Keira Fughtley

I often think of Keira Knightley as British Ginnifer Goodwin, because they both look equally dour on the red carpet.

Maybe it’s an alliterative-name thing, although the Kardashians seem content to smile (perhaps they were immunized to the syndrome). But this whole flower-girl motif would stand SO much more of a chance if she appeared alive and happy, rather than spaced-out and bored. And if she is spaced out and bored, well, it’s an old refrain, but a true one: You’re an ACTRESS. SO ACT. I’d like to be contemplating the shiny, shiny intricacies of your wearable divan, not wondering when you’re getting the maypole extracted from your rear cavity.

[Photo: Getty]

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  1. Anj

    I think this is one of those scenarios where the dress on anyone else would be a fug, but she’s got this whole picturesque wood nymph going on that I actually really like the complete picture.
    It’s like it’s somewhat ugly but not enough to ruin the effect if that makes sense.

    • Gine

      I feel the same way. Like, I know I should hate it, and I can’t really defend it, but it’s working for me. Maybe I’m just so sick of sheer, black lace dresses that anything different seems refreshing.

      • mara

        I absolutely agree. It’s very romantic. Reminds me a bit of Gustav Klimt’s “The Kiss”.

    • flitzy

      I agree. I think the problem is that it clashes with that background. One is so graphic, the other ethereal. They don’t mix.

      • meggiemoo

        Exactly…imagine her standing in the woods, and this would be perfect.

    • caroline


  2. Carol

    I like this dress … but agree that if she smiled, she’d be 100 percent more appealing and attractive!

    • mary lou bethune

      I wonder if her overbite causes her consternation? Or maybe she is shy… but she and Gennifer seem to think a sultry look suffices.. but it just irritates.

  3. Leo

    I’m reminded of Millais’ painting of Ophelia…
    That is; it looks like she got dunked in a river.

  4. amy

    I kinda like this. It’s an odd combination of elegance and home spun creativity. I don’t understand why the background is the color of mud, though.

  5. Gigi

    She and Jude Law are in the new Anna Karenina movie. This news is tainting my vision and all I can see is sad, embroidered MISCAST.

    • witjunkie

      I’m so furious about this casting I can’t even look at her right now. None of them are right.

    • Poppy

      Please, please, please let me get what I want and say that Jude Law is NOT Vronsky?! It’s bad enough with her being Anna…

    • kyle

      get over it? she was fantastic working with joe wright in ‘pride & prejudice’ and there are like a million other versions of anna karenina if you’re not satisfied.

      though the trailer for the knightley/wright one looks fantastic.

  6. Kate

    Maybe it’s a faux alliterative name thing. Ginnifer Goodwin and Keira Knightley have first and last names that start with the same letter, but they don’t actually start with the same sound.

  7. Bella

    I saw another photo of her and the lighting was better – she looked very pretty and I liked the dress.

  8. Katie

    I think I would like it if the skirt were floofier, like veering toward ball gown territory (which would make it completely inappropriate for this event, but there it is). I like the embroidery and I don’t mind the dishwater colour because it makes the embroidery stand out more, but the dress in general needs more something.

  9. vandalfan

    The large, quilted-appearing arm holes kind of spoil it for me, and why is there no silver embroidery detail on the top as there is on the skirt? I must say, I applaud her use of the flowery garland in her hair.

  10. Genevieve

    I really like this. I don’t know that it would work for most people, but I saw other pics where she looked a bit more alive, and I thought she was pulling it off.

  11. CJ

    I hate the shoes. I can only see the toes but I know they’re horrible. I think adding a very thin belt might make it a little more interesting?

  12. Stefanie

    Im concerned about what it is doing to her chest. Has it always been that large? And has it always been in the “position”? I think I would actually like this more if the lady lumps were a bit higher.

  13. pantsonfire

    I think this should be an unfug. It’s got potential! I like what’s happening with her hair and her face is lovely. The fabric of the dress is ok with me — normally don’t like the dishwater color, but as others have said, it makes the embroidery pop. I would probably prefer a lighter shade…less brown, more cream. I’m ok with the skirt, though I could also like it a bit floatier. I don’t like the ruching on the bodice at all and more generally, I think the cut of the bodice feels a little heavy and/or constrictive. Also, those shoes have got to go. They weigh the whole thing down as well.

    But this is also the least flattering photo of this dress of several I’ve seen.

  14. 'Mela

    Wow, Heather, I bow to your cattiness:

    I’d like to be contemplating the shiny, shiny intricacies of your wearable divan, not wondering when you’re getting the maypole extracted from your rear cavity.

    I agree with vandalfan about the armholes.

    Keira is Keira. Her style is her own, obviously. ‘Gotta give her that!

    • Heather

      I don’t think I meant to be CATTY, exactly. I just think she looks crabby.

      • Mair Mair

        I personally like the maypole analogy. A refreshing change from the more traditional broomstick, corncob, etc.

        • Franziska

          Me too, I’m going to use this from now!

          I like Keira’s dress. And I saw pictures of her where she was smiling. And where there was less flash from the photographers.

      • Carolina Girl

        I said the same thing once about Sourpuss Stewart and raked over the coals for it.

  15. McLisa

    The difference between her and Goodwin is that Knightley doesn’t look like she’s plotting fifty ways to kill the cameraman.

    Yeah those armholes are the WORST. It looks like she has it on backwards and the top and skirt don’t go together. I want to like it but I… just can’t. *sigh*

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  17. Cranky Old Batt

    I kind of like it. Reminds me of some softly tragic story involving an old painting and missed opportunities of the heart – with a ghost thrown in there somewhere for good measure.
    Lots of Oxford English, an old manor dusted with wistful gazes and plaintive sighs. You know the sort of thing.

  18. TaraMisu

    Ugh I’m in the minority again LOL! I like this, I think she looks pretty…. I really wish I could see the shoes but the dress suits her.

  19. Amy

    I would like this a lot better if the skirt was a fuller skirt like a 50s style.

  20. Spinstermiss

    She’s an exception to the smile rule…she looks beautiful and elegant with the model face, but when she smiles…oh honey, no.

  21. Juanita

    I think she doesn’t smile as she has a very, very DODGY smile! Have you ever seen it? If not, then check it out and you will see what I mean!

  22. Guerra

    Hate the dress but omg! Just clicked on the link above if I saw that pic of myself i would never smile again!

  23. Chasmosaur

    I sometimes think she may be self-conscious about her smile. I just did a Getty Images search on her.

    When she’s not posing, she looks more relaxed and has a really natural smile. When posing, and smiling, it looks a little more tense. But with a smile, the dress does work better (though I like it anyway – she’s tiny enough to carry something like this off).

    • Tracy L

      thanks for the link. I like the dress. And does Steve Carrell ever look different! I like!

    • Heidi

      That’s a much better picture, she looks lovely!

  24. Veronica

    I don’t hate the dress, but I don’t love it either and the beige washes her out. Additionally, I don’t think she’s actually dour – I think she goes for that unaffected, sexy pout look and often comes across as unhappy instead when she doesn’t quite nail it. She does it all the time, and I find it irrationally annoying.

  25. Ms. A.

    I might love this on someone else. That beige washes her out.
    I really don’t like those shoes.

  26. Bface

    Not everyone feels comfortable walking around with a ridiculous grin on their face.
    Just sayin.

  27. Katharine

    I am not the world’s biggest Kiera Knightly fan (indeed, I am not a fan of her as an actress at all), but I have to defend her in this case (since evidently your photo service is sending you only the Dour section of their photo library). I saw pictures of this event randomly on some other gossip site, ONTD I think, and thought, “Wow, Kiera is gorgeous and looks almost human when she smiles!” All the pics they showed featured her looking almost giggly and deliciously charming.

    Hence, I really like this outfit. A flowery dress and wispy flowery headband? On a smiling pretty woodnymph of a girl? Lovely. In a kind of exaggerated Pre-Raphaelite way, sure, but it works.

  28. CJG

    With different armholes, this would be lovely on someone with a skin tone that can carry this color. The embroidery is spectacular, but the “tea” colored background washes her out (as it did to the Valentino runway model).

  29. Christian

    Add nicer shoes and a smile – this would be perfect.

  30. Franziska

    I think everyone could benefit from smiling more often, regardless if you are a big star or not. I am definitely turning into my mother because I walk around with a big smile on my face all day long… something that used to annoy me when my mum did it (and I was a teenager).

  31. Laura

    I think she’s going for a wistful, romantic facial expression but is maybe kinda hungry or has to pee. Or those sorrowful shoes have reminded her of the fleeting nature of beauty. “These flowers shall but wilt” she’s saying. Her look is mannequin with essence of TB/melancholy.

  32. CopyChic

    Her mouth has always irritated me. It’s as if someone told her that the semi-parted lips look was hot, so she’s rocking it til kingdom come. Or she’s sucking in her inner cheeks to create interesting jaw formations. But then I saw the pics link above, and holy cow! I can’t believe a smile can do that to a person’s face. That said, I actually like the dress (with an entirely different expression above it). Maybe she could just “smize”?

  33. Evalyn

    The only time I notice Keira Knightly is when she’s standing next to Johnny Depp, Hugh Grant or Orlando Bloom. I just don’t understand how she gets those gigs. She always look bored, even when she’s trying to swashbuckle. And if she’s bored, I don’t know why I should be interested. Besides that : ugly dress.

  34. caroline

    WHAA? I love this dress on her! She has this old timey romantic aura going on in the pic. though perhaps she would have benefited from a few less flowers on the dress. however, i doubt i would love it on another person.

  35. hilary

    it’s fab, not fug – reminds me of that beautiful chartreuse dress Nicole Kidman wore to the Oscars when she was still married to Cruise – only Nic could pull off a dress like that and Keira is doing a smashing job of pulling this one off – it’s gorgeous!

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