Kids’ Choice and More Fug Weekend: Ke$ha

When I saw Ke$ha on the red carpet at the Kids’ Choice Awards, I literally thought, “Oh, Lady Gaga’s hip must be better.” I secretly hope Ke$ha is taking Gaga’s turn on the DL as an opportunity to steal her identity.

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  1. A.J.

    I just can’t be mad at her wackadoo. I have to slow clap and say, “You’re a delight.”

  2. Mel

    Panda pants, penguin shirt. Makes sense.

  3. e

    Kesha was on the red carpet with her brother (?) and he was wearing an orange suit. It was like a tribute to Dumb & Dumber. Seeing her in a pic alone, I’m getting more of a ‘Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka’ vibe.

    • Bebe

      Yes! All I could see was Willy Wonka!

    • testington

      yeah, I thought they looked pretty dang adorable together and Dumb and Dumber, it shows Ke$ha has a sense of humor about herself that people like Gaga, Xtina and Rihanna do not.

  4. Squirrel!

    “a pimp crossed with a Jordan Almond” — Brilliant, Jessica.

  5. Caroline

    If those panda pants are made of a soft cotton, I would so wear them as jammies.

    • BeanFug

      I was thinking the same thing! I would really love to own a pair of these and wear them with a soft T-shirt as I drifted off to dreamland.

      Anyone know where to find these panda PJs (or something similar?)

    • Kris

      And I figure they are jammies. She woke up, brushed her teeth with a bottle of Jack, and forgot her pants. Again.

  6. michelle

    At least she was WEARING pants, for once (twice)!

  7. Gaƫlle

    One Bootsy Collins is brilliant enough.

  8. Caroleena Stantonova

    Call me a pimp, I like those looks…on HER.

  9. AM

    Agree on the blue suit–it’s very cute, or could be, with just a regular top. And okay, I;m going to fashion hell, because I really like the panda pants. I might (hangs head in shame), even wear them.

  10. kfletch

    Yeah, yeah, yeah, panda pants. Someone has to help me process the picture in the background of the pig standing on the dog. That can’t be good for either one of them, but they both seem really happy.

  11. Mary

    So I might be biased, because I actually really like Ke$ha (She’s secretly super smart and when she doesn’t wear skanky makeup she’s really pretty-you can kind of tell in the panda pants picture), but I love the suit. I mean…at least it’s interesting and it’s not hot pants and fishtights. Also it reminds me of the historical romance novels that are everyone’s guilty pleasure, except she’s dressed as the hero. I think the sunglasses are the only thing that really bother me.
    I wouldn’t wear it…but I like it on her.

    • One of the Leahs

      Yeah, those sunglasses are awful, but the suit is kind-of cute.

  12. Helen

    I think the blue outfit, as a whole, looks like a kids’ party magician’s suit, and therefore I love it.

    The panda pants are PAJAMAS! Nooooo, it IS starting to happen… hey, let’s try out “fetch” again, in memory of Gretchen! Seems like an opportunity.

    Love the blouse she’s wearing with the panda pants, though. That is actually just pretty and flattering in a completely un-ironic way.

  13. Fawn

    Those panda pants with those huge silver shoes… she literally looks like a clown.

  14. Orange Clouds

    I totally love outfit 1 and outfit 3 for bringing out her crazy inner 5-year-old. Outfit 2 is just plain yuck though.

  15. that girl

    I have literally never seen a picture of Kesha where she wasn’t snarling or scowling, with like, a blue mask painted over her eyes, until I saw her in those panda pants. I had no idea she could look pretty or smile in public.

  16. Sajorina

    FUG Madness 2014: Here she comes!!!

    • Elizabeth

      Agreed! Those panda pants scream Fug Madness 2014! I love any look that makes me laugh out loud at work – can’t wait to vote for them this time next year.

  17. Elizabeth Gorman

    I like that her makeup is toned down to look more “normal” and less “glitter clown.” The panda pants aren’t working for me but the blue suit is terrific.

  18. Janie

    Oh, how I wish I could have those panda pants, and the sad part is I would want to wear them out in real life. You know how Brooks Brothers and J Crew made pants embroidered all over with like seahorses and palm trees? They should make me some panda pants!

  19. Vandalfan

    Loose the top hat and cane, and I’m all over Jordan Almond Pimp, ruffles, vest, and the works.

  20. vpc

    I used to have a pair of pants exactly like those panda pants. well, except the background was black. And instead of pandas, they were radioactive purple cell phone towers. So kind of actually nothing like those pants. I still wear them to sleep in sometimes.

    And that blue suit, without the hat & glasses & froofy ruffles? Ellen Degeneres could ROCK that suit.

  21. Bambi Anne Dear

    That pimp look is about her best ever. The others………………………..

  22. Normand

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  23. apie

    Wow, she looks just like Cameron Diaz… If Cameron Diaz were wearing Panda Pyjamas