Ke$ha-ly Played, Ke$ha

In which our favorite Bottle of Jack-utilizing dental hygienist apparently joins Aerosmith.

…yeah. Actually, that totally makes sense.

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  1. steph527

    I actually kind of love it on her- EXCEPT that ugly shirt.

  2. Vandalfan

    I have no idea why I like this, but on her, I do. On anyone else, a solid color blouse would have been preferable. But, maybe a slightly darker lipstick?

  3. KateShouldBeWorking

    This looks like she merely smells of cigarettes. She usually looks like she smells much, much worse.

    • kickassmomnyc

      Yeah, looking at her makes me quite nauseous — this one makes me only slightly queasy.

  4. that girl

    The suit’s kinda groovy but I would like it better with heels.

  5. glee

    She needs to go to a retirement home for folks who suffer from overexposure. Other candidates: so many to name, but I’ll just add Rihanna. Taylor Swift. Carrie Underwood (who?).

  6. The Fugger

    I love it on her. ESPECIALLY the ugly shirt.

    Except it would have been even more Aerosmith with the ugly shirt converted into an ugly scarf.

    That said: If she’s doing her best Steven Tyler impersonation, does this mean that this is Lady Looks Like A Dude Looks Like A Lady? And if Steven Tyler himself wears this, will the world collapse in on itself?

    • The Fugger

      …and I believe that actually IS an ugly scarf.

      Well fugged, Ke$ha. Well fugged. You’ve even inspired me to use the stupid dollar sign in your name (although I’m still mad at you for blowing up my Fug Madness bracket last year).

  7. Sandra

    Rode hard and put up wet.

    (this is not a compliment)

  8. thunderthighs

    I think this is actually really flattering on her- the nipped in jacket gives her a nice waist. It’s Ke$ha, we should be glad she’s not wearing a bedazzled garbage bag with an Urban Outfitters feather headdress.

    • Valerie

      Hehe… bedazzled garbage bag.
      I actually love the velvet wallpaper pants.

  9. Jenn

    I kind of like it – mostly because it’s pants and she’s covered much more than she ever is normally.

  10. Charlotte

    I actually kind of love it. I wish she was wearing heels and her hair is awful as per usual, but I think the suit itself is kicky and yet still appropriately Ke$ha-y. Also – and I never thought I’d say this about her – she looks at least mildy more hygienic than Steven Tyler. Progress! We shall overcome!

  11. Steph

    She’s wearing pants. I give it a pass.

  12. Mary

    This is almost the best I’ve ever seen her in… I almost give her a pass on this one. It’s not terribly cracked out, her hair is “passable” (except for the roots) and her makeup is actually nice. I’m surprised that nobody has commented on the polka dot socks… wth? Loafers with this. Really? flats would have been better than my dad’s loafers with tassles.

  13. amys

    Her roots match her suit. How precious.

  14. Helen

    I like this on her! I think she’s looking pretty good. It’s very rock.

    She may be finding a style.

  15. Jade D

    Doesn’t Halle Berry have a suit just like this?

    • Jade D

      I revise my statement. This is like the love child of Halle Berry’s Prince suit with Jessica Biel’s velvet suit.

      • Scouse Helen

        I’m in the same area, i.e. Paisley Park. I looked at it and thought, “didn’t Wendy & Lisa wear gear like this in 1984?”

        AND she has a symbol in her name!

        Her default knicker-flaunting looks could have been inspired by Vanity 6, another set of Prince protégés that other 40+ readers might remember.

        If she turns out in a raspberry beret, a purple trench coat or peach’n’black next time, the identity of Ke$ha’s Svengali will be beyond doubt.

        • Helen

          Good heavens, this DOES look like things we saw on Wendy & Lisa in the ’80s. And that bodysuit the other day was pure Vanity 6 (from Prince’s vanity movie)!

          But… naaahhhh…

          Could it be?

  16. regina

    that suit is a nice one, given that it’s chosen by a girl who oftentimes succumb to the glittery chaps and bodysuits in her closet…

  17. Lily1214

    Oh not again!

  18. riga

    Weirdly, the only thing I can’t get onboard with is her choice of socks. Love every other little thing, though, and especially that she opted not to go with heels but stayed away from the done-to-death hipster sneakers.

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