Fug or Fab: Lea Michele in Narciso Rodriguez


I’m as half-and-half on this dress as it is.

Lea Michele in Narciso Rodriguez at Variety Women In Film 2014

I want to love the unusual combination of patterns, but I can’t escape the nagging feeling that she just wrapped a very pretty sarong around her bathing suit — as if she’s due at the party in the Van Pluvinel cabana, of the Massachusetts Van Pluvinels, but she knows she won’t bother staying very long because the passed apps are always so underwhelming and there is never enough ice.

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  1. val.

    I like the idea in theory, but it needs a belt to pull the two halves together in a more cohesive way. (NAB or I guess NABe to distinguish it from bracelets!)

  2.  Linda_AZ

    I would like it a lot if the colors and patterns were consistent throughout the dress. Either color/pattern would be fine, too. I’m just not a fan of mixing them up like that.

    I actually have a one-piece bathing suit in virtually the same pattern/style as the top half of this dress! It’s one of my faves.

    •  Ruby

      I think it would be amazing if it were one of the patterns (preferably the black and white) paired with a solid colour instead of another pattern. it would just make the lovely pattern pop even more. Put that B&W top part with a solid black skirt or even red and BAM

  3.  HelenBackAgain

    Is this literally a bathing suit with a clashing pareo?

    •  Linda_AZ

      It could be, Helen–see my post above! (I doubt it is, but it sure could be. I just went to take a look at my bathing suit, and it really made me go “hmmmm….)

      •  HelenBackAgain

        You were posting as I was composing! I took a moment to look up “pareo” and be sure it was what I meant. And annabel and filmcricket had the same thought too!

        I’m calling it: THAT’S A BATHING SUIT.

    • Melissa

      My thoughts exactly.

  4. ohsohappy

    Had the entire dress been of the white and purple fabric, it would have been very pretty. Add a piece of jewelry and voila!

  5. annabel

    It’s very bathing suit with a wrap. Are we absolutely that’s not what it is?

    • annabel

      absolutely *sure* that’s

      I am having a terrible typing day. I meant to reply to myself like I am doing here, rather than what I did below.

  6. ChristieLea

    It doesn’t clash ENOUGH, if that makes any sense. The patterns are too similar (and yet not similar enough). So it looks like she *thinks* it matches, and just has terrible taste. And the Van Pluvinels are going to be making fun of her while they wait for more ice.

    • Veronica

      No, lack of clash is what bothers me about it, too. If you’re going to pattern mix, it has to be dramatic. This is just too close together, so it looks like two lines in the dress factory got mixed up mid-production.

  7. annabel

    absolutely *sure* that’s

  8. Susan

    I think this is textbook getting dressed in the dark.

  9. Mirna

    At least she’s not doing one of her ‘sexy’ stunt poses her. I basically came to say that the hair is the real criminal here, and then I realized that this is the 5th time I’ve criticized someone’s hair here in the last three days.
    I have come to the conclusion that I’m projecting because I don’t like my own hair right now. And on that note, off to the salon I go.

    • Ranee

      Girl, get you some Retread from Lush Cosmetics. It gives me Duchess Kate Hair, and that’s a major miracle. Hope I am not violating any rules, and Fug Girls take me down if I am and I will understand.

      • Jessica

        I ALWAYS want Duchess Kate Hair Product recommendations!

        • Ranee

          Check it out then! Give it until the 3rd use or so.

          • annabel

            glad I came back over to see how many others agreed with swimsuit/wrap, I am going to buy me some of this stuff!!!

  10. Elizabeth

    Love the lippy, though

  11. filmcricket

    Very pretty bathing suit, very elegant sarong, but yes, that was my exact thought before I even read the caption. I will say that that’s the best the bangs have ever looked on her, I think. I still want her to get rid of them, but they at least don’t give the impression they are eating her face. Makeup’s good too.

  12.  Aspasia

    I think if the colors faded into each other, forming cohesion in that way, then I’d love this dress. But yeah, it looks piece-y in that sarong-over-bathing suit way everyone else has pointed out.

  13.  Chris P

    What is this for?

    Specifically, how far is it from a casual beach event at the Hamptons, where this would be perfect? (The further the distance, the fuglier it is.)

  14.  Sharon

    Why can’t she just… she always… GAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!
    Just wear something to look pretty and quit trying to always be the center of attention!!!!!!!!!

  15. Gayle

    This whole look is giving me Real Housewife vibes.

  16. Ranee

    Either a funky ass belt or a belt that’s elegant and understated with respective bracelet and earrings. This is a near hit on so many levels, but ends up being a longer version of something that my 16 year old daughter would have worn for her lyrical dance in the local dance recital.

  17. ClaireBear

    Fuggggg. A sleek black tank would have been great. Also if it was shorter. I think she’s a shorter girl and that skirt is too long on her.

  18. Eli

    I might like it OK on someone I like, but because it is Lea Michele, that tips me into the “no” camp.

    I kind of want to lock her and Lena Dunham into the Thunderdome and the loser gets exiled to an island where there are no photographers or instrumentalities for them to annoy me.

  19. Kirby

    It’s kind of like she was trying on a bathing suits at Kohl’s and someone accidentally brought in that skirt (sarong?) and she walked out without paying. Part of me feels like things could be better if that skirt (sarong?) was better proportioned to her body but that will always look like a jantzen swimsuit on top.

  20. Sarah

    She’s channeling Paula Abdul.