And, the famous kiss, which started THAT whole tradition. I enjoy that the Queen wasn't even watching, as if she was squinting out at her subjects, wondering, "What are THEY banging on about?" The fascinating thing about this is, watching the footage from their wedding NOW, knowing what we know about how young and nervous and emotionally confused she was (and about Charles and Camilla, etc), you can kind of see it in her eyes. She reminded me of Princess Prisoner, a bit, just in the sense that she seemed happy at times, but at others, a little gun-shy and terrified of what was happening. Again with my awe that Kate Middleton has been so composed. Then again, she was older, and had a LOT better idea of what she was in for, which was a smart move on their part. Sigh. Poor Diana. And Charles, actually, in a lot of ways. And ALL of them. SNIFFLE. I need me some Fergie.
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