Independent Spirit Awards Fugs and Fabs

AKA Everyone We Missed When The Oscars Ran Us Over Like a Runaway Train.

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  1. anna s.

    Laura Dern! You are old enough to know not to wear electric blue bras in public with see-through shirts! This is something you do when you’re fifteen in front of a mirror, and you’re experimenting with how to do eye-liner like Liz Taylor’s in Cleopatra. You are far past that stage in your career, honey.

    • linda

      15 yr-old La Dern: Aw, but it matches my shoes!

      • Karen

        Seriously: that was my first thought. “Has she literally color coordinated her bra and shoes?”

        That is just a really…interesting and unusual choice.

    • Kristan

      So I guess I’m the only crazy who kinda likes the outfit and actually thinks Laura Dern looks great?

      • Miriam

        I admit this is a misstep but I LOVE Laura! Watch Enlightened, y’all!

      • Steph

        If she had on a cami under her shirt instead of just the bra, it would be a total win for me. Laura Dern looks AMAZING.

        • Josephine

          Agree. If that were an electric blue camisole, I would run right over and steal that entire outfit.

      • Ms Poopy Von Pants

        She looks crazy, but she is still smokin! Her figure is lovely.

  2. Brenna

    Even though she’s wearing formal shorts, I still kind of love Nina Dobrev’s outfit. I want her sparkly top and gold shoes.

    Leslie Bibb looks fantastic too. That dress is great.

  3. Cucina49

    I have always loved Melanie Lynskey, but she does not quite look like herself here.

  4. LT1

    I love Stana Katic but I do not understand how that shirt was put together–very Gordon Cartrelle-inspired.

    And I know it’s not fair to her but I still see Mae Whitman as Bill Pullman’s adorable little daughter and Sandra Bullock’s adorable little daughter (remember those big glasses!). I’m fine with the dark hair, but maybe just a touch lighter would look great.

  5. Mikki

    Wow, if it weren’t for the background I’d think these folks were attending different events! The mixture of outfits is truly mind boggling. I like Nina’s, but I agree it should be a skirt not shorts!

  6. Katharine

    Ugh. Mae Whitman doesn’t look any kind of bridal. She looks like she just got finished whippin’ up some cornbread for when her six brothers get back from goin’ over the mountain, and then had to rush out to an awards ceremony.

    And Bradley Cooper looks like my laundry basket in summer. (My laundry basket in winter is heavier on the blacks.)

  7. Lisa

    Except for Leslie Bibb, (and Nina Dobrev;s TOP), that is a whole lot of fug.

  8. latest trends

    Mae looks like a pretty , very prettey one , girl just ready for work, not for marriage ,still very beautiful…

  9. JPatt

    Bradley Cooper looks disheveled. I mean, he always looks a certain amount of disheveled, that’s sort of his thing, but usually his pants are hemmed properly and his shirt sits better.

    • mary lou bethune

      I don’t care. I like the Lady Edith idea. He is so electric and that is what the DA bunch need

      • Dave

        Bradley is wearing pants, a shirt, a vest and a jacket — none of which fit him properly. Four for four.

    • Art Eclectic

      Yeah, he looks like he just rolled off somebody’s couch after an all-night bender in which he lost his shoes and had to borrow a friendly lumberjack’s boots.

      • Jen

        And that person’s couch was in the back of a freight train, circa 1930. And he’s singing, “Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?”

  10. McLisa

    We thought Stana Katic was one of the reps working the gifting suite.

  11. bambi_beth

    I vote that Salma Hayek looks great and arguably better than she did at the Oscars.

    • ChaChaHeels

      I don’t know. It’s like her mom knit her a First Holy Communion dress, and she decided to get some extra wear out of it after “the big day”.

      And at the same time, it’s kind of mumsy. Put a hat on her and a “pocketbook”, and basically we’d be looking at Queen Elizabeth II with dark hair.

      • Vandalfan

        But she is giving Blue Steel looks that might wake the dead. Positively smouldering.

  12. spygrl1

    What if Marcia Gay’s shorts say something truly horrible like “carpe my ass”?

  13. Helen

    Mae Whitman: When Bad Tailoring Happens to Pretty People.

  14. Bookworm

    Seriously, there were *reasons* we left some things behind in the ’80s. Those things should stay there. When kids today see my yearbooks they laugh and laugh and all I can say is: “It was the ’80s. What can I say?”

  15. cayenne

    I believe Richard Armitage wore a suit like Bradley Cooper’s at one of the Hobbit premieres and it was scary seizure-inducing. Lesson to B-Coop (& Richard A, while we’re at it): a plaid tweed suit, especially a poorly tailored one, favours no-one, no matter how gorgeous you are, because they are awful. They will make you look awful, too. Resist the urge.

  16. Valerie

    How CUTE is Joanna Newsome. And she’s super talented. I love that those two are together. They will make some great babies, if they decide to.

    • melafefon

      I wonder if she’s planning to play the harp at their wedding. That would be cool.

  17. jerkygirl

    I want to steal Leslie Bibb’s dress. But. . . what is with these men wearing literal s***kickers with a suit? How can they think that looks anything but sloppy and gross? I guess women have their messy Heidi braids and sheer “dresses” over underdrawers, while men have poop-boots-n-suits and Justin Bieber’s loaded diaper pants to keep them looking on trend.

  18. bex

    Mae Whitman’s dress looks like a hospital wedding gown.

  19. kickassmomnyc

    Many of these are stunningly fug. In particular

    Melanie Lynskey’s dress is borderline, but tips into bridesmaid because of the satin belt. A really cool belt would have saved it.
    Dree Hemingway went full-on 80s and I think it works. Paula Patton, not at all, horrid.
    Is Emily Osment insane?
    Salma Hayak looks fabulous for a change because her clothes are usually too tight and boobalicious. This belt is on the runway version and it’s gorgeous, but I think a thin back belt would be a better choice for her body, which is petite.
    Mary E Winstead – awful frayed torn sleeves.
    Stana Katic is taking heat but if you’re going to do a pants look like this, THIS is how you do it.
    Don’t like the colors of Brittany Snow’s dress — looks like a healing wound.

  20. glee

    Dree Hemingway is wearing a really nice GYN frock. Seriously, it’s even open to the GYN place.

  21. Josephine

    Bradley Cooper, hem your trousers, for the love of Pete.

  22. SharonCville

    I’m pretty sure I OWNED Dree Hemingway’s dress in the 80′s! Loved it then, although I did button it up enough to cover my naughty bits. Not sure I’m ready for a recurrence, though.

  23. Carol

    When I look at Osment’s dress I see the little Disney birds from Cinderella flying about with ribbons, fixing up Cinderella’s ball gown … they did a much better job on Cinderella

  24. Amy

    I imagine Brittany Snow’s hair is just pinned up like that, but from the front it makes me think she’d look super cute with a Michelle Williams-esque short haircut. She is the cutest!

  25. SexilyYours

    That’s tragic about Laura Dern, because besides the clothing she looks f’ing great.

  26. Saffy

    Y’all don’t even know half of it. I was lucky enough to go, and I saw someone wearing a full-on black and white polka dotted caftan-dress with flared sleeves! Personally, I liked Aubrey Plaza’s dress the best, it was casual-ish but still really pretty and fun.

  27. lietchka

    nude shoes are the pantyhose-over-skates of red carpets and next year the award season will overlap with the winter olympics. GROUP HUG, EVERYONE.

  28. Billie

    Even though Stana Katic is wearing a hot pink pantsuit that very well may have come from the Knot’s Landing wardrobe vault, my initial reaction was not to recoil in horror. I’m not sure what that says about me, but I’m pretty sure that what it says about Stana is that she’s got some serious mojo. Girlfriend is very nearly making that ish work.

  29. Claire1

    I like Ellen Page’s quite a bit.
    Maybe different shoes…but it has a nice drape to it.
    A shame that I could NEVER wear anything like that. I’d look boxy and HUGE.

  30. Miss Louise

    Salma Hayek is a beautiful woman, but she so often looks … cantilevered. I find myself holding my breath when I look at her. I think Laura Dern’s skirt is GORGEOUS, but I am rabidly biased when it comes to her.

  31. Brooke M

    YESSS! I’ve been anxiously waiting for you to get to this insane Laura Dern get-up.
    Mae Whitman’s dress makes me think of air mail envelopes.

  32. mepe

    A few things…
    1. Never match your bra to your shoes unless…a) no one can see said bra or b) you are dressing up for an 80′s/Madonna party
    2. I really like the airmail-esque trim on Mae’s dress…cute detail.
    3. The 80′s fashions are back in a big and unfortunate way and we are all going to need to learn how to deal.
    4. Please B Coop, please please please be Edith’s new suitor on Downton.

  33. sharjem

    Stana Katic is so beautiful, and always looks so fab on Castle. When I saw this photo well before this slideshow, I said, “why is Beckett wearing Betty White’s pantsuit?!?!” I stand by those comments.

  34. brookemopolitan

    Okay, I need to talk about my girl Stana. I love her, I do (and spend many hours wishing I was as genetically blessed as her, but that’s beside the point)… and I love that she takes fashion risks… So here’s the thing. I know I should hate the pink jumpsuit by virtue of the fact that it is a pink jumpsuit… but I don’t. I think the colour is great, the cut emphasises how lovely and long her frame is. The hair and makeup suit the outfit perfectly because they’re quite neutral and don’t fight the pink. I think what sells is her attitude… she looks like she’s having a great time, she looks comfortable and warm (apparently it was a freezing night?) and I really kinda like it, even though I know I should hate it on principle. It was the perfect outfit for the Independent Spirit Awards.

    And for the record… Nina Dobrev looks like she’s about to go clubbing. I don’t understand her appeal at all.

  35. Sajorina

    Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Leslie Bibb & Joanna Newsom are rocking my world with their oufits! FAB!!!!!!! Also, HOT DAMN, Dobrev!

  36. Emma

    I LOVE Ni Ni’s yellow dress.

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