“Hello, everyone.”

“Well, this whole Lovelace thing didn’t go as I expected. Reviews aren’t great. I’m not going to win an Oscar for it, so I can’t fulfill my fantasy of ramming one up Hathaway’s nose. So this outfit is a little something I like to call Changing The Subject. Or possibly, Being Bored Now That It’s Out And No One Is Excited About It But I Still Have To Promote It. It’s a dress I would wear to Mass, if I were a member of the Church of the Freaky Shower Curtain Romper of Latter Day Brothels. Just try to find words for it, and I promise you, by the time you’re done you’ll forget what I was doing here in the first place and just think, ‘Boy, she was cute in Mean Girls.’ Thanks in advance.”

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]

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  1. Stefanie

    The blue polka dots, the actual color and the cut of the skirt are good but the actual execution is a mess.

    • Annie E

      Yes. It doesn’t fit in the boob region, so fixing that and extending the lining of the skirt TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SKIRT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD would be a big help.

      • Kris

        I agree with lining it completely; also, I’d take off the sleeves. Shower-curtains are bad enough; little old lady shower-curtain sleeves are just beyond bad.

        • Liz

          I don’t know, lining this would just make it look really grandmotherly, especially combined with that hairdo. There’s no saving this one.

  2. Nanny

    Her shoes don’t fit.

  3. ohsohappy

    There are many issues to critique here, but I am going to go with just one. Amanda, dear…paint thy toe nails!!!

  4. Fawn

    Here’s what kils me… if the skirt were lined to just within a couple of inches of the hem, this would be beautiful. As is… same old routine, but at least it isn’t black.

    •  Billie

      My thoughts exactly. And what is going on with her bra? Would it have been too difficult to find something strapless? If the racer back styles still shows, then ditch it.

      • filmcricket

        That may in fact be the lining, because the ENTIRE back of this thing is sheer. So it wouldn’t really matter what bra she was wearing, you’d still see it.

  5. Mikki

    Church lady dress up top, sparkly granny pants at the bottom, not a good combination. And those shoes are horrible…I hate how her toes look like they’re falling off the edges.

  6.  TaraMisu

    I like the color on her. Everything else is a huge mess, like her hair. And the shoes are odd, I can’t get a good look at them but it seems her toes are hanging off.

  7. Lizzy

    This dress is a distant cousin of Gaga’s jumpsuit (at least, that’s the only way I can see it after reading the previous Gaga post). How can so much sheer be so boring?

  8. Esme

    Holy-moley! She’s never looked so bad.

  9. Elle

    The winning contestant in “Race to the Ugly”.

  10. Claire1

    This is the problem with shopping… either the cut is fabulous and the material is awful or the material is wonderful and the cut is terrible….
    AND the worst is when you find a totally cute dress on clearance and realize it’s on clearance because someone stole the liner….wait….
    That’s REAL people problems…..
    Celebrities should totally be able to have a dress with the liner.

  11.  tigers4us

    “Lovefugce”? LOL!

  12.  tigers4us

    Love the color, hate the dress.

  13. Sandra

    Aw, how cute. Chloe Sevigny’s little sister has been playing dress in big sis’s closet again.

  14. Maria L.

    Naughty schoolmarm. Pretty color, though.

  15. HelenBackAgain


    Huh. I wound up on Celebuzz.

  16. AM

    A big fix would be having the short part go down to the hem or maybe a little above.

  17. Tiina

    I can’t shake the impression that the poster behind her says “Amanda Sexygaard”.

  18. Emily

    There’s something about the granny pants, the top bodice part, and the sparkle that says “SuperHero Costume” to me. Like, sorta WonderWoman-adjacent. If I glanced at it really fast, I MIGHT be able to see this at Comic Con. Just a little….

    • Emily

      Oh, and the royal blue color helps too….

    • lola

      ..and that red lipsticked smile just says “superhero”.
      I like this outfit. It’s irreverant with the blue color and polkadots and 40′s cut it’s got a slightly pinnup vibe.

  19. TonyG
  20. DelusionalLeggings

    I may be going out on a limb here, so forgive me. My friends and I rented this on demand yesterday, and there’s this repeated scene where she is taking a bow/curtsying on stage after Deep Throat is shown. And she is wearing this long sleeve, long white diaphanous dress that they keep showing the light shining through while she curtsies.

    Anyway, this dress automatically made me think of that white see-through dress. Perhaps she’s playing a bit of homage to herself? (probably really overthinking this)

  21. Sajorina

    Her hair & makeup look great and I like her jewelry! And I would love the dress if it was completely lined because that blue is beautiful and I love the pop of red from the lipstick with it! But, she’s wearing the SAME shoes to everything! I wish she’d worn red stilettos!

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