Hotness Retrospectfug: Ralph Fiennes

When I was in college, in approximately 1995, I was obsessed with Ralph Fiennes. Obsessed. Madly in love with. (Thanks to Quiz Show, not Schindler’s List. Always choose the hot cheater over the hot Nazi.) If the internet had existed then the way it does right now, I would have been the webmistress of Go Fiennes and it would have been the greatest collection of Fiennes information, photos, gossip, and video to be put to pixels. It would have been extreme. It would have taken over my life. As it was, I simply had the most massive shrine to him up on the wall of my closet. There were obscure photos that my friend Katherine and I got by actually GOING INTO THE MICROFICHE at UCLA’s massive research library to find. I literally did more library research on Ralph Fiennes than I ever did on any other subject in college (in fairness, as an English major, I wasn’t required to do research as much as I was required to Read Things and then Think Deeply About Themes and Symbols, so that one day at the library sounds more impressive than in fact it was). It was an extensive collection of rare and hot Fiennesiannia and it made me realize that a great way to teach kids about all the wonderful resources to be had at your library would be to assign them to find all kinds of dreamy photos of the celebrity with which they are currently obsessed. Learning can be fun! And so, today, on the…er, one-week anniversary of the release of the final Harry Potter movie (what? I was out of town last Friday), what better time to take a look back in time at the Hotness, past and present, of El Fiennes? It’s like I’m recreating my shrine! Please join me.

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  1. Patricia

    ME, TOO! I would have been your first site visitor! SO. HOT.

  2. k

    I still kick myself for not going to see him in Hamlet on Broadway when I was living in NYC.

  3. Suzanne

    I don’t care if he IS voldemort, the man is smokin’. Okay, maybe not so much as voldemort but that’s beside the point. The collective hotness remains…

  4. Lauren

    Oh, dude, I had it BAD for him in the ’90s. Still do. The English Patient just devastates me.

    Thanks for showing the Schindler’s List photo… It still makes me all confused. What kind of woman want to throw her panties at a Nazi?! Who am I???

  5. Rosemarie

    Love this. I first saw him in Schindler’s list, of course; then Oscar and Lucinda (my first time watching Cate Blanchett) and The English Patient. It kills me that there’s a whole generation who know nothing of the greatness of Ralph Fiennes outside of Harry Potter. (When are they going to start casting him in great roles again?)

    And sorry, but little brother Joseph comes nowhere near – in hotness or talent.

  6. Minutiae

    Even with all the creepy characters he’s played (Francis Dolorhyde, anyone?), I also succumb to his hotness. I’m considering this Retrospectfug to be a Happy Friday! gift just for me. :)

  7. foo

    Always thought he was handsome, but never thought of him as “hot” until watching The Constant Gardner. I nearly spontaneously combusted, and I’m not even a drummer.

    Hot, elegant, vulnerable yet tough. Sigh. (thought he and Rachel W were great together)

    Thank you for a lovely Friday gift. :)

  8. Petrova Fossil

    Your thing for Ralph Fiennes = my thing for Alan Rickman – shrine. Please, please, do an Alan Rickman retro! Seriously, watch Truly, Madly, Deeply and you will understand.

  9. Dazie

    ooo- I’m with Petrova. Loves me some Ralph, but LOVES ME SOME RICKMAN.

  10. Carrie

    I was convinced that he and Bradley Cooper were the same person for a long time. I would see posters for “The Hangover 2″ and think, “that’s kind of an uncharacteristic career choice for Rafie. Maybe he got tired of brooding and evil?”

  11. Jamee

    Damn was he hot in the English Patient. Whoa. I still think Joseph Fiennes is hotter, though. I know, I know. Don’t judge.

  12. Kimberly

    Aw, you beat me to it with the Bradley Cooper comparison! I was totally seeing it (and feeling a similar, “I know everyone else loves him/them, but I sort of don’t get it” vibe).

    Also weird was that I was thinking, “Wow, I didn’t realize how much he reminds me of Liam Neeson” and then I got to the picture of the two of them, and they looked nothing alike in it! Haha. Adorbs that they’re friends, though, which led to much aww-ing over the pictures of him with Natasha Richardson and then Vanessa Redgrave. <3

  13. TTBelle

    THANK YOU FOR THIS. He’s still got it.

  14. Molly

    me three to the ralph fiennes/alan rickman love. truly madly deeply is one of my favorite movies of all time, right next to the english patient. re the unnamed file photo: looks to me like strange days-era hair/scruff. YUM.

    and lauren, you weren’t the only one who left schindler’s list feeling very weird and confused. :)

  15. CH

    I fell in love with him, weirdly, after seeing “The Constant Gardner.” So charming and lovely. I also loved him in Harry Potter, but not for charming reasons.

  16. Jasmine

    “Teehee! Voldemort!”

    This has successfully made my day amazing, and it’s not even 9am yet. The Retrospectfug is pretty excellent too, but you can’t beat a good “teehee” from an adorable giggling boy standing next to a sexy piece of talented man-meat.

  17. Gigi

    I love him, too. For me, he’s the more introverted form of RDJr’s hotness: slighty dangerous and oozing sexy. I can even handle the growing forehead.

    Although I get the feeling that he might suffer from Alec Baldwin Syndrome: fantastic actor I want to see in everything he’s in, but private douche.

  18. cg

    You need to check out the November 1995 Vanity Fair cover he did – shirtless and with The Hair …

  19. erin

    The bolero tie looks like it was from the “Strange Days” era. OMG he was HOT in that movie.

  20. Wordphreak

    Thanks for that redeeming last photo. Also, as a less obsessed fan, I appreciate knowing who’s in the photos with him. You missed a couple, can you redress?

  21. Deborah Stultz

    Another vote for RICKMAN HOTNESS RETROSPECTIVE. Please!!!! That voice makes me all squidgy inside.

  22. TaraMisu


  23. Jenny

    My college roommate (1997) also had a photo collage shrine on the wall of our dorm – just above her bed. For me, his brother Joseph is where it’s at.

  24. Erika

    I want to be Ellen Barkin when I grow up.

    That is all.

  25. Wendy

    All of my early obsessions were so much older than me, terribly British and always in questionable roles. Fiennes, Irons, Rickman. Trinity.
    Thank you for this.

  26. Rae

    1. am now slave to hotness of ralph fiennes. shrine goes up tomorrow.
    2. the picture of the brothers fiennes made me laugh so loudly the blind guy in the cubicle beside me came to ask what was wrong. thanks ladies.

  27. Geeg

    I too, had a shrine of Ralph in my college dorm – the centerpiece was something akin to this pic: I admit though, that I was torn between two fantasy lovers and split the shrine between the fine Mr. Fiennes and the delectible Daniel Day Lewis.

  28. Louise

    I had the same huuuuuuge crush on him during his peak hotness (Quiz Show and the terrible, terrible Strange Days). I was also madly in love with Alan Rickman, whose voice still stirs me.

  29. Dazie

    O Geeg. Thank you for that. I giggled like a schoolgirl and may have blushed.

    Plus- DDL. Hell yes. He will be mine.

  30. jerkygirl

    I’m with the “hot Nazi. . .no. . .can’t be. . .augh. . .he’s so handsome. . .but we hate Nazis. . .cannot compute. . . *remembers he’s not ACTUALLY a Nazi, sigh of relief* but STILL” gang. And he is one CREEPY CREEPY Voldy, and I can’t even imagine anyone else playing him. Awesome actor.

    . . .also, “tee hee!!! Voldemort!!!” is the cutest thing I’ve seen all day, and I was sent an email today featuring a toddler playing with a baby orangutan, so that’s saying something. :D

  31. liz

    le sigh – thank you!

  32. Sotto

    In Bruges! In Bruges! He’s horrible in that, but struts around medieval Belgian quaintness in a seriously awesome coat and is still very lovely to look at.

  33. Talis

    I think Ralph is a fine actor but he doesn’t turn me on at all. I don’t like his mouth, it’s very cruel and un-sensuous, I hate “crack mouth:, no lips just a crack.

  34. Jules

    Oh, this is such a lovely trip down the lane of memories. I, too, had a college shrine to Ralph in my dorm, circa 1997. When I see Ralph now, I think of him with the bittersweet nostalgia of young love. We didn’t have a terrible break up, we simply grew up and grew apart … and though I still care about him deeply, it’s probably best that I don’t have a shrine up for him in my apartment 14 years later. So what I’m saying is: this virtual shrine is where it’s at. Thank you.

  35. Gretchen

    The older he gets, the more he looks like a younger Liam Neeson, which isn’t a bad thing, but it is a thing. He’s still pretty good looking and it must run in the family because his brother played a very attractive Martin Luther (and from all my studies of history, Martin Luther was decidedly UNattractive). The Fiennes’: Making Bad Guys and Portly Historical Figures Attractive Since 1993.

    Oh and did you know Ralph Fiennes played Heathcliff in a version of “Wuthering Heights”? SO HOT.

  36. andrea

    In your captions, I know you’re making things up and taking the mickey (as they say), but in picture 13, that’s probably what he really was saying–I mean, what else could he be saying while fake-threatening Daniel Radcliffe?

    I also think that in picture 22 he’s looking a bit like Patrick Stewart.

  37. Maureen


  38. CB

    That third photo (which I believe was actually from Premiere) was also the centerpiece of MY Ralph shrine! As was this: (That second one’s still on a circa 1994/5 bulletin board that I am preserving intact, albeit not on a wall, for posterity.) I also enjoyed the scraggly-haired BBC TV series Ralph of Wuthering Heights and the Cormorant (oh, the things I watched back in the high school heights of my obsession).

  39. VicksieDo

    Sigh, I fell in love with him deeply at the point of “The End of the Affair”, when I had to acknowledge that I like the brooding controlling intense lover best of all…sigh. I also love the little brother too, who rivals in hotness but not so much in talent. He’s young though, he’s got time to b r o o d.

  40. cstiddy

    Thank you all for– 20 years later– making me feel a little bit better about the whole Nazi thing.

  41. jenelope

    I adored the “Teehee! Voldemort!” caption, but I am mostly intrigued by the fact that in that HP cast photocall, Tonks appear to be making a grab for Robbie Coltrane’s package. It’s a bit unsettling.

  42. ortenzia

    STILL obsessed with the English Patient. I could probably listen to him singing all day long. Or sewing. Or really anything. And this says a lot about my taste in men but I love how’s he described as someone who could write such a long paper with so few adjectives — think about it, it’s kinda hot. I don’t know why but IT IS.

  43. Dionne

    Bolero tie photo was definitely during the “Strange Days” filming, based on the level of scruff going on. That’s when he captured my heart. I do love a man with some scruff. I just love that he seems so happy in all of those photos. I think he’d be fun to hang out with.

  44. Princess Leah

    Oh, sigh. What a beautiful man. Now, then & forever.

  45. Jules

    The English Patient is one of my fave movies of all time, but not sure that would be the case if Ralph weren’t in it. He is ridiculously hot in that movie. So much so that being buried alive with him in a sandstorm looks like a good night in. Love him.

  46. Cristina

    Ha, ha, ha! Thank you so much for this. When I saw him in Faith Healer on Broadway, from the front row no less!, I was oh-so happy. He was, however, the most slight, delicate looking man I’d ever seen. Not tiny, just delicate. All thinning hair and thin, angular face. Still hot, though!

  47. Becky

    Surely you must add a pic of Victor Quartermaine!!!!

  48. The Real Mrs. Gorham

    Your obessions with Clooney, shoes, and now Ray Fiennes is starting to become disturbing. Keep your hands and your dirty minds off Christopher Gorham or there is gonna be a knife fight.


  49. Elizabethan

    Please, please find the 1994 GQ magazine shoot and post pics. There was a great article around the time Quiz Show came out, I believe, and there is a shot of him with a white shirt sitting barefoot on a bed with white netting – and it is The Single Best Shot of him. I have searched in vain and cannot locate it.

  50. crookedE

    I saw him on the street once and can confirm that he is a damn fine looking man.

  51. Heather

    Yay microfiche! (I long thought it was ‘micro-fish.’) When I was in college (early 90s) I went through the Reader’s Guide to Periodical Literature to find articles on Twin Peaks.

  52. SharonCville

    Yet another vote for a Rickman retrospective! He was even hot playing a douchbag Sheriff of Nottingham in the laughably bad Kevin Costner Robin Hood: California Surfer Edition!

  53. Jenny

    Yoo-hoo, Rickman fans. There is this.

  54. ~Lori

    “Tee hee! Voldemort!” I LOLed. xD

    Also, yes VERY HOT although I’m not loving his hair in a lot of these photos. Sort of fun to watch the hairline recede over the years, though….

  55. Sofia

    Bring on RICKMAN!

  56. Chasmosaur

    Thank You. I love Quiz Show, he’s awesome in it, but sometimes in that movie, I do get distracted with how incredibly gorgeous he is in it ;)

  57. laura r

    Wendy, i second your trilogy and raise you one Colin Firth.
    GFY, i second the pleas for a Ricktrospective.
    lastly, i honestly think in the third photo in he looks Snapey. blame the black turtleneck and stringy hair.

  58. Jen

    Oh, Ralph Ralph Ralph. Totally fell in love with him in The English Patient, which is one of my favorite movies ever. I may have to rewatch it tonight now, after seeing all these.

    It’s always good to know I am not the only one with Conflicted Feelings while watching him in Schindler’s List.

  59. sharjem

    Um. This story about being obsessed with him in the early 90s (late high school/early college for me) is SO SIMILAR TO MY LIFE. Including the library research to find other photos/obscure information about him. Also, did one project in which I literally pasted him as a Nazi in the center of the poster, simply because I could. How wrong. Get out of my life, Fug Girls!

  60. Nicole

    What? No Francis Dolarhyde?

  61. Nicole

    Sure he played a crazy murderer, but he got naked. NAKED! Naked and running!

  62. vandalfan

    I’m with Petrova and Daizey. And Molly and Deborah. And Louise and Maureen. And Sharon Cville and Jenny and Laura and Sophia. I’d love to see an Alan Rickman retrospective. Beginning with Tybalt in Romeo and Juliet for the BBC in 1972. And Die Hard. And…

    I’ll take Ralph Fiennes as the appetizer and brother Joseph as the entree’.

  63. dmc

    *le sigh*

  64. Hannah

    Quiz Show, yes! One of my favorites from high school U.S. history class.

  65. Jessica

    @The Real Mrs. Gorham, you know that I actually know Chris, right? We went to college together.

  66. Cyndy Canty

    I too share your obsession with all things Ralph, to the point where I rounded up 3 friends and we all went to NYC in 1995 to see him as Hamlet. Lined up for autograph & photo outside the theatre. DROPPED my camera and smeared my autograph. Got home and thought about it for a day or two. Then I put a Sharpie, an unsigned Hamlet Playbill and a letter explaining how I’d come from Detroit to see him and would he kindly sign the Playbill for me? Added a self-addressed, stamped envelope & sent it all off to the Belasco Theatre. Waited. Weeks passed. The play closed. I thought, oh, what the hell, it was worth a try. Three days later came my envelope: UNsigned Playbill, sharpie and that sensitive turtleneck shot that was the centerpiece of your shrine…SIGNED. It’s on my mantel today. (Oh, and that Hamlet also had Damian Lewis in the cast as Laertes. Another hot Brit. We dubbed them “Anglo-Irish Aristobabes”.) Loved your retrospective.

  67. Andrea

    He’s still hot. And I’m oddly attrached to Lord Voldemort.

  68. CJ

    First impressions are tough to break, so although he might be the nicest guy in the world, I look at him and will always see the creepy Nazi from Schindler’s List. I don’t think you all are crazy. He’s just such a good actor, that performance ruined any later recognition of hotness.

    Other thoughts:
    Rachel Weisz, gorgeous and effervescent.
    JLo, still attractive here, but whoa she looks different

    And thank you, Fug Ladies, for the utterly gorgeous picture Natasha Richardson. Wow. How wonderful was she (I saw her on stage in London and she was absolutely winning as Tracy Lord in High Society), and in this picture – Spectacularly Played and very much missed.

  69. Natasha

    Adore him, and The English Patient is still my favorite movie ever. Last summer when I went to Italy I even talked my husband into driving me around Tuscany until we found the monastery where the film was shot. It was surreal!
    Also, teehee Voldemort :D

  70. Rayna

    English Patient – Best.Movie.EVARRRRRRRRRR..

    End of the Affair is also Le Sigh.

    Fiennes, Rickman, Irons – personal fantasy Dream Team.

    Thank you, H & J. Bless

  71. Donna

    Thank you! This gave me such a good laugh. He IS handsome! But, do you remember when he got caught shagging an airline hostess in the first-class bathroom? So tacky. I couldn’t believe someone so debonair would do something so dirty.

  72. Kit

    Ralph Fiennes falls into the Don’t Get It category for me as far as attractiveness goes, but I certainly wouldn’t begrudge other people their fantasies. I think he is a very talented actor, of course.

    I cast my vote in the RICKMAN camp. That is a great actor who plays a variety of roles, all with equal aplomb. He stole my heart as Colonel Brandon in Sense and Sensibility–I have a pronounced weakness for Sensitive Older Men Who Love Music and Poetry. He made Snape a complex character full of mystery and (eventually) romance, when he could have phoned it in and produced a caricature. As noted above, he’s been in everything from Die Hard to Sweeney Todd, and he’s usually one of the best things in any movie he does. I want Rickman Restrospectfug, and don’t forget Galaxy Quest!

  73. Kimberly

    @Wendy, Rickman and IRONS!!! Talk about voices, OH my god, those two. <3 Have they ever been in a movie together? I think it would kill me. In the best way.

    Retrospectiiiiiiiiiiiives!!!! (Audio retrospectives?? Haha.) *chinhands*

  74. Kimberly

    And by “in a movie together”, their being brothers in Die Hards, alas, does not count.

  75. Courtney

    This may be your greatest post ever! When I was in Stratford-upon-Avon back in ’97, the lovely Mr. Fiennes sat directly in front of me at a play. Needless to say, all I did was stare at the back of his neck for three hours. I daresay it was more spectacular than the play!

  76. Sheryl

    Oh my, this is the best gift EVER!
    I was beyond obsessed with Ralph after I first saw him in “Schindler’s List” in ’93—sorry, but he was some damned fine portly Nazi dude who made me swoon, even while playing Jew target practice, which is really unsettling, but uh, he’s that good/hot of an actor.

    After that, I went back and rented ALL his old flicks from Britain, like “Wuthering Heights”(smoldering!) and “Baby of Macon”(naked Ralph mauled by a cow!), even the BBC flick where he played Lawrence of Arabia(Ralph looking hot with a tablecloth on his head!). He sent me into swoon-overdrive in “Strange Days” and “Quiz Show”, both of which I saw way too many times in all my teenaged lust. Then I saw “English Patient” with my mom and SHE finally got the hotness that was Ralph.
    Like many of you though, I sadly lost interest in Ralph as time and his hairline went by. He’s still a handsome dude though. It is so wild to me to think that a new generation has no idea that Voldermont used to be smokin’ hot though.

    Thanks, Fug Girls!!!

  77. Openroses

    My husband thinks it’s hysterical that his name is pronounced “Rafe.” In the spirit of such pronunciation, he refers to Joseph Fiennes as “Jafe.”

  78. frosty

    English Patient plus End of The Affair = died and gone to Ralph Fiennes heaven, throw Rickman and Firth in and it’s a dream trifecta of hot Englishmen…

  79. Trinity

    Wonderful collection, but *sigh* no love for Oscar and Lucinda? I adore that movie. Ralph. Cate Blanchett. Misfits in love and tragic mis-communication. It’s a great adaptation of a great novel.

  80. Fleur

    I had *such* a crush on him in the 90s, and still love him. Seriously, that scene in the English Patient when they’re trapped in that car in the desert and he’s talking to Kristin Scott Thomas, telling her stories? LOVE! No other actor could make a conversation about desert sandstorms sexy quite the way our dear Ralph can. (also love the snooty British pronunciation of the name ‘Ralph’ as in rafe! haha!)

  81. AT

    Was in college at same time and must confess I totally spent countless hours looking through microfilm looking at random crap that had nothing to do with my studies! The headaches you would get after were a killer, though. The English Patient was my fav – especially if I am allowed to cut out most of the Italy parts and just stick to the desert parts.

  82. Alisa

    Ok, so my confession is that back in the mid-90′s, I would CONSTANTLY confuse the British couples of Fiennes and Alex Kingston with Kenneth Branagh and Emma Thompson. In my head I had the guys straight— but I always confused which red headed wife went with which. And then all their marriages broke up and I was super confused, until such time that Fiennes became known amongst my friends and I as the “hot british guy with the REALLY old girlfriend” and then Kingston popped up on ER and EVERYTIME she’d be on screen, someone would say “dang, her ex is hot”

    In any case, I love Emma Thompson, Alex Kingston, and was always super conflicted about my love of Ralph Fiennes given I had to watch Schindler’s List in high school on more than one occasion.

  83. Sarah

    You know how obsessed I was/am with Fiennes? While on vacation in London one summer, not only did I scour all of London for his audio tape of the English Patient (best audio tape EVER), I also chose to go see him in Richard II rather than go to the police station right after I was pickpocketed. Thank god I’d booked the ticket in advance! I also sat through a dull and downright bad Ibsen performance one year, and still came out of the theatre happy. And I have a pen that he used to sign something for my friend. It’s still hidden in a secret desk drawer, and I’ve never, ever let anyone touch it.

  84. Su-Yin Johns

    I once walked past Joseph Fiennes in Notting Hill, right after Shakespeare in Love came out, and nearly had a heart attack from his beauty. His eyes! A beautiful, beautiful boy. So I can only imagine how hot Ralph is given he’s clearly the more beautiful of the two!

  85. Kris

    So I’m thinking Ralph Fiennes as Voldemort would have been far less evil and a lot hotter if they’d just put him in a tux. No? Okay, I’ll sit down now.

  86. Tigger

    i’m with you Jamee, and Kit: I don’t quite get the appeal of Ralph…just ok. But brother Joseph – SO hot! I guess I just really dig the darker look. Su-Yin, I’m a little jealous – I probably would have stared, and fallen over myself or something LOL.

  87. Sajorina

    He should be re-named Ralph’s Fine! That man is pure sexiness, but you can keep him, GFY Jessica; I’m more of a Joseph’s Fine lover… I’ll take the brother and we can double date!

  88. Toni

    I worked with Fiennesness in Quiz Show, and my “acting” job was to lust after him with the cameras rolling! After my last shot, he asked jokingly, in that lovely British accent, if I’d enjoyed lusting after him, to which I replied,”Yes, and thanks for making it so easy!” And an actor I stood in for on TV show gave me the gift of seeing him in Hamlet, front row balcony, and he was beyond brilliant – and still very, very lustworthy

  89. EJ

    This is so bizarre. The very same day you post this, I saw Rafe, in the flesh (in the foyer of the National Theatre, London – we were both seeing the same play). He had slightly longer hair, was a bit unshaven, rocking an upscale leather jacket, and, it must be admitted, looking gooood (and I have never been a particular fan.) There were also jeans going on, but, as I hadn’t read this post beforehand, I didn’t check for a cuff.

  90. Roman

    I’ve fancied this man since I was a kid, horrendous nazi and receding hairline notwithstanding (though nowadays I do like him bald – it just seems to suit his face better than thinning hair. And he’s STILL handsome, so there), so this unexpected flood of pretty, pretty photos has just made my evening. My friends and I were calling him Ralph Fine long before Chris Pine aka Fine (as per today’s youth, she says from her aged late 20s) came along.

    I think “Rafe” might be “snobbish upper crust for Ralph” rather than “British for Ralph”, though – I don’t know anyone here in London who calls him “Rafe” apart from TV interviewers. And me. Because if that’s what the man wants to be called, I won’t contradict him and blow my non-existent chances.

    From what I saw on him onstage as well as my (lucky) friend’s run-in with him on the street, he really seems to be a slight man. He looked delicate to me at the theatre and the friend said he looked downright frail (yes, she actually bumped into him, whilst she was rushing somewhere. AND she desperately asked for directions because she was running late. She only noticed who he was as he was giving her said directions. For anyone who cares, she said he was very polite, soft-spoken and unassuming. No mile High Club shenanigans, though).

    Add me to the Rickman – my One True Platonic Crush (sorry, Ralph!) – camp!

  91. Julie S.

    THANK YOU! I have always loved his hotness, although it has been a bit difficult to remember during the years of HP/Voldemort…(My 11 year old daughter didn’t believe that he was actually good looking back in the day! Sigh!)

  92. Megan R.

    Unf, I love him too! You are not alone.

    I had it way worse for Joe, though. Shakespeare In Love and Elizabeth were my crack.

  93. Nipsy

    I actually walked out of seeing this movie and said, “I’m so glad [Jewish friend] didn’t come with us, because I would hate for her to hear what I’m about to say: Damn, that Nazi was a sexy muthafucka.”

  94. randi

    I had the good fortune to meet Mr Rafe Hotty at an industry event the year Schindler’s List came out. I’m was a volunteer for the green room where all the celebs waited their turn to go on stage to present an award. Mr Fiennes WAS rather slight (I’m 5’8″ and was in 3 in heels and he was a tad shorter than I), but the color of his eyes, in person, were unbelievable as was his smile and warm handshake. He was a little overwhelmed by all his newfound celebrity and yet was so incredibly kind to me (I had to “wrangle” him on stage and off in the semi darkness of the backstage area) and actually reached out to hold onto me at one point. He apologized profusely. I thought I would faint on the spot. I will never forget this little “brush with greatness (hotness)” and just had to share in light of all the fun conversation going on with these lovely posts. Cheers, ladies of the Fug Nation!!!

  95. Fiona

    Toni! Randi! I LOOOVE the working-with-Rafe stories! MORE!

  96. Lola

    Oh, the magical Bunche Hall microfiche machines! They were in an obscure part of the floor where no one went. I wish I’d known then that you were hot for the Fiennes! I would have been your buddy in a search for everything Fiennes!

  97. AM

    Am I the only one for whom recent Rafe antics (e.g. Qantas mile high) has been like a cold shower on any lust one felt for him?!

  98. Diana

    OMG I was also obsessed. Thought I was the only one. This blog must be populated by mid to late thirty-something intellectual women!

    (And years before Ralph it was Ethan Hawke in Dead Poet’s Society and years before him it was River Phoenix in Stand By Me….)

    And yes, my opinion of Ralph has since been soured….

  99. fritanga

    I didn’t have a shrine, but I was similarly fascinated by him back in the day. Seeing that photo of him with brother Joseph points up the tragedy that Gaiman/Pratchett’s Good Omens wasn’t made with them as the leads Aziraphale and Crowley. They would have been perfect.

  100. ngonzalez

    I first saw him in maid in manhattan (i’m 21 years old) so I was about 12 and I instantly thought this was the man of my dreams (altough his role was flat). My friends think I’m weird for liking a man that is 27 years older than I. The weird part is that we were born on the same day (makes me like him more, don’t ask me why). I am still in love with this guy, he’s just beautiful and it’s a shame I’ll never get to meet him. Loved him in Schindler’s List (awesome acting) and Red Dragon too. Please don’t hate me, but I didn’t like The English Patient…only sat through it because of him.

  101. Danielle

    im just 25 but i find him sooo dreamy :))) i love it how sophisticated he is.. so hot

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