Well Played, Lea Michele in Preen


This is obviously not REVOLUTIONARY, but it is really good on her, and sometimes that in and of itself is freaking revolutionary:

Lea-Michele (1)

Bonus points for subtly coordinating with the friendly zebra on the step-and-repeat. That’s some advanced work.

[Photo: Splash]

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Comments (43):

  1. Blair's Head Band

    No Overt Mugging is a good look for her! This is objectively great and she looks very comfortable – in the dress, in the shoes, in her skin. All good things.

    • Morris

      Exactly my thoughts. Gorgeous dress helped by her looking completely natural and happy, for once. I will even overlook the lack of shiny arm-adornments!

  2. DebMc

    It’s a great look, but too bare. NAN and NAB.

  3. HelenBackAgain

    It’s so weird to see her looking so ladylike.

    And it suits her! I hope we get more of this.

    With a little more jewelry and a lot less spray tan, please.

    •  Sharon

      As always, HelenBackAgain, you have spoken like the oracle you are.

      I bow to you.

      • HelenBackAgain

        Oh, sweetie, I am NEVER going to be able to live up to that! But thank you, very much.

    •  PMG

      Well, if you look at her own twitter and Instagram posts she isn’t posing like a lady in Italy except at Giffoni…lots of butt/thong bikini shots. It’s very sad considering that it seems her major fans are too young for those kinds of photos…what a role model for the parents to explain.

      •  Guerra

        I think she’s just tanned.. From the sun.. She’s olive skinned & it’s summer!

  4.  Miranda

    I’ve been coveting this dress on Net A Porter for a long time now. I am upset that she got to wear it before me. Ah to be rich and famous.

  5. val.

    I think it’s revolutionary for HER. She looks classy and elegant and not in a trying-too-hard way.

  6. MoHub

    My only issue is the hint of underboob.

  7. Rebecca

    She looks like very pretty orange.

  8.  Bella

    Might be the best dress she’s worn. It fits and is flattering, unlike most things she wears.

  9. Emperor Cupcake

    Even though I know the breezy pose is just as calculated as her usual mugging, it’s so refreshing to see her looking relaxed. (Although secretly I treasure her vampy, campy red carpet pictures.)

  10. Noire

    As the voice of dissent, I disagree. I find this matronly and dull.

    • Liz

      I think it’s kind of dull, too. But then I love rompers, so….

      She looks fine but boring, and she at least could have worn a necklace.

    • :paula

      It looks an awful lot like a bridesmaid dress for an after-dark J. Crew wedding. On the other hand, when is that a bad thing?

  11.  RebekahMacd

    I love this on her. She looks very elegant and sure of herself. It’s great.

    •  Mrs. Helpful

      I am so happy to see her looking so good. I am rooting for her and am always pained when she does all the trying too hard stuff.

  12. Jenz

    When I first saw this, I had to check the caption twice. This is cute and refreshing on her.

  13. Natalie

    For her, and possibly unreservedly, I think this is great. However, it would have been greater if she were less orange, and if this was in a color. Maybe a muted green?

  14. Ialsohatethoseshoes

    Makes her shoulders look a mile wide.

  15.  glee

    Way harsh, Taj – if one were to scroll through her archives, there are better dresses there (though this one is cute and looks good on her).

  16. Big Noise

    Meh, it looks like she tossed a skirt over a swimsuit. And what color is that? And are the top and bottom different colors, or is that just my old eyes?

  17.  Fawn

    I just wish she had better shoes, but the dress is a great look for her.

  18. filmcricket

    I wish this had a red belt on it and I wish she were not so orange, but otherwise I think she looks super-cute.

  19. Sandra

    Definitely NAN, and in a perfect world the dress would be navy blue. But sleek and understated looks really good on her.

  20. Cat

    I do like this, but I feel like it’s flattening her boobs (hard to tell from the angle). But other than that, I like this look.

  21. Jilly

    I kind of feel like she missed the memo that Carrie Underwood already got the part of Fraulein Maria. But in a good way.

  22.  Clementine

    Going against popular opinion, this is only a moderately well played for me. I think it’s too long by 2-3 inches. Just a bit shorter and it wouldn’t be so matronly.

  23. Lacejay

    On first glance, I thought this was Demi Lovato. Layoff the spray tan, Lea! Cute dress though

  24. Joanie

    I’m all for this look! She’s dressed quite beautifully in an outfit that isn’t too tight, too revealing, too old, too young, or too try hard. She’s standing in a natural way. She’s not mugging it up. In other words, she looks fabulous and I hope her best friend tacks this photo up on every mirror in Lea’s house to remind her that she needn’t resort to clothes assery to garner attention.

  25. Carolyn

    I loved this look too. Very understated for her, and coming as it does the week of Cory’s first anniversary, I’m wondering if she felt it would be appropriate to keep it somber and subdued?

  26. Sweetsinger

    I like that the Doris Day look is coming back. It’s perky. It flatters a lot of body shapes. Especially of course, Lea’s.

  27. greatwhitenorthchick

    This is very Sophia Loren and suits her.