Laura Fugney

Words I traditionally associate with Laura Linney: talented, lovely, classy, warm, OMGIGNOREYOURPHONETHATGUYWANTSTOSLEEPWITHYOU (just TRY not saying that, all in one piece, while watching Love, Actually).

Words I do not traditionally associate with Laura Linney: Yikes, oof, schoolmarm, NOOOOOO, pinafore, crazyshitasticalblouse, smock, shirtvomit. Thanks, Thursday, for giving me a new experience.

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  1. Mel Duff

    red carpet pilgrim?

    • theotherjennifer

      red carpet Amish? I guess she would need a bonnet.

      • Sajorina

        Pilgrim and Amish women would NEVER show that much leg! They wouldn’t shoe any leg period!

  2. Lizzy

    Mourning sister-wife

  3. LoriK

    This is giving me a sad. I have a major soft spot for her and this is bad. Like Mel Duff, “pilgrim” was my first thought. An outfit should never inspire that reaction unless its wearer is actually performing in the Thanksgiving pageant.

    Also, I’m with Heather about the Love, Actually scene. I tell her not to answer the phone every single time, but does she listen to me?

    • Heather

      Not only is it ‘that guy wants to sleep with you,’ it’s ‘that FREAKING HOT FOREIGNER SPANISH OR WHATEVER guy wants to sleep with you’. that scene actually makes the film misogynist IMHO. or at least, misanthropic towards its characters.

    • One of the Leahs

      Yeah, she never listens to me, either. Kills me every time.

      • Rachael

        I hate that scene with the fire of a thousand suns. I mean, holy hell, that man was attractive, and you are nearly naked, and DO NOT ANSWER THE DAMN PHONE. I just can’t, with that scene. It makes me mad just thinking about it.

  4. Other Emily

    this outfit is a crime against the amazing and talented Laura Linney. It should be punished with burning by fire.

    • julyol1972

      ITA!!! She is so freaking talented – I hoped someone else besides me watched her in The Big C. This dress is way, way beneath her.

  5. Deborah

    Yikes, this doesn’t look like an Andrea-approved design to me.

  6. Jen

    I think they should re-release an updated version of Love Actually, and just FIX that freaking scene. It pisses me off!!

    A) You have a huuuuge crush on that guy and have forever.
    B) OMG, he’s into you too!
    C) He’s SUPER HOT and trying to get naked right now.
    D) There’s nothing you can do by answering that phone call.

    Surely it’s not too late! Someone can fix this!

    Also, I like the new word “shirtvomit.” haha

    • Agent Sculder

      All they would have to do to fix that scene is have her throw her cell phone out the window. Because seriously, if a man that looked like that who I was totally into was actively trying to undress me and my phone was ringing that is EXACTLY what I would do. It could wait.

      It is proably the one thing in that movie that actively pisses me off. Her character is far too nice to not have something good happen to her at Christmas. It’s too unfair!

      • ErinB

        I did try to learn from her mistakes in that movie. Stay nice and care for loved ones, but occasionally one must say “not right this minute” [or else a smokin' HOT guy will not stay in your bed. The calculus of life, all learned from "Love, Actually"].

  7. Melissa

    All I have to say is yes why don’t you let them care for your brother for one hour!! Just an hour! Get your freak on. You’ve been lusting after each other forever. Noooooo! Why are you answering the phone?! This is basically me every time I watch this movie. God.

    Uh, her dress is terrible.

    • Sandra

      I hate that scene so much! Her giving up her own happiness isn’t going to have any substantive effect on the brother’s happiness. Not that she should ditch him entirely, but getting yanked around by manipulative people–even ones with demonstrable mental illnesses–is a horrible way to live.

      • Sajorina

        People with mental illnesses are not manipulative, they’re needy! There’s a difference! She takes care of her brother because she loves him and wants to help, not because it’s what she’s supposed to do!

        • Rachael

          This is getting pretty deep, but I disagree that individuals will mental illness cannot be manipulative. I don’t know that the brother in Love, Actually was manipulative, but categorically to say that all people with mental illness are not, I disagree with that.

          • Rachael

            Also, I’m not certain that her brother was mentally ill. I think perhaps he was developmentally disabled. But I may be misremembering.

            • jean

              And my big annoyance in Love Actually is that she sits next to Colin Firth at the wedding in the beginning and they never see each other again. I would have much preferred him to hook up with Laura than that random Spanish lady however lovely. In fact, that needs to happen Hollywood, NOW. Laura Linney and Colin Firth in a romance for people “of a certain age”. Richard Gere and Diane Lane shouldn’t get all the middle aged romance glory.

            • Sajorina

              Rachael, I certainly wasn’t talking about sociopaths or psychopaths! I meant people who are depressed, have anxiety disorders, etc… And I think you’re right, her brother had a Developmental Disability.

  8. Meg

    Auditioning for Matilda: The Musical.

  9. ErinB

    THANK YOU for validating my feelings from watching her “Love Actually” vignette. I get SO irrationally mad!! SPOILERY: “Woman, for some inexplicable reason, Rodrigo Santoro is totally into you, even though you act completely mental (and dress that way, too) at work (and probably everywhere else). Now he’s naked *INYOURBED* and you’re answering your frickin’ phone!? On behalf of all womenhood: NOOOOOO!!!!”

  10. Jenz

    Pilgrim-chic. So not fetch.

  11. Esme

    She looks just like the postulants (sort of nun interns) who used to shadow official nuns when I was in grade school.

  12. Mary

    21 Jumper Street

  13. BrownEyedBetty

    When bad things happen to really good, talented people. And her hair sucks too. Also, and I hate to say it…..could she have had some work done..?? Her face looks a little, fuller.

  14. Carol

    Speaking from experience, this is very Catholic school uniform, except for the shoes. I wore this uniform in high school with — wait for it — knee socks and black-and-white saddle shoes! (The uniform had been designed in the late 1920s, basically, and the nuns saw no reason to change it.)

    •  HelenBackAgain

      That sounds like it would be cute on teens!

      Linney, however, just looked this up, is 49 – waitaminnit. She’s 49?

      Well, she herself certainly looks fabulous. Now we just need to get her an outfit that deserves it!

      • Lori

        She’s FORTY NINE?!?! I have GOT to start taking better care of myself.

    • Sandra

      Your Catholic school uniform included see-through blouses? Had Mother Superior been hitting the gin?

  15.  Liz985

    I’m a bit grumpy today, but I have to say, after checking out some of the site postings, I find myself really getting peeved at the ladies of Hollywood. Some (many) of these outfits are so very awful, this Laura Linney one especially. Doesn’t anyone look in the mirror anymore? How could you put on this black and white horror and not say to yourself, “Ooof. Bad idea. Let’s check out the closet for something else.” I mean, with all the collective talent and resources that this industry has there is simply no excuse for this ugliness.

  16. JessicaAZ

    I am not entirely sure if I have ever tried an un-fug it up before, but here goes:

    Burn. It.

  17. Elle

    You know this would go to a whole new level if the black was opaque, and she was wearing Madonna cone bra and granny panties!

  18. Sajorina

    “Love Actually” is AWESOME, but this dress is NOT! I like her shoes, though!

  19. Elle

    I think Laura is saying ( via her outfit): “You’ve been punked.”

  20. Aubreys642

    Aaaww it’s the little girl Eloise who lives in the Plaza Hotel….

  21. The Other Molly

    I think she lost a bet.

  22.  CopyChic

    Oh look, an outfit that ensures you will not get laid.

  23. MT Nest

    What happened to her hair? And her makeup? Did she just get out of a shower?

  24. Lori

    I am randomly listening to the Love Actually soundtrack right now. I swear, that part of the movie breaks my heart even more than Alan Rickman cheating.

    • Rachael

      It’s maddening, and also — you’re right — very sad.

      Also, I want to say, that some of these comments have made me snort-laugh in my office. I’m glad the guy in the office next to me is out today, because it would be a little embarassing. Nuntern? 21 Jumper Street. The “fetch” thread. You are all awesome.

  25. mmk

    This is just like in True Lies. I hope Jamie Lee Curtis runs into her backstage and shows her how to tear off the white marmy sleeves and collar at the last minute, thereby revealing what is actually a sexy and great-fitting dress before she performs a striptease for Arnold.

  26. jean

    This makes me feel very frustrated. She’s so talented and I suspect doesn’t get first run at scripts because she’s not “hot”. I suspect Julianne Moore, Jennifer Aniston, and Diane Lane get them first and then Laura which makes me sad. Step up your glamour game! I want your talent to shine.