LETTER OF TRUTH: Part Billboard Awards

“Hi y’all. It’s a Letter of Truth in several parts, like three or maybe four. I lost count. I don’t know. The Billboard Awards were kind of depressing, y’all.”

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  1. LoriK

    In that last picture the poor girl just looks like she’s thinking so hard. It’s painful to behold.

  2. emster

    Booooring. We’ve seen this before. Come on, people. Enough with pleather bodysuits and fishnets. Figure out what’s next and get there.

  3. Joni Woodhead

    is the knee the real issue? I had wondered what it was because this time, its not laziness like before. She put in a ton of real hard working hours to be ready for this plus her tour and all that … but even with the prep work she just sort of wanders around up there. Her body might be back but the moves … they just arent

  4. Willow

    and the pants allergy continues

  5. word

    Britney makes my heart sad.

  6. pinkcheese

    So I finally saw the video for Womanizer last week (don’t judge, I’m usually about 4 years behind the curve, minimum.) She’s totally cute and engaged in that video, and when I see her stuff now (these pictures and whatever her latest video is. I can’t remember.) she just seems so disconnected, and, I don’t know, tired maybe?

    I wasn’t of the proper age for Britney fandom, so I don’t really no much about her other than headlines, but she seems terribly sad.

  7. Jaye

    That was painful to watch…poor thing seemed bewildered by it all.

  8. Share

    PANTS, everybody! Pants, pants, pants!!!

  9. pinkcheese

    And I can’t believe I used no instead of know. Gah! Take my grammarian card and shoot me now.

  10. Billie

    Poor thing, I can’t even be upset with her. She looks like she really, really, really doesn’t want to be there. Can someone just send her to a random island in the middle of the Pacific and let her live her life in peace??

  11. Susie Q

    I can’t decide if Rihanna is kissing Britney’s nose, ear, cheek, chin or mouth.

  12. Lurleen

    Is it just me, or does she look really tired? I’ve noticed in the last few weeks of pictures (I swear I have a job & a life) – her eyes look kind of weird.

    This is someone who should invest in a pineapple plantation in Hawaii and go off the grid for about 10 years.

  13. Jenny

    I never thought I’d feel so much concern for Britney, but I do. Don’t you think she needs a real friend of the truth telling and butt kicking variety.

  14. Sherri

    Everybody is scared (or should be scared) of Tom Cruise. I think that displays a remarkable amount of awareness from Britney. I wish she’d apply some of it to her stage wear…*sigh* why are pelvis peek-a-boo suits SUCH A THING?

  15. K.

    Her performance was awful; she just walked around, eyes all dead, while the track played (at least Rihanna sang live), and had a half-assed pillow fight. She surely has enough money to retire at this point; I think she should. It’s obvious that she just doesn’t want to do this anymore – it shows in her performances, in her affect, everything.

  16. Erin

    Britney makes me sad. She’s so medicated. I’m sure her mental state is better, which I GUESS is more important, but still. Sad.

    Also, after so many years of lip syncing, how is it possible that she is STILL so bad at it?

  17. Maureen

    Poor Britney. Think her psych meds could account for that sense of disconnection?

    Maybe her handlers should just let her stay home and make Frito pies.

  18. Kat

    It’s so sad to see her still up there doing this. And it’s funny, because so many people were singing Jamie Spears’ praises when he got her out of her pink wig wearing, gas station hopping, head shaving slump. But, the only thing I could think of, was that he paid himself $10k a month (and more now) to take care of his mentally ill daughter. I can’t imagine my parents asking to be paid (no matter how much money I had) to take care of me for something like that. I just feel like there’s no one out there who’s actually looking out for her, who really has her best interests at heart.

  19. AP

    I am SO OVER the girls kissing on stage thing. Heaven FORBID 2 guys kiss on stage like that! We’ll see what kind of reaction we’d get from people then.

  20. Alejandro & Cilantro

    can we as a global community force her in to retirement? Because we should probably think about doing so.

  21. Jessica

    My THEORY is that her knee never recovered, because she blew it out right before she went off the reservation and I can’t imagine she was doing the appropriate rehab on it while she was in the worst of her mental health dramz, and now it’s totally jacked and she can’t dance on it the way she used to. But it’s just a theory. Poor Britters.

  22. Willow

    I too thought we were over the whole attention seeking same sex kiss :/

  23. yeahandalso

    It is kinda sad an all….but her last tour made like $100 Million WHY DOESN’T SHE JUST RETIRE? Like seriously move back to Louisiana and live in a big house near her parents and hang out with her kids.

    Remember when Demi Moore lived in Utah for like 5 years and was just gone and you never saw her. Sure she changed her mind and came back fame-whorier than ever but the point is leaving Hollywood is an actual option, especially when you have 10′s of millions of dollars

  24. PinkieBling

    The knee theory makes sense. I didn’t watch the Billboard Awards but I recently saw the video for “Til The World Ends” and couldn’t figure out why her dancing was so lackluster. She didn’t really look like she was having fun it it, either. Poor Brit-Brit!

  25. Candace

    When I first saw this picture I thought she was Carrie Underwood for a solid fifteen seconds. I think that pretty much sums it up.

  26. Sandy

    Why Why Why Why Why????

  27. Gigi

    Now I want Frito Pie.

  28. Libby

    Overall Brittany’s been looking happy and more mature lately, which is so nice to see. I wish she would apply this new maturity her wardrobe. Enough with the bondage-wear already.

    *The last few posts on Beyonce, Rihanna & Brittany make me feel so old and cranky. Try pants! ! And get off my lawn!

  29. Anne B

    Britney deserves to be a scrapbooking, daytime-TV-watching, occasional-Hawaiian-island-visiting mom. She deserves to shop at Target and drink cool caffeinated beverages (even AT THE SAME TIME) and zone out, occasionally, while considering the specials at P.F. Chang’s. She deserves to play along with “Jeopardy” at night and whoop with joy when she gets the one about Friar Tuck right.

    She does not deserve any more of this. She’s done her time in the service of … this.

    FREE BRITNEY. If only because she’s starting to remind me of one of those girls you might see in a Bakersfield strip club, on a Monday, in the daytime.

    FREE BRITNEY, y’all!

  30. vandalfan

    I can’t fug these gals for the stagewear. They haven’t got a lot of choice. I think poor Brit is just a money making machine for whoever is her handler these days. Can’t all her money buy her some happiness and serenity?

  31. Pouncer

    Oh Britney, everyone’s scared of Tom Cruise. That’s the most rational thing you might have said.

  32. Anouk

    Is anyone else tired of the fact that female artists in the music industry today seem to wear less and less each year? And call it ‘empowerment’? I’m no prude, but it’s ridiculous. (And I feel sorry for vacant Britney whenever I see her these days.)

  33. The Other Katherine

    I’m with the people who think her meds may have changed recently. Drugs for bipolar disorder are often sedating. Also, I completely agree with Kat’s comment above about Britney’s father. He has ridden the gravy train far too long (and raised a daughter who is far too mentally fragile) for me to think well of him.

  34. JanetP

    Aw, Letter of Truth just made me sad : (

    I thought she looked like she was having fun with Rhianna. And after her own (dead) song she flashed a smile at whoever-that-other-singer-was and that seemed genuine. Seems like the music biz isn’t her thing any more. And that’s okay, sweetie, you’re allowed to quit.

    At least, you should be.

  35. Chris

    Anne B speaks the truth.

    With regards to her knee: Well, I guess that could have been part of it, but…she’s also 29. (Well, 29 as of December, I think. So 28. Or is she turning 30 this year?) She feasibly could recover well enough, especially given time (which…she may not have been, between Blackout, Circus and Femme Fatale).

    With regards to medications: Well, if this were anyone else, that would have been deeply offensive. As it stands, I’m still uncomfortable with speculating about her brainstate. But on the other hand, I know that medications for psychiatric disorders can mess you up something fierce, and if her doctor’s decided to switch around stuff…he could have chosen a better time for it.

    She really does need to stop for a while – I mean, just judging from GFY, we’ll probably be waiting for her if/when she returns. But trying to recover while being on stage in front of the world? Hell, I wouldn’t want to be in that position. The golden goose has already laid its eggs and then some. Let it swim in the pond for a bit.

  36. Emma

    When did S&M costumes become standard wear for pop starlets? Lady Gaga, Christina Aguilera, Rihanna, Beyonce, Britney – they all look the same. YAWN.

  37. Bambi Anne Dear

    Sad really isn’t it? I adore her early songs. All two of them I think. I hope the reason she’s moving rather than dancing is because she’s singing not miming. I overheard this gem on a bus when she was out here (in Oz) for her tour: Young guy on mobile to friend chatting about going to the concert- “You know, I really don’t expect her to sing at all.”

  38. Bambi Anne Dear

    I almost forgot. What is with those appalling striped leotards worn with incredibly ugly shoes? Those poor dancers. They really drew the short straw for that gig.

  39. val.

    Britney is wearing the same stuff she wore when she was 19….except now she’s 10 years older and seems more pathetic than sexy. And I really don’t mean that in a mean way, because I have a soft spot for her, but if she adopted a more mature style, I think her career could survive. As it is now, though, it just kind of makes me sad to see.

  40. Alma

    When is leotard fever ever going to let up??

  41. Sara Jane

    Apparently the knee surgery recovery is when she got addicted to painkillers in the first place, then everything spiraled out of control. Didn’t she say in that really heartbreaking interview/doco a while back (her first interview post-conservatorship) that she just wanted to live on an island with her boys? Poor woman.

  42. spoon

    Saddest letter of truth EVER.

  43. Carolina Girl

    I saw this performance the other night and I completely agree with all the other commenter who question why, at this stage of her career and life, Britney isn’t allowed to retire with some of her dignity still intact. Surely, even with the amount of money that she has to pay Mr. Popozao, she’ll still have enought left for a nice quiet life somewhere out of the spotlight.

    I was never a huge fan of hers but it seems grotesque and obscene to shove her into skimpy costumes and have her listlessly gyrate to canned music onstage. If ever the phrase “a shell of her former self” needed to be used, it’s here. She just looked like a sad, trapped animal.

    FREE BRITNEY, ya’ll!

  44. Kris

    PANTS! WHY IN THE HELL CAN’T WOMEN WEAR PANTS ANYMORE??? Maybe just a skirt even??? I am sick of seeing women’s crotches everywhere!

  45. Ranee Singleton

    Yes, Anne B is right.


  46. CJ

    Ditto to Anne B.

    There is something sooo sad about her. She does not look into it. Then again, and thankfully, she doesn’t look out of it (as in spaced out, like the awards show where she was wasted), but she doesn’t have any energy in her body, she isn’t dancing full out, her eyes look sad and she just has this expression on her face like, “Why am I here?”

    I’m glad she has pulled herself together and show that she CAN do this if she wants to. But it doesn’t look like she wants to.

  47. Evergreen

    To the people complaining about the S&M gear the girls are sporting….they were performing a song called S&M. Seems appropriate to me.

  48. ChristieLea

    EGAD, in the thumbnails, I thought the last one was Jessica Simpson for a second.

    Brit-Brit just makes me sad now. I agree, she seems to be medicated to the hilt. Put the poor girl on dry dock for a few years, and let her get control of herself.

  49. Dee

    This is probably just me, but for the first 10 seconds I looked at that first picture, I honestly thought “What is Lindsay Lohan doing on that stage?”.

  50. Corriner

    What would be really shocking and unexpected is if she showed up wearing a demure sundress. Now THAT would be a reinvention…

  51. katy

    boring……that kiss.is SO. YEARS AGO!!