothed, though, instead of inflicting her bony sternum on us again.

  34. Bambi Anne Dear

    I’m all for big at a ball but Dianna looks simply amazing. Leah, um, meh etc. Cork sandal woman. Who is she? Is she big in the art world? And there’s that bathscrubber bodice woman too. Can we get a full length of her? Please?

  35. Veronica

    Every time I see Lea Michelle, I feel like she is trying way too hard to be sexy or vogueing it up in a really uncomfortable looking way. So I say Diana, if only because she looks comfortable and natural.

  36. LemonFresh

    Ugh, Lea’s dress is ugly and ill-fitting and manages to make her look bloated somehow. The fabric looks like it’s about half an inch thick. Blargh.

    I really like Dianna’s – though it does minimize her bust, it fits well and looks smooth and sexy. And her super-sleek hair and cuff really compliment the dress in the best way.

  37. lisa

    dianna and lea are actually apparently quite close, just saying. think we might start distinguishing b/w characters and people

  38. Katydid

    I voted for Dianna, because this seems a lot more modern than other things she’s worn in the past. It’s so… sleek. Lea always looks like she’s trying too hard.

  39. barbarena

    not keen on either, but the blond looks like bland Ivanka Trump, whereas the brunette looks more interesting, like saucy Nigella Lawson

  40. Char

    @lisa: THANK YOU! They’re best friends/rumoured to be lovers they’re so close. Please stop pitting them against each other; it’s just tired now. Lea is not Rachel, Dianna is not Quinn.

  41. Char

    Also, goddamn there is a lot of Lea hate on this website. Jealousy, methinks. The girl is gorgeous, talented and confident, and the cast clearly adore her, so she’s obviously not the diva bitch the press likes to paint her as.

  42. your neighborhood li

    You know what I like here? I like that Lea Michele is standing next to the real Rachel Berry. The girl in the tan coat is working hard, living her dream, taking that communications degree from a Seven Sisters college to New York City and living in a crappy little apartment with three roommates so that she can buy those shoes on an assistant’s salary.

  43. Teo

    Dianna Agron takes it for the whole look, but I gotta say brava to Lea Michele for her hair and makeup. Her head looks like it came from a Pantene commercial. Hate the dress though. Her stylist needs to man up and start dressing her like the divisive diva she is. It would be far more interesting than the trail of mediocre prom dresses she’s been sporting lately.

  44. BethS

    Lea looks like she is in pain, and Diana talks like she does not have a voice. I voted for, Do I Have To, because of these two reasons. I would prefer Lea’s singing, but Diana is gorgeous, and even in that curtain!