Last Fugday Night

Man, I guess the end of Oscar week is naked time for everybody — first Adrianne Bailon and her crotch ruffle of Let Me Be Your Peldon, and now Katy Perry and the Atomic Wedgie:

Does she really have to try this hard to be noticed? She’s megafamous. She has hair the color of a Smurf’s undercarriage. Everyone’s waiting to see who her first public post-Brand hookup will be. This feels like a misfire in that PR war.

I mean, I’m pretty sure winning a panty raid at your grandmother’s house does NOT say, “My dearest flea-bitten ex, I invite you to sup on your own lameness, while I serve cocktails of my own fabulousness with tiny umbrellas and some fruit on a sword.” Instead it seems to imply that someone needs to cancel her Internet service because she’s spending too much time on eBay at 3 a.m. buying old Sears Roebuck catalogs.

That poor vest never stood a chance.

[Photos: Pacific Coast News]


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  1. vandalfan

    I am firmly on Team Russel. He’s funny. He has facial hair. He wouldn’t take a dime from her. She was only a marginal talent at first, best know for cleavage in inappropriate venues, but has descended into trashy GaGa-esque attention seeking.

    • nikole

      i’m with you on this one but you got one thing wrong, she IS a marginal talent

    • GingerLover

      I’m from Canada so don’t know the equivalent in California, but this is Yonge St (Toronto) or Granville St (Vancouver) stripper/sex shop “fashion”. With “Grandma panties. There is nothing attractive about it. It’s just really kinda sad. Every song I’ve heard of hers sounds the same and the blue hair is just so lame (and lamely done) I weep.
      This is more words than she deserves but seriously folks let’s say it all together, LOW SELF ESTEEM.

    • Nicco

      Thank you. She’s a dreadful singer who has been processed into a star. Without her physical ‘assets’ she’d still be singing in a church choir (at best).

  2. theotherjennifer

    I do heart that bag.

  3. Lily

    This upsurge in Gyno Couture is disturbing, to say the least. Sigh, Katy.

    On the other hand, anyone have info on that bag? I LOVE it, although I’m pretty sure the mere fact that Katy is carrying it means I probably cannot afford it.

    • Amy
    • Christian

      OMG, Gyno Couture is the perfect way to describe this crap. I do agree it’s disturbing to see everywhere. I really wish these people would take a lesson from Roisin Murphy or Bjork, people who look avant garde but remain classy. You can wear intricate, interesting, flamboyant clothes (that seek whatever stupid amount of attention you’re looking for) without coming off as trashy and desperate. I blame Lady CaCa for all of this. These people spend so much money and time on their look but still end up looking so cheap in the end.

      • Crazy cat lady

        To quote Dolly Parton… takes a lot of money to look this cheap.

  4. Bella

    Thanks be it’s not a thong! Silly, attention-seeking girl.

  5. nikole

    why did she even bother with the skirt.. to class it up?

  6. ringthing

    Not to get too philosophical about it, but she always seems like she doesn’t believe how pretty she is and has to trash it up someway. She’s a perfect candidate for one of those magazine *makeunders*.

  7. Libby

    I can smell the desperation from here.

  8. Steph

    Is she in Paris? No wonder they scoff at us tourists! (I kid, I’ve only ever met nice Parisians and it’s my favourite city in the world.)

    She is trying WAY too hard. I’m SO tired of the “GaGa-esq” level of attention whoring so many celebrities go to nowadays. Give me a Artist Formally Known As Kate Middleton and her classy coat-dresses anyday over this garbage.

  9. Alicey

    Ok, not related to this post, but… WHERE IS FUG MADNESS?

    • Sandra

      Breathe, y’all. We’re still in conference tournament time. If Fug Madness is coinciding with the NCAA Div 1 Men’s Basketball Tournament–which, yeah probably, since that’s the riff–then things won’t kick off for another two weeks.

  10. neiges

    Ok, I admit it, I can toletrate and even like the no pants trend as long as it is fierce and stylish. (Like Michelle Williams’ formal shorts (loved them!)). This has neither one nor the other. She is very very cheap and not funny at all.

  11. Sandra

    Why do these women bother getting “dressed” at all? Clothes meant to be worn as a top layer should never be see-through.

  12. Ladyblahblah

    She should be made an honorary Kardashian for Achievement in Desperate Attention Seeking. She already has the K name.

  13. dralex

    Gotta say, the shoes and the bag are amazing.. now lets just get rid of the see-through dress concept and imagine her on the beach. So cute as a cover up! So not appropriate for any other occasion.

  14. janey

    Yes, she does have to try that hard to be noticed; she’s Katy Perry! Getting attention is what she does for a living and no divorce is going to slow her down. She tries VERY VERY hard on a consistent basis to be noticed and this outfit is a great illustration of that–she just screams SPRING!11 The top is not too bad: the perforation work is beautiful. The transparent skirt and matchy matchy boy shorts are a giant Cosmo fashion don’t. The handbag is matronly in design and ugly in color. The shoes do not mix well with the outfit or bag and her makeup is making her face look theatrical. She has money and access to a better stylist; she needs to do better than this.

  15. Anne B

    “My dearest flea-bitten ex, I invite you to sup on your own lameness, while I serve cocktails of my own fabulousness with tiny umbrellas and some fruit on a sword.”

    Can I borrow this? ‘Cause I have a couple of exes. And they deserve this. :)

  16. roser

    Ah, Katy. You’re pretty and you have a great figure. But this? Is this the Rihanna influence that drove Russell away? Because it’s driving me away, as well.

  17. Caroleena Stantonova

    Oh cheeeezus, do you really think she’s trying too hard? Or what! Poor widdle thing needs MORE attention *gag*

  18. Sajorina

    That vest could’ve been so cute with a cami & a cute skirt or a minidress underneath, so why wear it in public during the day as it was presented on the runway? Urgh! The only thing she got right are the awesome bag & the cute shoes!

  19. anny

    How is it that one of those photos looks like nighttime and the other looks like daytime? Is this a walk of shame??!?!?

  20. cstiddy

    Why does she always look like she’s wearing a costume? No matter what she is wearing? {And this one is just…makes me mad, it’s so stupid. That tie-belted top she’s wearing might as well belong to Flo (from Alice, if anyone here is old enough to remember that show)].

  21. rb

    “hair the color of a smurf’s undercarriage” is hilarious. wit turn-of-phrase, yet again!

    • Cynthia Coles

      And it is so badly done. I seriously thought it was that temp hairspray that is supposed to wash out.

  22. moeshamoeshamoesha

    “Blueberry muffins in the morning… with Blueberry Johnson!”

    A billion cool points to anyone who gets that reference.

  23. Charlotte

    The only really positive thing I can say about the outfit is “At least she’s wearing panties”. Also, the bag is fab.

    Katy! Don’t try so hard, hokay?

  24. maryse

    i’d rather see the granny panties (or super short shorts) than be forced to wonder if she’s wearing underwear or know for a fact that she is not.

    • Christine

      But how sad is it that that’s become our standard?!? Well, at least she’s got underwear on!

  25. carol

    She’s rich and can wear what she wants. However, she can’t wear Russell, so what’s the point of anything? Her next outfit should be a hot air balloon with the words, “I blew it” stamped across it.

  26. Shiitake

    How many more months of sans-Russell idiocy are on the calendar?

  27. Rubee

    She’s become the ultimate Blue Fairy of Bubblegum Pop…
    This costume-like thing that has been invading Hollywood: Johnny Depp, Lady Gaga, Keisha, N.Minaj is becoming so old… 10 years ago I couldn’t imagine the sight of a pretty ballgown or a classic shift dress would be so reffreshing.

  28. that girl

    Holy crap girl, it’s late winter in either Paris or London by the looks of it, and this is what you choose to go out in? Gives me goosebumps just looking at her.

  29. Bambi Anne Dear

    Sooooo stupid.

  30. Michele

    I’m so sick of the kool aide colored hair and the ridiculous attention seeking outfits. She’s a 27 year old woman who looks like a cartoon character. I get that her target audience and fan base are tweens and young teens but surely when she’s in the presence of grown ups, you would think she’d want to ditch the Smurfette hair at least. When someone has to try that hard to stay relevant, the end result is usually not favorable.

  31. Lily1214

    Neither does the handbag. It goes with sportswear. Oh well . . .