Kids’ Choice Awards Fug Carpet: The Family Smith

JADA: Look alive, kids.

WILLOW: Mom, I dyed my hair to match your harem pants jumpsuit thingy. What more do you want from me?

JADA: Look at your brother. Now THAT is looking alive. He’s doing a full Derek Zoolander.

JADEN: Was I? I was really just thinking I wish my boots and my coat weren’t made of the same material.

JADA: Kids, how many more times do I have to tell you? This is the WILLENNIUM. Your father spoke of it in song, and now, through us, his prophecy is coming true. We took a year off to give people a chance to get used to the idea, but now is our time. We must strike while the nation is weak.


JADA: You are so GROUNDED when we take over Earth.

[Photo: FameFlynet]

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Comments (78):

  1. Kristen from MA

    I’m so over this family.

  2. Christian

    Why why why why why why why.

  3. linda

    Has there ever been a FAMILY entrant in Fug Madness?

    • The Fugger

      Yes. Last year, in fact!

      You should have seen the showdown between the Family Smith and Mischa Barton. It was possibly the most contested Fug Madness matchup in history. (Well, barring the Final Four and Championship of 2009 – I still recognize Solange and SWINTON as our true fug queens from that year, as opposed to Nobody O’Day.)

      Keep in mind: Short of Taylor Momsen’s vagina, they gave Mischa the hardest challenge last year. This bodes well for them next year.

      This also bodes well for Adrienne Bailon if she keeps leaving the house.

    • Art Eclectic

      See entry: The Kardashians.

  4. Amanda

    Smuggy McSmuggerson is smug.

  5. deee

    Begin countdown for the spawn of Pinkett-Smith crash and burn.

  6. vandalfan

    Every one of them is committing a shoe crime, and Will has, unfortunately passed his ears down to the next generation. Bless her heart, Willow sure needs a different hat. Jada needs a different hairdo, and some analysis for her Dina Lohan issues.

    • zah

      please don’t hate on them for their ears….genetics can’t be helped. the unfortunate outfits can……

      why is jada dressing like her daughter?

      • MJ

        Agreed – lay off the ears, physical features, such as ears, should not be a topic of discussion on the fug forum. Unless, of course, they are dressed with fug earrings or ear cuffs.

      • vandalfan

        I meant no offense! I just think that we should all dress to emphasize our better features and disguise the imperfections. Which is why my enormous hind end will never be seen in tight pants or a mini skirt, or a jumpsuit like Jada’s. Willow should chose a different, but still adorable, style of hat.

    • Hermione

      I like Will’s ears.

    • Kit

      Jada HAS to wear those shoes, otherwise she’d be the same height as her kids! ;)

  7. Sandra

    Doesn’t she have any Get-a-Grip Girlfriends? Somebody needs to have a come-to-Jesus meeting with her because women in their forties should NOT still be dressing the way they did in high school. Especially those of us who went to high school in the ’80′s. In fact, nobody should ever wear anything even ’80′s-adjacent ever again. It was a Fug Decade.

    • Tina Cortese

      Was this a costume party for Jada?

    • ESK

      I honest to God thought Jada was her daughter when I first looked at this! Girlfriend needs to give it up and stop dressing out of her daughter’s closet!

    • TheOppositeofBatman

      Oh my god, we should totally have a Fug Decade-off.

    • Megan M.

      Yeah, my first thought on seeing this picture was that apparently the WIllennium is taking place in the 80s.

      And I also agree with the fact that I’m really done with these guys. I still enjoy Will Smith in his movies, but the rest of them need to stop trying so hard to make an impression.

  8. mary lou bethune

    They are all so cute but all their taste is in their mouths…. why why why why do they head down the road to overindulging teens….

  9. Stella

    Ugh, I just can’t with them. I love Will, solo, but when the whole family is together it just looks like they’re trying SO HARD. Dial it down, Smiths.

  10. eee

    There’s something about Jaden’s face here that reminds me of Adrian Brody.

    Willow’s dress is actually rather cute. Too bad it’s ruined by all the accessories. And by accessories, I mean her mom.

    • Christian

      Yes, I can forgive the kids, because they’re, well, kids. But Jada? No.

    • cc

      “Too bad it’s ruined by all the accessories. And by accessories, I mean her mom.”


  11. deee

    The saddest thing is that the bill for this fashion debacle was probably astronomical.

    • Blanche

      Yeah, exactly. Diagnosis: Too. Much. Money. Too little taste.

      This group is in serious contention: The poster family for the 21st century tragedy of American obscene inequality. Maybe they could get by on less and buy clothes with dignity, and the other Americans could get decent, dignified public services.

  12. LawyaGal

    Ugh. This is so wrong.

    More importantly: Did you see Michelle Obama at this thing? Girl looked fierce in leather pants.

  13. LovleAnjel

    Jada looks like she let Willow dress her that day.

  14. Alexis

    Its like their stylists let them pick from a grab-bag of What Not to Wear

    • anonymoose

      Ha! Yes, they are definitely the What Not To Wear smug poster family. Their obviousness is so obvious, yet, alas, they seem oblivious to the obvious. Sigh.

  15. Louise

    What insufferable twits.

  16. Caroleena Stantonova

    This is a test. Only a test. If there were a real emergency Jada would have both sides of her hair shorn and the offspring would look blase.

  17. The Fugger

    Willow looks cute (except for the pink hair, but she’s 12 and this is significantly less frightening than the “Whip My Hair” fiasco). However, it’s a bit adjacent to the style of another girl who went by the name of a plant. (In fact, I’m pretty sure (Dr.!) Mayim Bialik wore this ensemble first. In college. Which…was actually before Willow was born, I think.)

    Jaden…needs to tie his shoes and consider NOT matching his shoes to his jacket so closely. (It’s kind of bridesmaid-y.)

    Jada…needs to get out of the Cassie costume.

    I…am still kind of annoyed that they named their son after the mother and their daughter after the father. However, while I find The Family Smith to be somewhat exhausting in the same fashion of Gaga, I also find the style of their fug exuberant. It’s like everything I wanted to wear back in elementary school.

    (…this was back in ’92. Don’t judge.)

  18. Kara

    They are such an attractive family, but they look SUCH a hot-ass mess.

  19. Emily

    THis whole family enrages me. Flames…flaaames!

  20. Billie

    I’ve got dibs on shaking each one of them and saying ‘Get over yourselves!’

  21. Francesca

    Poor Jada! Hammer Time was over a couple of decades ago, and it’s still not cute enough to even be considered “retro.”

  22. Molly

    Wasn’t Jada old enough to wear that stuff once before? I can understand wanting to wear a previous generation’s fashion, but if you’ve done it already, what’s the point?

    Also, I had never noticed the hijinx with the kids’ names. @-@

    • daisy

      I was on the verge of laying odds that she had this in her closet from the first time around.

  23. Halo

    If Jada had shown up in one of my tenth grade classes in that outfit, we would have all been jealous of her style. Of course that was 1989, so she’s running a little late.

    I refuse to fug children, though.

    • The Fugger

      Jaden is like 15 now, I think. Willow’s 12, so – yeah – she’s a child fugger…


      Not only that, Jada is actually fugging the most aggressively here, so I think the entire underage fugging argument is moot.

      Speaking of child fuggery: Jada, Taylor Momsen called. She wants her shoes back.

      • Heather

        Yes, we have always been pretty clear about ascribing whatever Willow is doing to her parents’ judgment in letting her do it all.

  24. Maisie

    Is there such a thing as pathetic hipness?

  25. Emma

    They’re trying so hard, it’s making ME tired

  26. Louise

    I mostly just want to tell Willow to stand straight on her feet, instead of ruining them by perching on the outsides like that.

    Of course, Jada’s not exactly setting a shining example of “how not to destroy your feet.”

  27. lrachel

    Is that………a Hammer-pants jumpsuit?! Willow looks like Debbie Gibson (circa 1987) let her raid the closet and Jaden……..did his dad get to keep the wardrobe from Fresh Prince?

  28. Clarence Beeks

    hahahahhaha a Zoolander. That face Jayden is making has been killing me since I first saw it.

    Those kids are annoying as hell, and not cute. they need to get the hell over themselves. Jada, I can’t even start. There is way too much material to rag on here.

  29. Bambi Anne Dear

    All I’m capable of at this point is shaking my head.

  30. Highland Fashionista

    Oy. Holy Eighties Crapola Styling! Trying so hard it makes my head hurt! Please dial it down a notch Smiths… EYES!

  31. Lily1214

    Too much money; not enough sense.

  32. yeahandalso

    Seriously, what happened to them? I used to think of Jada as one of the few Hollywood Wives who was actually a calming, normalizing influence on her husband/family…but based on this I think she is the root of the problem

  33. Hermione

    Oh, Jaleesa, put it away! The Hillman reunion isn’t until summer!

    • Kara

      She wasn’t Jaleesa! She was Lena, a student in the later seasons when Dwayne and Whitley were married. Believe me, I know my A Different World. One of the best episodes ever was when Tupac played her hometown ex-boyfriend, Piccolo. Yes, Piccolo.

      • kiki

        Tupac was on A Different World??! You just made my day. I LOVED that show but was too young to follow/remember it that closely.

        Also when Jay-Z mentioned Dwayne Wade in Empire State, I totally thought he was saying Dwayne Wayne and I was pretty excited. And then I wasn’t.

      • LibraryChick

        I believe Tupac and Jada had attended the same performing arts high school in the Baltimore area, so it’s cool they were together again at Hillman (if only briefly).

  34. Miss Tee

    Are you kidding me with these people?

    • Miss Tee

      I mean for realz. Who goes out of the house like that? And who lets their kid go out of the house with those shoelaces so crazily untied! I guess a mom that wears pink jodhpur jumpsuits and a high, side ponytail. Ugh.

  35. Sajorina

    I’m dumbfounded… Except for Will, I want nothing to do with this family of proud fuggers!

  36. Gen

    When I first saw a picture of Jada dressed like that, my first thought was: Oh, Willow is growing up nicely and fast and she’s toning it down a bit. But then I realized it was Jada and my first thought was: OH NO!! What. Was. She. Thinking??!!??!!

  37. CJ

    I am all for self-expression, but this family looks ridiculous. Did you know that that young girl is sporting a CHANEL dress? She isn’t even old enough to plant her feet on the floor properly and she’s wearing Chanel. I dream of one day owning a Chanel dress. This girl treats it like something from Justice and covers it up and junks it up with accessories. And her mother lets her do that. Look, she’s standing right there, letting her do that!

  38. christa

    This post was brilliantly written

  39. Dazie

    I can add nothing but a sad sigh.


  40. Shiitake

    Talentless muttonheads.

  41. ok

    the kids can and should be forgiven because they are kids, and frankly willow isn’t rocking anything that riot grrls weren’t wearing 15 years ago. she’s a teenager, she’s eccentric, she’s experimenting with identity and fashion. that’s fine. that is what being a teenager is about.

    jada? OH HELL NO. terrifying.

  42. Sylvia

    I want to like this family, I do. I love Will Smith and think he’s a hardworking man. But dear night, I can’t do it. Their fug is so aggressive, so “try hard.” And the look on Jaden’s face. He’s not an unattractive kid, but he is giving you arrogant…something, and it makes me stabby. Willow just seems sad and subject to whatever emotional issues lie ahead of her. Her fug is of a Lohan variety, minus the drug use. And I haven’t liked Jada since” A Different World”, when some of her co-stars wore the same outfit her daughter is wearing now. Just because Denise Huxtable wore that hat, doesn’t mean you should let your child wear it too.

    And bludgeon that jumpsuit to death with those shoes, that way, we’re rid of them both.

  43. Genevieve

    First thought was “Oh so that’s where Willow’s hair went!” 2nd “I bet this fuggly mess cost more than my yearly salary and then some”

  44. ML

    I remember when people actually dressed like this and not in an ironic sense. It wasn’t a happy time for fashion, really.

  45. cc

    I feel like they’re presenting their whole schtick like we the viewers don’t even KNOW.
    We’re having our minds blown right now apparently.

  46. purejuice

    it takes a special talent to turn two well-made pre-teens into gollums.

  47. D

    I didn’t realize that Willow had dyed her hair pink…before I read the text I thought she was wearing a pink scarf to cover her hair. *sigh*

    • Trent

      Same here! I actually think that Willow looks totes adorbs. She’s just being young and having fun with her clothes, and I love her Yin-Yang bag. Her brother looks douchey, but he always does, so there’s that. As for Jada, someone needs to tell her that A Different World was 25 years ago…

  48. gryt

    She (Jada) is seriously one of the most annoying people in Hollywood.

  49. xoceles

    It’s starting to seem like GFY should go back to turning comments off

  50. NYCGirl

    Because it’s always a great idea to emulate an 11-year-old’s style.

  51. CAF