I Still Fug What You Did Last Summer

Somewhere, a chinchilla is doing her nails and sniffing, “forget about the boy. That fur is mine.

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  1. Eliza Bennett

    I’m irrationally angry Brandy did this. Why does she want her legs to look like sticks of baby poo? How many guinea pigs did she skin for that vest-sweater? (vestetter?Vweater? OY.)
    Will no one think of the children?

  2. Kit

    is she.. .is she wearing LEATHER leggings?!?!

    I… are there words?

    Also – if it’s cold enough that you need to wear a vest that a thousand angora rabbits had to die for, perhaps you shouldn’t be wearing a shirt that holes in the shoulders. Also, also… why say “yes” to either?

    • Sajorina

      WORD! 1) It doesn’t make sense! 2) It’s disgusting! 3) It’s FUG!!! I totally agree with that poor chinchilla! *sniff*

    • CranAppleSnapple

      I thought she had bare legs that were all wrinkly like a sharpei!

  3. Feena

    That’s hilarious, cheered me right up.

  4. Carolina Girl

    When you say “fur”, do you mean what’s on her back or the God-awful weave?

  5. Voodles (in Sydney)

    Exactly what I thought – oh ugh!

  6. Heather

    It pains me to think how many rodents had to die for this outfit to be realized.

  7. ML

    Who knew Rooms To Go was dressing Brandy from its Cindy Crawford Home Midtown East Collection?

  8. vandalfan

    I’d call the leggins Mustard. I’d call the vest roadkill.

  9. Pants

    Just FYI in case anyone cares, this isn’t the NBC building. I was outside there and saw her when she came out. I work in this building, she was probably at the Sirius studio. Also, that outfit is awful, but her face looked pretty, albeit with too much makeup on for 11:30am.

  10. Lina

    please tell me the mustard pleather leggings are not actually happening. They’re wretched.

  11. amy

    Roadkill dyed possums.

  12. aphy

    I just don’t understand. Is she weaing shorts over those god forsaken pleather mustard leggings? Why are the socks black and was it really necessary to match that horrid color with those ugly shoes?!

    • aphy

      Oh, and that fur is atrocious. It’s like the separate pieces of clothing are going different places. The white shirt/shorts/shoes are going to a dance studio and the pleather leggings/disgusting stole are.. well, not really sure where those would ever be appropriate.

  13. Chris

    I was skimming over this and initially thought – for some God-forsaken reason – this was Lindsay Lohan.

    …the look is certainly Lohantastic. Lilo never met a pair of leggings she didn’t like.

    Actually, I redact that. I think Linds is sitting in the Chateau Marmont right now, looking at this, going, “Oh HELL no.” (And possibly filling out her own Fug Madness bracket. Which either has her eliminated in Round 1 or making it to the finals.)

  14. Kerina Pharr

    well at least she’s warm. Except maybe not her shoulders.

  15. Melody

    Oh mah hah, that girl exists.

  16. Ruby

    um, is she concealing third degree burns to her legs with those compression stockings? wtf!