How I Fugged Your Mother

I assume that I Love You, Man is the movie Jason Segel here was filming during that cold, horrible, tragic period of time during which his hair looked SO TERRIBLE on How I Met Your Mother. But what is going on with him now?!


Oh, JASON. I really just adore you. You seem so funny and smart and cute and normal and I want to sit around with you and watch basketball and talk about The Muppet Movie. And then, when it’s time for you to go to your movie premiere, I want to say, “Hang on a sec,” and make you change into a shirt that fits your neck, remove the sweater — a little too bulky — tie your tie, remind you to shave, and then (once again) implore you to actually run a comb through your hair. Some actors desperately need a stylist. I think you, sugar plum, just need a girlfriend.