Jenny From The Fug

“HOLA LOVERS. Escuchan, I just want to wish Mariah Carey the bestest of buena suerte on Lopez Idol, which they will now have to rename to Shriekypants Idol or whatever. I think she is going to be very okay on this show while its ratings sink into a toilet that does not have gardenias in it. And no, lovers, I am NOT wearing this shirt as a symbol of the fact that no matter what Crazycakes does on this show, the memory of yo will always be there, LURKING UNDERNEATH and IMPOSSIBLE TO FORGET and ALL YOU WILL BE ABLE TO SEE. No. If I wanted to say that I would just say it with my MOUTH and not my bra. See you someplace where I am wearing sequins! Besos, J.”

[Photo: Bauer-Griffin]

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  1. amy

    This looks so much like a boy and his mom, out for a nice walk together.

  2. Carolina Girl

    Dios mio! I never thought I’d say this, but I am going to miss JLo. Not that I watch American Idol, but I live for the crazy recaps on this site.
    My hope is that the Fug Girls can capture the truly insane spirit that is Mariah Carey.

  3. vandalfan

    Oh, she’s just a cute and almost normal as a gal wearing a headscarf and giant glasses can be. I certainly hope she finds something to do to remain in the public eye so we can keep having Hola, Lovers updates. She’s such a shy, retiring kind of gal…

    His footwear, however, shouts “Asshat”.

  4. Trace

    The problem is not the age difference (you go and get yours, girl), but the shirt. I really dig the headband though.

  5. victoria

    Oh, what will become of me if the Fug Girls ever stop scripting monologues for JLo?

  6. Erica

    What? Where’s the info about her arm candy??

  7. Frances

    Wow, she’s gorgeous! The white bra underneath is a tacky choice, but the rest of the outfit is easy, breezy casual. If I didn’t know, I wouldn’t see any age difference between them, but wow, he definitely looks douchey.

  8. Lucille Austero

    Victoria and Carolina Girl, my thoughts exactly. Por favor, Fug Girls, keep giving us JLo, even if she’s not quite the sitting duck she was during the Lopez Idol years. And while we’re making requests, can you work up a Mariah Carey voice tooooooo? Besos!

    • Art Eclectic

      From what I hear, the backstage stories about relentless Diva-ish behavior should keep many gossip sites busy during what will be a short lived run by Carey on Idol.

  9. Seamyst

    I’m about halfway willing to bet that her t-shirt is lightweight, but only see-through thanks to the camera flash. In which case, meh. I’m not fond of the shoulder things, but otherwise the outfit looks cute enough.

  10. TaraMisu

    Looks like bird poop on her shoulders….

  11. Patrick

    “I’m not happy with my neck.” *

    *Nora Ephron

  12. Shiitake

    Just a schlub like the rest of us.

  13. The Fugger

    Oh, Jenny. Little do you know that it has always been Shriekypants Idol.

    …although, to be fair, the term “shriekypants” implies that Mimi actually wears pants. And while I love me some Mariah, I will be the first to admit that girlfriend has been making up for being put on lockdown by Mottola since 1996.

    • Maretha2

      Bwah! So true.

      I’m just glad J.Lo. is wearing a bra. I wasn’t sure at first. And I will desperately miss GFY JLo during American Idol.

  14. Sajorina

    God, NO! Not a white bra with a black shirt!!! Oh, Lover, you disappoint me! But, to tell you la verdad, she looks like every other Puerto Rican girl walking the streets and he looks like he works in construction during the day and as a bouncer at night without changing outfits!

  15. bam bam

    did she leave american idol because of GFY? i like to think she did.

  16. marykate

    The only thing ‘Mom’ is missing are the pink foam rollers peeking out from under the scarf. Are those ginormous hoop earrings she is wearing?

  17. Suzy

    “Jenny from the Fug” made me LOL!!!

    Those flip flops are skeeving me out-I bet her feet were filthy after walking around NYC.

    And he? Is gross. Have you heard him talk? He sounds like a chipmunk who inhaled helium.

  18. Lucy

    Does anyone else think that if he slicked on some lip gloss and threw on a head scarf (and heck, a pair of hoop earrings too), they’d basically be twins?

    • ML

      Now I have an image of twin, dueling Carmen Mirandas in my head. Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

  19. Rubee

    Sorry, girls, but she bangs! I like the fact she manages to look quite casual and relaxed. And yeah, he really looks douche, but he’s still very good looking. Look sweet together.

  20. Cory

    Can the next JLo-related post please be called “Don’t be fooled by the Fug that I got”? Please? ;)

  21. ML

    Cannot WAIT for the first “Vision Of Fug” Idol post from that popsicle-pushing diva we all know ‘n’ love, Mimi Shriekypants. Make it happen, O Fearless Fug Cap’ns!

  22. ronnie

    Timbalands… still?

  23. Pamb

    She’s in sandals, he’s in Timberlands (or whatever). A bit of a disconnect.

    As Lainey says, stay tuned for the news of their engagement, probably around her birthday.

  24. Melaine

    I always speak your JLo comments out loud in my head in her imaginary voice except lately I realize that I’m turning her voice into Sophia Vergara’s voice by mistake. ;-)

  25. Lily1214

    The comments are so darned funny. That show really did become Lopez Idol; I thought she would never sit down and be quiet.

  26. Bevin Maloney

    My biggest concern, and one I often have when looking at photos of celebs on the street is, why are they carrying their phone? Where is her purse? Especially if your pants are so tight you can’t squeeze a slim phone in the pocket, you must either a) get a purse or b) buy larger pants. Who actually walks around like that?

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