Legsily Played, Katherine Heigl, with a Humorous Assist from Lea Thompson

I have this theory that Katherine Heigl’s acting career is basically over — if nothing else, she has lost a huge amount of momentum given that she hasn’t been in a decent/successful movie since 27 Dresses, and that was in 2008 (!).  And while I always will give her props for speaking out against Isaiah Washington’s homophobia on the set of Grey’s Anatomy, she is not great at knowing when to just keep her opinions to her personal circle rather than sharing them on Leno. For example:  DO speak out against homophobia, DON’T complain about the hours you’re working as an extremely highly paid television star when everyone else on your crew is working the exact same hours without the same paycheck.  I could go on for HOURS about this, but instead will simply direct you to this incredibly interesting and quite damning Star Market that Vulture did. Girlfriend’s career is in trouble. So what does your momager do when things are circling the drain? RELEASE THE JOLIE.


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  1. Kristin

    Her hair is too blond. She’s all one color (but I guess we should be YAYing that her skin is not orange??) Her style just makes her look OLD. And leah? That’s just funny!

    • Fat Desdemona

      Agreed. The combination of her hair color/style and lipstick makes her look 50. There’s nothing wrong with that in itself if you are 50. But when you’re not even close, it’s not good.

      Lea Thompson looks freaking hot.

  2. Jill

    Lorraine is my density.

    And I’ve NEVER understood all the love for Katherine….
    But her dress is pretty.

  3. em

    I think that dress is on sale over at Fredericks of Hollywood.

    • Christian

      Agreed. The dress looks cheap to me. She is objectively pretty (like 99% of Hollywood) so I really don’t get why she insists on dressing like an octagenarian. I have also decided that this whole leg thing is pretty funny, but please please please don’t let this become some kind of trend.

  4. Amber

    Katherine’s dress is pretty, her hair is awful and the leg is too much. (I should add that I loathe Katherine Heigl, so that’s about as high praise as she’ll ever get from me).
    I love Lea Thompson.

  5. Megan

    I disagree with you, Jessica. It is neither pretty, nor fine. The dress looks cheap, like it’s made of the same polyester fabric that usually lines dresses from Forever21. And why is no one commenting on her bronzer? Granted, these pics do not quite do it justice. Check out Lainey’s pics here, http://laineygossip.com/Lifestyle/Details/22146/Carpets-and-Candids-Heigl%E2%80%99s-hair-and-makeup-problems and tell me this is good makeup!

  6. Gine

    She always looks like someone’s crazy aunt–which would be great if she actually was an older, eccentric lady, but I am baffled as to why a young, attractive women would choose “crazy aunt” as a stylistic basis.

    • ck76

      Crazy DRUNK Aunt…She always emits this old, lonely, rich, drunk vibe to me.

  7. gin_in_teacups

    That hair is going to give me nightmares tonight. And I think the dress is terrible too. It looks really cheap. Like she’s attending a prom where the theme was bargain basement.

  8. DJ

    I’m currently in the throes of growing out a very short pixie cut. My hair looks just like this actresses and I loathe it… on both of us.

    Otherwise, I like the dress…. in the first photo. I don’t have a clue who this actress is, but I love your line “Release the Jolie.” Heh.

  9. Halo

    I feel sorry for Heigl for all the hate thrown her way, so I tend to cut her slack even when I know she doesn’t deserve it. This dress, however, looks like cheap jersey and her hair and makeup were borrowed from drunk Sharon Stone. Drunk Sharon Stone would have worked that slit with confidence and verve, whereas poor Katherine here looks kind of sheepish (as she should).

  10. Francie

    Yay, Lea Thompson!

    Meh, Katherine Heigl

  11. Amy

    I read this headline as Lea Michele. Just assumed – where there are dramatic poses involved . . .

  12. Siobhán

    I just can’t with that hair (and frightening face), it just voids everything South, good or bad. I don’t even want to form an opinion on it.

  13. CJ

    Dude what is up with her face? I really dislike Katherine Heigl, but she used to be pretty. Here, she looks way older than she is.

  14. Lina

    LeaT for the WIN!

    I’d like to see Heigl’s dress on someone else.

  15. TaraMisu

    Katherine’s dress looks good! This is such an improvement for her, well done. The HAIR on the other hand is horrible…. yikes.

    Lea T is fab.

  16. Terri

    Juliet would so not approve what her mother is doing here ;)

  17. Kit

    Lea is so hilarious in that shot, you know she’s totally sending LeJolie.

    Katherine. sigh Are we sure wasn’t trying to LOOK like her mom, rather than be dressed by her? How does someone who is…in her 30′s (?) consistently look my age or older?? (I’m 50+)


  18. McLisa

    Lea is AWESOME!! Love her!

    As for The Other One in the cheap black Halloween dress: When you’re disrespectful, don’t expect anyone to help you look good.

  19. schadenfreudelicious

    it’s amazing to me that she is keeping that hair color voluntarily…it’s obviously not for a role (since apparently she doesn’t have any..), so why would anyone continue to color their hair such an aging, unflattering shade of blonde if they dont have to??….

    • CJ

      I’d like to see her with light brown hair. Dark brown hair would be too severe on her.

      • Kimmy

        Actually, I was sort of surprised at how much I liked the dark hair she had in One for the Money.

  20. sacchrainkiss

    Oh my god… I have seen this exact same dress on The Sims 3. And actually her face and hair look so… off that for a second I wondered aloud to myself why the fug girls would put up screenshots of someone’s bad Katherine Heigl’s Sim.

  21. sara

    does anyone else think katherine’s face looks kinda dirty, similar to la lohan’s with all that fake tan? and also her face is like 10 shades darker than her legs. if youre going to tan people, make it look natural, and UNIFORM.

  22. Erin W

    I think we can give her the benefit of the doubt here… I always imagine that all the photographers are screaming at her (and all actresses on all red carpets) to show some leg, etc.

  23. Becky

    I think the rise of Elizabeth Banks was the final nail in the coffin for Heigl’s career.

  24. Lynne

    Not fond of Katie’s dress but I bloody love her shoes and must have them immediately.

  25. gryt

    She should have worn something busier to distract from whatever happened to her face.

  26. Andrew S.

    She needs longer hair again. She just looks old & bitchy with this length, something that the styling she does of it DOES NOT help

  27. Shiitake

    Katherine Heigl had nothing going on to begin with. Lea looks fantastic.

  28. Kara

    I can’t stand her; she just seems like an asshole. So maybe I’m not cutting her the same amount of slack as I’d cut someone I like, but I agree with those who say this looks cheap and her hair is awful. It’s totally 80something hair – thin and shapeless and an awful color.

  29. vandalfan

    Blast-furnace hair. That botoxy forehead cries out for bangs. Dirty-face makeup. And a cheap looking dress.

  30. Sajorina

    I love the dress & would happily wear it myself! FAB to the dress!

  31. Elizabeth

    My gut reaction is just: Katherine. Put. It. Away. Nice try, but no.

  32. JillC

    Heigl has *always* looked better as a brunette, but she’s otherwise very generic looking and her personality is just loathsome. I enjoyed the Star Market immensely.

  33. Ms. A.

    Heigl looks wack.
    Lea looks fabulous. She’s working it!

  34. LizC

    That hair is awful but the dress isn’t terrible. However, I always get kind of squicked by all the Heigl hate. It just smacks of “ok, pretty blonde lady, don’t have any personal opinions and, by god, if you do for heaven’s sake don’t share them with anybody. Your job is to tow the party line and look pretty and, god, you can’t even do that right half the time.” I have never heard her say anything that has made me go “oh god, Katherine Heigl? I hate that bitch.”

  35. TonyG

    What LizC said. I don’t get all the Heigl hatred. She demanded what she was worth and spoke up about stuff she did not like. To me, it sounds like she’s got a brain and likes to use it.

  36. katkin74

    I sit possible for a woman to be a douchebag? Get over yourself.