Lady Fuga

Coming this fall on Downton Gaga:

I can’t wait for when the Dowager Countess of Grantham gets a load of this with those shoes. The scandal! The tea sandwiches and cocked eyebrows will FLY.

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  1. Orange Clouds

    Is it wrong that I think this is kind of awesome? (apart from these horrible, horrible shoes)

  2. Sallie T

    I’m with you, OC! There’s something kind of nutty if-Rembrandt-had-worked-in-Kodachrome-and-royal-icing vibe here that makes me happy. Well, that and the fact that she’s not showing us her spanx for a damn change.

  3. TonyG

    Except for the ridiculous height of the shoes (yawn!), I LOVE THIS.

  4. Julia

    I love it too. I donÊ»t even care about the shoes. For her, this is a “fab.”

  5. Heather

    My grandma wears one shoe like that because one leg is shorter than the other. That is the only reason shoes of that height should EVER be worn. I also think the rest of it is awesome in its own way.

  6. Lindy

    Yawn. I think I’m going to quit reading anything about this try-hard poser.

  7. Lynne

    I agree with you guys (well, most of you). I kind of love that dress. The styling is of course, ridiculous but the dress is sort of fabulous.

  8. Other Emily

    The shoes are crazeballs. The hat is…a little odd. The dress is fab. I couldn’t wear it, but she looks great. And the sunglasses serve as yet another example of how everyone looks better in them.

  9. ok

    She’s gotta stop with those fucking shoes.

  10. AmandaD

    That belt…it’s like the orthopedic back braces we sold at the chiropractic clinic I worked for. But somehow even uglier.

  11. Elbyem

    If this were knee length and she wasn’t wearing the ridiculous stilts for shoes, it would actually have come across as charming.

  12. roser

    This is horrible. When will she end?

  13. 1000Oysters

    I just scroll so I can’t see her stupid feet and I love this! Of course she’s styled completely over the top crazeballs but right now I am mostly just jealous that I don’t have a place to wear this dress, even if I could own it. I would even wear the hat because work would be way more fun if I wore crazy hats. And usually Gaga just inspires eyerolls for me.

  14. j26

    Psht, this is so much more Stepford Wives (post-indoctrination) than Downton Abbey!

  15. Helen

    The dress, alone… I think I would love it on Helen Mirren’s always-a-little-surprisingly knockout figure.

  16. kindakute

    Does she think those things on her feet make her look statuesque? The only consolation is that I was not forced to see her chest area for a change. *shudder*

  17. schroob

    I love how she now talks like Madonna circa the Evita years. And by “love” I mean laugh derisively.

  18. Art Eclectic

    Praise (insert deity here) that there are no sheer panels in evidence.

  19. News01

    I seriously didn’t get why you people liked the dress.
    It looks like straight from a grandma’s closet. Or wallpapers from communist era bulgaria.

  20. Hannah

    To me it looks like ten years too old for this season of Downton. Maybe she’s rallying for Lady Mary to turn into a thrift-store nut?

  21. Lion

    This is absolutely great! (I AM from communist era Poland) This hat really works with it. The shoes, well, this needs white shoes so I’ll take them too.

  22. Tamburlaine

    I’m pretty sure my mother wore dresses like this in the seventies, except without the belt and the stupid shoes. The print is so dated (and not in a good way) I find it hard to get behind the look. I think the sleeves look wrong with that neckline, too – maybe if they were without the tight cuffs? Love the hat, though.

  23. flitzy
  24. Trace

    It kinda looks like something Meryl Streep would wear on the red carpet if she suddenly discovered prints.

  25. Vandalfan

    LOOK AT THE CALENDAR THEN LOOK AT YOUR SHOES! And stop making me all capsy.

  26. Tiffany

    I love it! I love how completely feminine it is without being boobs/assy. So girly with the print and the hat. I love that Gaga has fun with her clothes. Yes, they are never practical, but that is the fun of it! You don’t have to be practical when you are a pop star.

  27. Jules

    She must have ankles like iron.
    I can’t even wear high-top sneakers anymore.

  28. Andrew S.

    Oh man, I’d TOTALLY watch Downton Gaga

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