Jessica Fugstain

Okay, so we’ve got some eyebrow pencil in effect here — in fact, YET AGAIN, her head looks great.

But that is a giant Ace bandage atop something Baby would have worn in the Catskills. This is maybe what it would’ve looked like if they’d missed the lift during their climactic dance and Baby had to boogie through to the end credits with three cracked ribs.

[Photo: Getty]

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  1. Helen

    There is no justice.

    She finally finds out about brow filler, and then her dress looks like THIS?!?

    • anny

      Finds out about brow filler and goes at it like a toddler with a Sharpie. No, no, no. Moderation, please.

      • Corriner

        I literally don’t understand. WHO IS DOING THIS TO HER?! She is so beautiful. How is it this hard to bring all the elements together at the same time?

        The only time I think she pulled it off was at the Oscars. Fingers crossed it happens again!

  2. Stefanie

    Why does she do this to herself? I used to be firmly in the “Jessica has no taste” category but after seeing her great casual clothes Im moving into the “Jessica has a stylist who she is afraid of saying “No” to” line.

  3. Ruth

    I’m not a fan of people wearing colors so close to their skin tone. And I think the skirt is the same color as her hair. Too matchy-matchy on all accounts.

    • Bottle Ginger

      This is the very definiton of “too matchy-matchy”, she’s all one muted peach color from stem to stern!

      Does anyone else think that a few touches of contrasting color might have saved the outfit? If she’d added a fabulous little black clutch and fierce black shoes, and maybe a black doodad in her hair? Or tthe same in white. Or deep bronzy brown, anything for a bit of contrast.

      These actresses have to come up with so many gowns they only wear once, they can’t all be winners. Someone around her has got to know how to turn a meh dress into a Look.

  4. Amy

    the top looks like an attempt at reusing a suit coat, looks awful

  5. TaraMisu

    She is entirely one color.

    • par_parenthese

      I’m sorry, I’m afraid I cannot offer an analysis of this person’s alleged ensemble, because I can’t distinguish any part of her from another. From what I can tell, she’s the most formal member of avant-garde performance troupe The Beige Man Group.

    • Maria L.

      And it is precisely the color of my 80+ year old mother’s foundation garments. Old girdles and Jessica Chastain are not thoughts that should be occurring simultaneously.

  6. mary lou bethune

    It looks like a cocktail dress from the early 60′s and that’s not good. Maybe she got it on The Help. Jessica is so lovely and has been blessed with the most beautiful head of hair in 3 timezones so why can’t she find a good dress to wear for all these things….?

  7. Jamie

    Are those fake pockets??? The hell?

    • anny

      It’s a grewaisplum. Grecian bodice + waistcoat, complete with welt pockets + peplum.

      Which is a chimera in nature and fashion both.

  8. CakesOnAPlane

    well I will take the brow pencil, buuuut…whoever applied it seems to have put way more emphasis on the inner parts of the brow arch than outer, making her look slightly confused.

    Baby steps…

  9. Nicole McIlroy Steeves

    “Jessica Fugstain” is a very unfortunate name.

  10. Laura

    I had no problem with her eyebrows before and find them to be distracting now. The dress is an overall fail.

  11. Mikki

    Such a strange dress…who picks this to wear? It’s boring and unflattering and looks unfinished without any kind of necklace as well.

  12. Callie

    Everyone in LA must be wanting to dress her and offering her clothes. Why this? I seriously don’t even understand what happened here. It’s so beige! She’s beautiful, the clothes are beyond fugly. It’s like her stylist literally hates her.

  13. Rayna

    Waaah! Can we pass a Constitutional amendment prohibiting people from wearing ANYTHING that is the same color as their skin???

  14. Sandra

    When you are one of the goddesses in The Great Hair Pantheon, you really should feature it more prominently. It doesn’t always have to be down, but it shouldn’t look like ice-skater hair either.

  15. Daenerys

    Hope she doesn’t go to the beach in this outfit because if she lies down in the sand, she will get lost.

  16. Aurora

    It seems to me she never SELLS her look…she stands there like an 11 year old and expects the outfit to sell itself. Haven’t these young women had some ballet classes or something, to help them find their carriage and posture? of course, heels at ridiculous heights don’t help.

    There, a rant…I feel a tad better now.

    ps I identify with her more than some of the others because my daughter (and I) share her coloring…it’s like looking at a younger family member and wanting to ‘fix it’.

  17. Esme

    I think her head looks hilarious–her eyebrows look like somebody did an “Uncle Leo” on her.

  18. Rachel

    I was backstage at the WGA Awards, and the minute I saw her I KNEW I would be seeing her again here. In person, it honestly looked about the same. The top part was oddly loose, as though the whole thing was a size too big. The color looked better on her than it does in the picture, and her face was beautiful, but the overall effect was still pretty meh. If her stylist did this to her, then that stylist hates her. She could look SO much better.

  19. Edith

    This is … god, this is just terrible. This is the sartorial representation of “ennui.” The top is just tragic – it doesn’t fit, it has faux-pockets on the peplum, AND it appears that her right breast has deflated. The skirt is a terrible length and looks like a wilted tutu, and the only good thing about the shoes is that they aren’t nude hooves. Her hair is meh, her eyebrow pencil is too heavy, and her lips are the same color as everything else – AGAIN. The more I look at it, the more awful it is.

  20. Sajorina

    I love everything but the top… So unfortunate!

  21. Mo

    The bottom half belongs on Grandma at the wedding.

  22. h² fashion

    Eww, I mean I guess she was going for the “hard and soft” combo look, but man does this look horrible.

  23. lori

    Ah hahhaha!! Now, this is why I keep coming back. Hilarious!!! :D

  24. Dizee

    “…something Baby would have worn in the Catskills…” made me go directly to Baby Jane. Which is perhaps worse than previously imagined.