Hotness Fugtrospective: Joshua “Pacey Witter” Jackson

HAPPY HOLIDAYS, y’all. We’re back as usual on Tuesday morning. To continue to tide you over, I present to you When A Web-Site Loves A Boy From a WB Show Who Grew Up to Date a Cosmopolitan Fashion Plate. Enjoy!

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  1. Emily

    I just love them so much. They are so cute. He has improved greatly over time, and clearly with her influence. A little scruff now and again is not so bad. At least he ditched the stocking hats.

  2. Al

    I had completely forgotten (blacked out?) that t-shirt-knitted-hat-hipster phase he had in London. Diane, the world thanks you for dressing your man.

  3. Carrie

    Bless you.

  4. elp

    Bless this post.

  5. Libby

    That boy cleans up nice! He even pulls off an ascot.
    He should give lessons to scruffy young’ns like Robert Pattinson who have embraced the scruff (and Diane could mentor Vanessa Hudgens).

  6. L

    1) Diane is hot. 2) Had the opportunity to meet Josh in person a few years ago and he is as charming in person as one would dream about. Kind of like a really smart UCLA student who also happens to be very good looking. He was still rocking the old t-shirt and jeans look back then.

    • Claire L

      Love love LOVE you for sharing this. Part of his appeal is that he comes off as just a NICE guy! Ahhh… I can drool without that little thought of “what if he’s really just some cad” in the back of my mind….


  7. Jenn

    I love that he always looks like he’s having fun. So many actors take themselves too seriously, but he always seems to be enjoying the ride.

  8. Sharon

    I adore them. One time I saw Josh Jackson walking down Market Street in San Francisco. I think it was around the time of ‘Bobby’, so he was probably doing here doing press. I stopped in my tracks and squealed out loud with delight. He looked at me, flashed a knowing smile, and kept on walking. I LOVE HIM.

    • Anne B

      Sorry to interrupt, but … Pacey was on Market Street?!? WUT.


  9. Lara

    Bringing us some new year joy – THANKYOU!

  10. LK

    Ummm, is that a wedding band on his hand in that last photo? Sorry to break that news to you . . .

    • Jessica

      They both wear wedding rings on and off, but no marriage has been confirmed, so it’s a mystery!

      • Claire L

        I like that they are just them….they are out and about together but don’t announce every sneeze or hiccup…… and it makes it really hard for me to think “Oh, if only she weren’t around”……because dang they’re so adorable and happy looking….who would ever want that to end.

  11. Christy

    Scruff + Madras = YES FOREVER

    Thank you for this post, Fug Girls. Happy New Year!

  12. Erin

    So, since you mentioned it…I totally saw A Life in Theater when I was studying abroad in London in 2005. Pacey totally held his own against Jean Luc Picard.

  13. Chasmosaur

    I’m a touch too old to be a fan of Dawson’s Creek, so I don’t have Pacey love.

    However, in the last few years I’ve learned to love pictures of him and Diane Kruger, and have seen the appeal of the man :)

    But mostly, these two both look so genuinely pleased to be in each other’s presence. I always like seeing that.

    • pinkcheese

      Likewise, Chasmosaur. I do absolutely love that picture of them with the umbrella. He just seems absolutely delighted to stand there holding it up for her – it’s so sweet!

  14. Stefanie

    Damn! He is so fiiiine.

  15. BD

    A late Christmas present? An early 2012 present? Thank you! And yum. I might have to come back when I am coherent…

  16. Aria

    yum! I love him. I was probably too old for DC when it came out, but watched religiously anyway, and have been a fan of his ever since. I agree that he always seem to enjoy himself and I like the way he pokes fun at himself { like that Pacey-Con thing he did with Funny or Die at Comic Con a few years ago}.

  17. Claire L

    I never watched Dawson’s Creak ( I think that was during the early 20s food service/drinking years)….but I am hooked on Fringe….and he is a tall glass of- OH MY GOD that man is both hot and endearing and I want to be his drinking buddy but the one that goes home and takes advantage of him later- water. After the first few episodes ( perfect show for the hubs and I to watch together…he gets Anna, I get Joshua) I came back and flipped through all the Pacey-Fug love posts…..
    Thank you for this one!!

  18. Maureen

    Pacey and Diane for New Years! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    My wishes for 2012 to you, my dear fuggirls:
    1. May many celebrities dress like total whackadoos all year long, except…
    2. May HOLA, LOVERS! continue her reign of sexiness and leg show, even though she has to sit next to MeltyFace and Yo! Dawg on the Show That Is Her.
    3. May celebrities about whom we have real concern for their safety (LiLo, the Widow Cobain) recover enough to get a Well Played.
    4. May the Diet Coke in your refrigerators magically refill itself, like the booze Cary Grant blessed when he was an angel in The Bishop’s Wife.
    5. May Intern George actually show up for work or at least send Substitute Intern Hamm.

    Happy New Year to all!

  19. Adrianne

    He and my husband could be brothers. It’s positively eerie.
    Why don’t I look like Diane Kruger!?? IT SHOULD WORK BOTH WAYS, DAMNNIT!

  20. Carolina

    This is THE best gift this side of 2011 (unless u want to make it a double and add a Ryan Gosling post just for the hell of it!) Thank you. This has cheered me up after a particularly crappy day :) #paceyforever

  21. Tara Misu

    Ooooooooooooooo Pacey!! I was also a bit old to watch DC but I did anyway :D And now I get to see him on Fringe, yummmmm. He’s only improved with age.

    They really are a cute couple, I hope they stay together for a long time.

  22. meggyoh

    My favourite part of this post is that they always look so genuinely delighted to be in each other’s presence. It brings me such joy. He’s one of those celebrities I really need to be happy (this also includes Rachel Bilson and Justin Long, among others). So keep up an excellent job, Diane.

  23. Jessica B

    I am not ashamed to say that I own all three Mighty Ducks movies because of him.

  24. Cecily

    I so love that umbrella at the awards show shot, I knew it was coming, and couldn’t wait. They’re adorable.

  25. vandalfan

    So THAT’S Pacey! He charmed me with the umbrella shot. She looks great all the time ()Love that yellow kimono with orange belt), he began shaping up when they got together. But, no one can pull of an ascot unless in costume. Hope they had a good time at the Jr. prom in #14, and shout out to my Great Potato State!

    May we keep him around, possibly to open the mail?

  26. Roz

    so unbelievably cute. And you guys should really watch Fringe – not only is there is so.much.Pacey-goodness in it, it is just amazing how that show starts off kinda boring and derivative before gradually becoming all weird and crazy and MINDBLOWING. And kind of heartbreaking too.

    Happy new year, GFY!

  27. Em

    Love Pacey! Love Diane! So full of love for this post! Thanks Fug Girls!

  28. TheReset

    You can “uh” that dave chappele pic all you want. I’d still take him in the elevator IMMEDIATELY. no judgies.

  29. Chicklet


    I didn’t start watching The Creek until the second season, and though I immediately fell in Slightly Age-Inappropriate Love with Pacey, I didn’t really understand why until much later when I saw the first season of The Creek, in which EVERY SINGLE ADULT in Pacey’s life says nothing to him except one of the following: 1. “You just totally f**ked that up.” 2. “You’ve always f**ked everything up.” 3. “You’re always going to f**k up everything.” HEARTBREAKING.

    Favorite Creek moment: Pacey and Dawson are hanging out in the galley of the boat Pacey lived on that one season; Pacey is making PB&J sandwiches and holds one out to Dawson, asking “Sammich?”

    (And of course I adore him on Fringe, and he Diane always look wonderful and happy together, etc., etc. The important thing is: SAMMICH.)

  30. Karen

    Damn he’s a pretty pretty man. And they are unbe-frickin-lievably adorable together. Thank you for this!

    But I’ll bet Diane would love to track down and burn all the copies of photo #10. That has to be the most unflattering profile shot of her in existence. With the double chin and the hooked nose and chin…she could be Penny Marshall from the neck up.

  31. Elizabeth

    Nice! However, I have some serious concerns about Ms. Cruise’s jeans in slide 5. How high IS that rise, exactly? They remind me of the old SNL “Mom Jeans” commercial!

    • Jenn

      Well, considering that promo shot was probably mid to late 90s, it is safe to say that most of us still had jeans with rises tall enough to reach the top of James VDB’s forehead. :)

  32. mary lou bethune

    happy happy new year to you all , too….. and thank you!

    He is adorable and she is stunning and always dressed toperfection. Everyone ought to take classes –
    I love them.

  33. Cat

    The picture with the umbrella never fails to make me fall in love with them all over again. Seriously– Best Picture Ever. I didn’t watch him in DC, but I do love him every week in Fringe!

  34. ali

    Picture #7: who is that? The offspring of Jewel and Kate Moss? I do not remember him dating… this person. This person who I do not know who she is.

    • Bubba

      I, too, had the same burning question, so I did a bit of research on the Interweb. Her name is Heather something, she is a “designer”. I am assuming of the stage or home variety, as I don’t think that outfit is evidence of being a clothing designer.

  35. roser

    Ah, Jessica, I too once wanted to be Christian Slater’s hipster leather jacket-wearing existential pal. I resist The Kruge, even if she is stunning, because she simply cannot act. But damn, does Pacey clean up well.

  36. Donna

    Thanks Fug Girls for these posts this week. It’s been a real treat! On a Pacey note, I love that he seems to genuinely enjoy dressing up and being sartorially together with his girl. That’s really sweet. Ah, I am soft for these kids.

  37. Simone

    Please have a Robert Downey Jr Retrospectfug! (because his wife is pregnant or some random reason…) The dude is hot and has style.

  38. Melinda

    This is a perfect palate cleanser (see: Bieber, Justin). Happy New Year!

  39. Donna

    You’d think that if you were super hot celebrity, still working, and had an awesome hot celebrity girlfriend you’re actually in love with, that you would be cheerful to fans and to people who recognize you on the street. You know, because your life is going RATHER WELL compared to 99% of the world population.

    This is exactly what you get with Joshua Jackson. (I’m sure everyone has bad days, but some people seem to have less bad days than others…)

  40. Kathryn

    I never watched DC (and in fact used to tease a friend constantly for having a huge Pacey crush), but now that I watch Fringe, I get it. Jessica, are you not watching Fringe? It has Pacey and it’s kind of X-Files-y, and also really good, I promise.

    • Claire L

      But you totally need to netflix it and start at the beginning…. or else you won’t get all of the Peter/Olivia wonderfulness of it

      • Jessica

        It started off opposite two other things I watched, so I never started it and now it feels too late. Maybe this summer!

      • Claire L

        @Jessica…. That’s how hubs and I felt…. but we ended up catching up ( with some help from questionable online streaming sites once we hit the newest season). In fact, we only saw the last two episodes of season 4 on actual tv. Also, Fringe is really really nice and has 4 episodes per dvd….. I will say…don’t start watching unless you are ready to watch two at a time ( we would wrestle with the “just ONE more” thing)

  41. Laura E.

    Him holding the umbrella is the very definition of jaunty.

    I think I would be very sad if those two ever break up. I didn’t care for DK when she was in Troy but she’s grown on me and I didn’t watch Dawson’s Creek but love Fringe.

  42. Mariana

    Thank you, this made my day! Everyone needs to check out “One Week” on Netflix Instant. I think maybe it only came out in Canada, but it’s full of Pacey-goodness.

    • Sarah

      One Week is a delight! Pacey is so adorable and Gord Downie of Tragically Hip is in it! And it boasts one of my favourite soundtracks of Canadian artists and a important plot point involves a Tim Horton’s roll up the rim cup.

      • jean

        I LOVE One Week. And apparently only three people in North America have seen it.

  43. Angela

    The Clooney, er…Intern George, is strong in that one.

    • Chicklet

      THANK YOU. I’ve been saying that for years, but nobody else see it.

  44. Erin

    I totally saw A Life in the Theatre – it was really very good. I also met Pacey live and in person when they filmed The Skulls at the hotel I worked at (the climactic shoot-out sequence) and he was absolutely as charming and adorable as you’d expect, even back then.

  45. Bree

    PACEY! This gallery made my day. That umbrella picture – I can’t get enough of it!

  46. Moi

    A man who comes off as this genuinely charming and delightful can be forgiven just about anything. Well, except a knit cap. Otherwise, he should feel free to carry on.

    BTW, they are not married, but wear “commitment” rings.

  47. Megan

    Dianne helped him a lot! They are adorable!!! & I love her she has pure style. Umbrella pic is fab!!! They should frame that at there house!! Lol

  48. Simone

    Quite possibly my favourite post on GFY ever! He’s just so handsome and he and Dianne are such a stylish couple.
    I also love the fact that the majority of women still refer to him as Pacey instead of his real name haha

  49. taylor

    He is ALWAYS adorable and they are amazingly cute together. And yes, that umbrella picture is the best.

    Happy New Year!

  50. Sass

    Best retrospectfug ever. This man has my eternal love.

    I can’t believe I have never seen that pic of him in hockey gear *melts* It is not nice to tease a girl before bed with Hockey!Pacey.

  51. neiges

    Please don’t judge, but I never got the Pacey appeal – even less during DC… But this slideshow changed it a bit. However, what I really love is both of them together. They are beautiful in many ways and appearance is the least important way of them all – although I am aware fugness and appearance are what brings us here. And enjoy Fug nation.
    Have a happy 2012!!!! With tons of fug the Fromages pretty please!!!!!

  52. Sajorina

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, THANK YOU!!! I love me some Joshua Jackson with a pinch of “Pacey Witter” & a dash of “Peter Bishop”! I like to bask in this man’s AWESOMENESS! He has the best sense of humor and the greatest personal style… I just LOVE him!

    @GFY Jessica: It’s David BoreanAz & Sarah Michelle GellAr! And, you MUST watch “Fringe”… In one episode Pacey and Grams are reunited in a scene that is as surreal as it is totally awesome!

  53. Jude

    I never watched ‘Dawson’s Creek’ so I am late in appraising the sharer of my initials. Despite that I always, always, ALWAYS refer to him as Pacey – even though I’ve only ever seen him in ‘Fringe’.

    Eye candy can wear a suit, it must be said. And I love the Ascot. Here’s wishing you many Pacey (and Diane) exploits in 2012.

  54. Amy

    Thank you. Just… thank you. Pearls are being clutched.

  55. Jenna Horko

    Oh, the squeal I let out when I saw this post… A few thoughts:
    pic 4: “Stars with Sticks”… really? A thousand dirty jokes fill my mind. I’m apparently 12.
    pic 7: he just looks like he has knitted hair (but that’s ok, because that instantly makes me think of O’Brien in the “Downton Abbey” parody having knitted hair)
    WTH is going on with Pacey’s crotch in pic 12? Is that just weird bunching or is one of those bulges “little Pacey”, if you catch my drift?
    Oh, pic 16, how I love you. He just looks so jaunty, like he’s about to break into “Singing in the Rain”…
    He kinda brings to mind Tony Curtis in that Ascot pic.
    That blazer in pic 22 is full-on “The Prisoner”. In other words: awesome.

  56. Tracey

    Ah… Pacey… the first time I felt I had an age-inappropriate crush… he has matured so well and he looks so dashing and lovely with Diane… and as a commenter said above, there’s something very “Clooney” about him. I wonder if his career will mirror Intern George’s… he did start off with a mullet on The Facts of Life, afterall…

    Thanks for this Fug Girls (from a tipsy lady on New Year’s Eve)!

  57. bdaiss

    *sigh* I love you guys. Thanks for kicking off my 2012 in such a beautiful way. Also – thanks for the reminder to dig up Fringe on the DVR. It’s been buried in there and I think I have 6 episodes to catch up on. Yum. (And slide 15? Yes, please.)

  58. Callie

    That photo with the umbrella has warmed my cold, bitter heart.

  59. Maia

    I think it was Nelson who was known the arm-in-jacket thing (after he lost his right arm), not Napoleon.

    • Sandra

      Nope, it was Napolean. On account of Admiral Lord Nelson not actually having an arm to stick in his jacket. He was wounded at Tenerife in 1797. And went back to the battle about half an hour after the amputation. His sleeve is pinned to his jacket in many portraits, but it is clearly on the outside, not stuck in. It’s also clearly empty below the elbow.

      (Names are linked to portraits)

      And Joshua and Diane are adorable.

  60. Sarah

    I came on here and was annoyed to see there was a pop-up, but THEN I realized the pop-up was telling me that It’s a Brad, Brad World premieres tonight, and I was like “THANK YOU, JESUS.” Seriously made me so excited. So, selective pop-ups are totally acceptable.

  61. The Fräulein

    i love them all!<3happy new year from the FRÄULEIN

  62. Restaurant Bruges

    nice and such a amazing post

  63. Emma

    Wow, he’s really pretty gorgeous, huh. They both are.

    Btw, did you mean ” scruff and madras are complEmentary”? As in they complement one another?

  64. jean

    Happy New Year! And I love that they’ve been together since 2008! That’s four years. And they both seem to be doing well professionally. Niiice.

    I did notice you avoided the years when he had INSANELY high hair on Dawson’s Creek. They even commented on it within the show, it was so bad. They also shaved off his annoying goatee on the show too. The sacrifices the man has made for his “craft”.

  65. LizC

    Far be it from me to criticize a Pacey Retrospecfug but I’m pretty positive that Pacey and Joey DC promo is not from 2004 considering that the show itself ended in 2003. Which makes me feel really old.

  66. Kris

    Bless you!!

  67. Sarah L.

    I also saw A Life in Theatre while studying abroad in London, and I only went to see Pacey/Charlie Conway on stage (with a bonus Patrick Stewart). The only thing I really remember is both of them in tighty-whiteys and I was in the front row. Everything else was meaningless. I wish I would have taken a photo.

    And I went behind the theater to see him, and he came out and signed a few autographs, but not for me because I just watched like a stalker.

  68. jani

    He looks like the better Russel Crowe!