New York Fugshion Week: Hood By Air

Because I can’t resist bringing you guys shows where the outfits are absurd and the models are male.

[Photos: Getty]

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  1. qwertygirl

    I heard Kanye will be wearing #4 at his next concert.

  2. Traci Lanman

    Laughed out loud at every picture, before I even read the commentary. I REALLY don’t get the fashion industry sometimes.

  3. Aphy

    Is the hood in the first picture attached to a jacket or cape? Seriously, I don’t understand its construction.

  4. Sandra

    What a bunch of pretentious crap. The boy models do look just a vapid as the girl models. Somebody’s daddy or sugar-daddy is paying for this. The percentage of men in the world who would be caught dead in any of it is miniscule. And even they have friends and loved ones who will try to prevent them from leaving the house looking so dopey.

  5. Sarah

    Nothing here really resembles clothes….

  6. Sajorina

    Who would wear these? Let’s see…
    1) NO ONE!
    2) Jedward!
    3) Prince William, for sure!
    4) Johnny Weir!
    5) Shrillex!
    6) KANYE!
    7) WORDS
    8) Chris Brown!

    • Sajorina

      Since when is #8 a Smiley with Shades?

      • Sandra

        the numeral 8 followed by the closed parenthesis does indeed yield a smiley with shades. I usually get around these things by using a period after the numeral. It happens with other things too; I think a capital B followed by parenthesis is something odd also.



  7. Stefanie

    Im having flashbacks of Jnco Jeans. Does anyone remember those horrible wide legged, ugly ass things? Yes. These are like FORMAL JNCOs. Gag.

    Although the first model and the last…yeah.

  8. Rayna

    I like it! More of this, please!

    That said, I don’t understand it. Any of it.

  9. Should be working

    Where’s the pic of the rapper ASAP Rocky? He likes this stuff and walked in the show. @Stefanie- hilarious!

  10. TheReset

    Is this the show where you saw….more than you needed to?

  11. deee

    Pants. What?

  12. TonyG

    I must admit I swooned at the first guy. He could show me his “hoodie” any time.

    P.S. I have no idea what “hoodie” could be a euphemism for.

  13. TonyG

    I must admit I swooned at the first guy. He could show me what’s under his “hoodie” any time.

    P.S. I have no idea what “hoodie” could be a euphemism for.

  14. Lynne

    The tortured performance artist has an odd haircut that makes it appear as thought the back of his skull is actually missing. It’s disturbing.

  15. Eirwen

    Bleurgh! Poor handsome, suffering models!

  16. Brian

    Finally! A pair of pants for those times when my inner shins are too warm for the rest of my legs and need some air. It’s about time a guy could buy a pair of chaps without that awkward trip to WeHo.

  17. Helen

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

  18. anna s.

    Am I the only one who flashed to very designer stripper gear on some of these outfits? Pants that unzip to leather flaps, then unzip again? Pants with aerated thigh holes? Samurai-esque polar jackets that seem to untie easily to reveal bare chests? Chippendales wants their objectifying aesthetic back.

    • theotherjennifer

      “aerated thigh holes”…awesome.

      • Ellyn

        Designed by someone who spent too much time watching “Magic Mike” and thinking that breakaway clothes + runway show = genius?

  19. Melissa

    You are incorrect. The best part about that first picture is ABS!! Woowee that’s a good looking man. They rest of the guys look a little strange… (I KNOW! The models are just supposed to be hangers… or something…)

  20. Amanda Olson

    I know that fashion shows can be more “art” than “wearable”. If you take each piece on its own and dumb it down, you can get something certain people would wear. For instance- welp, that’s as far as I got. I have no idea what’s going on.

  21. Laucie

    I think this is a scheme to write off business losses for tax purposes.

  22. Jules

    I think Justin Bieber would wear some of this stuff.
    His taste in pants is… creative.

    • mrbruno

      We so think alike!!! Exactly what I said before reading all the comments!!!

  23. junibacken

    I always wonder do people clap at this kind of fashion show? :D

  24. Mara

    Mmm. I, for one, would like a closer look at Meditating Long Haired Model. He seems nummy.

  25. DB Ruberto

    I agree that this collection borders to the high heinous, but I know my son (18) and his ilk would work this stuff like it owed them money…..

  26. MG

    Number 3 looks like modified Taekwondo wear. My son would probably happily wear that, since half the time he thinks he’s an anime character anyway.

  27. mrbruno

    I see Justin Bieber in every one of these outfits!!!

  28. ChocoChipDstryr

    Didn’t Jude Law once wear what looked like long johns in public? If it were by a real couture designer, I could see him wearing #3.

  29. ChocoChipDstryr

    Found the picture:

  30. Lily1214

    Um-m-m . . .