Liza With A Fug

The following photo is not safe for work. Not because of any actual nudity, but because if you are eating, or drinking, or dialing, or trying to look important and solemn while a higher-up strolls past, or handling paper or knives or staples or a corkscrew or anything else that could pierce the skin, or feeling sensitive, then being assuaged without warning by this image of Liza-With-A-Z Minnelli could induce choking, bleeding, coma, expletives, head injury, or uncontrollable guffaws with a side of unsightly snorting. Be careful when using this jump link. Pregnant women on the verge of labor should pack their overnight bag first.

Have I oversold it? You tell me:

I really don’t think so. And I strongly suspect this is what her wedding night with David Gest looked like.
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