High Fugshion: The Versace Versus Collection

The Versace diffusion line has a new designer, and I am sure you will agree with me that it’s chock full of sparkling ideas and practical gems that Hollywood’s finest will be punching each other to wear first.

[Photo: Getty]

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  1. Rachael

    What. the. fug.

    . . . I mean.


  2. Caroline

    This slide show basically proves that anyone with scissors, safety pins and a staple gun can be a very highly paid fashion designer.

    • Art Eclectic

      And acid. You left out the hallucinogenics that are the only way this makes any sense.

  3. Lynne

    Lunacy. Not for the first time, I sincerely miss Gianni.

    • glee

      Gianni has been rolling in his grave for a number of years, I suspect. WHAT THE FUCK??? All you need, is that VERSUS label – stick it on anything, and you’ve got yourself an authentic Versace!!!

  4.  Stefanie

    This shit sucks.

  5. anonymoose

    Someone needs to put down the LSD-laced marijuana smokes while sketching, yes?

  6. linda

    ridiculous!!! where would you wear it? how would you wear it? why would you wear it? It makes no sense…fashion or otherwise.

  7. Kat

    Wow – how bad is it that for a couple of seconds I did not notice the gender-switch in the slide-show? I was sitting here wondering about testosterone depravation from sheer looking when all of a sudden I realized: ‘Oh, it’s all good – those are now the female models.’ Also: male brassieres should be made illegal. I need to go lie down now.

  8. Kris

    I looked at slide #4 and thought, “This is why you don’t let the models do their own laundry.”

  9.  theotherjennifer

    i think I have some Hefty bags in the garage that would look just as good.

    please also eliminate man-tiaras.

  10. Christa


  11. Allie

    This is awful. Are the guys supposed to be modeling women’s wear or menswear? Because ack, no, I can’t see anyone ever actually wearing these, male or female.

  12. Mouse

    THIS is what I expected from people at the Met Gala. You know, a thematic event at which you can wear ridiculously impractical and fugly things.

    This is NOT a real line of clothing. None of it. Man-tiaras? WHAT?! I have to admire the dedication and commitment of the male models to be able to wear that stuff without laughing hysterically throughout the whole ordeal.

    (Save the patent trench, of course – although – the thought makes me sweaty)

    •  Sarah

      The Met Gala was my thought as well–quite a few of these would have been perfect. Unfortunately, unless the Met recycles the punk theme (please god no) I don’t see where else they would work.

    • MKKS

      *snort* Maniaras. MAKE IT HAPPEN.

    • Ellyn

      Between the white go-go boots and the man-tiaras, I figured the theme for this was Barbarella meets A Midsummer Night’s Dream (so, kind of “What the Puck?!)

    • Melanie Woodall

      I was thinking these would have been more punk than 99% of what we were shown from the met gala. Not that any of this is good, it just would have worked for punk.

  13. Kristin

    Funniest thing I’ve seen all day and the perfect example of the abnormalness of runway models’ physiques.

    • Anita

      Really. I’ve always known the women are expected to ultra-slim, but when did they stop feeding the men?

      And here’s something I never thought I’d say, since to me, modeling is about as frivolous as a profession can be: I hope they paid this group of models boatloads of cash, especially the men. Oh, the humanity!

      • G

        And the women for having to comb out those rat’s nests on their heads. That’s got to be painful.

  14.  Reg

    pretty scary stuff. Not sure if I will be able to sleep tonight knowing all of this existing out there in the world…
    except that tranch and the white bag it went with. Heather u can take the tranch and the bag for me please.

  15. Astrid

    Not only are these all hideous, but they actively look cheap. As in seriously poorly constructed from cheap materials. I don’t even think Stefon would deign to wear this.

  16. Rowynn

    If you could read the thoughts of the model in slide #6, I’m pretty sure it would go something like “Please God, let the floor open up and swallow me now.” Because he’s a guy. In a skirt. And a tiara. And go-go boots.

    • Amberoni13

      Maaaaybe. My bet is that if you could hear the thoughts of these models, it would sound like the Mwow Mix jingle. You know. “Mweow Mweow Mweow Mweow Mweow Mweow Mweow Mweow Mweow Mweow ….” Because, seriously, there cannot be coherent thought anywhere on that runway, or their heads would explode. Or they would just start laughing. Something.

  17. Mary

    Like the emperor’s new clothes… was there one tiny member of the audience with the honesty and bravery to stand up and point out that this stuff sucks???

  18. LT1

    The only thing I came away from this slideshow thinking (besides that I liked some of the purses/clutches) is that: being a female model=hard; being a male model=really, really hard.

  19. Squirrel!

    I can unreservedly say that the men’s fashions here are the ugliest I have ever seen in my life.

  20. Rosa

    What the hell did I just see?! My eyes…..it BURNS!!!!

  21. Christine

    ……. Wha???

    (that’s all I can muster.)

  22. Beth C.

    So, yes, the overall outfits and styling are bonkers, but I really like the slacks in slides 3 & 13 (It looks like it ‘s the male and female version of the same pants). They’re slouchy and drapey but not so much so that they look sloppy, I love pants like that. I also like the gold buttons on the side of the women’s version. Pair it with a nice, slim cut blouse (or close cut shirt for the boys) and you’d be golden.

  23. Alayne

    My 5 year old niece designs better clothes for her Barbies.

  24. Dazie

    These male models are so… I mean, if I were a guy I’d… Not that there’s anything… MAN TIARAS.

    I can’t even. There are no words to describe the ridiculous. I hope they got paid a boatload and then went out and did something extra manly. Because this is ridiculous.

  25. Becca

    Just popping by to say I actually liked the gender-bendiness of the men’s clothing. Not as actual wearable clothing, but as an artistic decision.

  26. MKKS

    I had sincerely angry feelings towards all of this. And I’ve avoided saying this, because this is clearly a Fug thing and not a “me” thing and it’s not something I’ve ever been tempted to say in actuality until now, but it made me stabby. It really made me stabby.

    But clearly this is all Taylor Momsen.

  27.  hillary l.

    “But how is Ryan Gosling supposed to wear a bra with this?!?”

    Thank you for that.

  28. Bella

    Sad clothes, sad models, sad industry.

  29. Elle

    Hilarious commentary! Those skinny objectified guys peculiarly highlight female fashion, in an anything for relevance kind of way.

  30. Gwen Robinson

    Why?…. I just… um…. EWWWWWWW

  31. mrbruno

    If Donnatella was attempting to bring the bile up to the back of my throat she has succeeded…. I’m going to bed now with a bottle of Amaretto….

  32. Lily1214

    No, no, no!

  33. Anne

    some of the women’s clothes do remind me of the outfits my Bendleg Francie used to wear in 1967, which is nice, but there’s also a strong suggestion that the mean little sister in the blue house down the street went after Francie’s clothes with lefty scissors.

  34. Maisie

    Not to be cruel . . . well, OK, maybe yes: I think that vat of silicone stored in Donatella’s lips is leaking into her brain. It’s at least a partial explanation for such total lunacy.

  35. derpshooter

    So, that 2nd slide? With the Versus band-aid on the nipple?
    Did anyone else’s mind immediately go to the OR? “Oh, is he trying to save the nipple too?”

  36. derpshooter

    I get the feeling that round about 11.20am, Monday – Friday, Donatella Versaaaaace and Kathie Lee Gifford would get along great. The pile-on on Hoda would be epic. I wish I had connections and could make that invitation happen.

  37. Chris P

    If KANYE and Sefugny don’t wear (which I almost typed as “weir” – oh Johnny, where art thou?) their respective concoctions at least once in the next six months, someone might get hurt.

    The Kim Kardashian one is actually not terrible, compared to the other slides.

  38. Sajorina

    Amazingly, that Patent Leather Trench Coat is the stuff dreams are made of! COVET!

  39. ccm800

    Fits right in. All things Versace have pretty much been tacky town since Gianni was killed. HE had the crazy talent of pushing opulence to such a place that it was NOT tacky. The gene died with him.

  40. lindsay

    seriously… Zoolander.

  41. Sandra

    Equal Opportunity Fug. The boy-waifs look just as bad as the girl-waifs and Donatella is clearly bat-shit crazy. This doesn’t even work as art. May we please have Fug Madness: Designer Edition? ‘Cause I’d love to see how the final–Stella vs. Donatella, obviously–plays out in the voting.

  42. LJ

    My issue with genderbendiness on catwalks is that men are shaped like men. So when the photos suddenly switched to women wearing the clothing, even though the women are ridiculously thin, their natural women curves make them look shapely in the clothes. If it takes a too thin man to make women’s clothing fit correctly, designers are doing something wrong.

    And that is a whole lot of eye-searing fugliness going on there.