Martha Marcy Fug Marlene/Fug or Fab, Elizabeth Olsen


On the plus side, her Model UN speech is going to blow them away.

Last night, Elizabeth Olsen went out again:

This, on the other hand, I kind of love.  Yes, she vaguely looks like a super chic granny, but as a woman who occasionally goes out looking like your crazy aunt, I buy into that. Plus, the minimalism of the dress + the metallic crazy of the jacket = exact right mix of crazy and calm. I don’t know. I just dig it.

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  1. xtine

    yo, it’s actually martha marcy may marlene… but yeah, that coat’s pretty awful. it looks like a craft project

    [Whoops! Thanks -- fixed. - J]

  2. marie

    what’s goin on with her feet in the second picture. I’ve been staring for a while and can’t figure out if she’s wearing really bizarre shoes or what.

  3. TaraMisu

    I like it…. I certainly wouldn’t wear it, but she’s working it.

    The first pic however…….. uggghh, those strings are trying to garrote her ankles!

  4. Sajorina

    Yes, I dig it! I love the tweed jacket; I just wish the dress was shorter & she had worn navy pumps or something! And, I love the metallic jacket! WANT! But, again I wish she had worn gold stilettos! Still, FAB!!!

  5. Christine

    In the second picture, it looks like she’s having a “Chico’s kind of day”, without the statement necklaces that they seem to love.

    • CJ

      Yes! I thought the same thing. Except I have a feeling that jacket probably cost more than 3 months of my mortgage payments combined.

  6. Connie

    I like the first one better.

  7. vandalfan

    I liked both of them, except the first shoes.

  8. Lina

    actually, i like both outfits. but am i the only one that thinks she seems to be turning from super-smiley into making the olsen face? i miss her smile!

    • Kate

      oooh you are right. The twins have coached her, how sad is that??

    • Jessica

      She was SUPER smiley in a lot of the pics — you just couldn’t see her outfit in them.

  9. Stefanie

    This doesn’t mean shes going to descend into over-sized maxi dresses and long black capes does it? I worry shes one set of straggly extensions away from joining her sisters.

  10. laura

    I like it, I like her look. I feel her style is a twist on her sisters, only way better! Maybe there is an Olsen with good taste out there after all!

  11. Susan

    Pretty girl but she is dressing as though she is forty.

  12. emster

    I like the look well enough I suppose, but it’s way too old for her.

  13. Melly

    Once she learns how to really dress herself, wow. But for now…I just saw her movie (can’t figure out what the Marlene name is all about) and I see that she’s got to work her body better. She has absolutely beautiful legs with a great bust but kind of a boxy torso. She should learn to show her legs more, get really good bras, and stand up nice and straight. The short squarish jacket isn’t flattering (plus the fit is bad), but the long one is. Look how much taller she looks in the second pic vs the first.

    • erin

      Melly – “Marlene” is the name that all of the women were supposed to use when they answered the phone at the farmhouse where the cult members lived

  14. TonyG

    Like both the jackets. Don’t like the rest of either outfit.

  15. La Fifie

    I blanched when I saw the first picture because I’m wearing something very similar to that today at my office job. Then again, I’m 52, so why is she dressing like a 52 year old matron?

  16. Caroleena Stantonova

    I refuse to show mercy to either of the twins. All that frickin’ money, and this is the best they can pull off. They are entertainers of one sort or another. I find no entertainment value in their choice(s) of attire. bleck! y-a-w-n…

  17. Gal

    Is she starting to do that weird thing with her mouth like those twins? Please God, NO!!!!!

  18. Paige

    Model UN joke= life made. As an actual mun-er, I practically did a spit take reading that.

  19. Marisa

    when did she get out of rehab? she looks normal for once..oh wait..I haven’t looked at the other pics


    • Alle Hall

      Her sister was in rehab. She seems pretty grounded.

      I am worried about “the face” and “the pout.” Too similar to the other Olsen girls. I will really cry if another talented, pretty-in-her-own-right young actress goes into an eating disordered, surgically enhanced spiral, to be dressed by Rachel Zoe.

  20. Amy

    Just concentrate on how much better than her sisters she looks.

  21. Sandra

    Good grief, the twins are taking her over! It fits better than anything they wear, but it is headed down MK-A Street.

  22. Claire

    I finally figured out who she reminds me of! And it’s not another Olsen:

  23. Donna

    I just realized that she got no awards love for Four M Names, but when it came out lots of folks were shouting ‘Oscar.’ Bummer for her.

  24. crystal

    I feel like maybe she borrowed that second outfit from Ashley. Or M-K I guess, but I think she’d go baggier. Full on baglady, as opposed to Ashley’s more restrained, business casual baglady.

  25. Chrissy

    I’ve been enjoying her style up until now. All of a sudden, she’s gotten much thinner and her smile has disappeared. Is this a coincidence? She’s doing the phony no-teeth smile her sisters do and dressing more like them. She suddenly looks alot more like them, which is unfortunate. I liked how she always looked happy.

  26. Jules

    Is she trying out for the next face of St John?

  27. Susy

    In the first one, it looks like her legs are getting garroted.

  28. Sarah

    is it just me, or does her face seem Michael Jackson-esque?

  29. Lily1214

    I like her.