Her Name Is Fugly and She Dances on the Sand

Behold lovely former model and Duran Duran bride Yasmin Le Bon:

Yasmin is suffering from what we call….Overkill. All the pieces of her outfit, on their own, are lovely and unusual — well, maybe not the cumberbund. I can’t really get behind the cummerbund. But the shirt? How cute it would be with some hot jeans! The skirt? Well played, Yasmin. It would look divine with a less-fussy top. The fur shrug? Well, I’m sure you could figure that out somehow. But put together, it’s a bit Today Is Laundry Day, So I’m Tossing This All On And Calling It Quirky, And I’m Very Beautiful And Once Was Married To Simon Le Bon, Shall We Talk About Him Instead of My Misguided Shrug? Yes, Let’s. And that’s hard to pull off. No matter how lovely you are.

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  1. Yum

    She looks like a layer cake. Yum, time for lunch.

  2. agnieszka

    She looks like the Pretty In Pink Barbie I had in the 80s.

  3. MsHellion

    Her hands look like they are tied together with a string. Does anyone else see that?

  4. shaxgirl

    Good heavens, what happened her? Yikes. This must be some kind of joke. I hope.

  5. carlie

    An Italian ice — tutti frutti flavour.:)

  6. SouthernFug

    This was a total scroll down fug. It’s ok, it’s ok, whoa – what’s up with the skirt and shoes?

    I’m liking all the parts – if they weren’t put together – but the cumberbund looks like it’s made out of twine.

  7. sos!

    look at her face- she looks like she had a stroke!

  8. Jessica

    “Her hands look like they are tied together with a string. Does anyone else see that?”

    That’s part of the watermark on the photo – you’re right, though, it sort of looks like that. She’s not working a weird B and D accessories thing, though.

  9. Divaah46

    I thought she and Simon were still married. That blouse wouldn’t work with anything on its own, and I’m sick of those little fur shrug things. I do like that skirt, though. Any thoughts on that weird expression on her face?

  10. CrankyBiscuit

    Wow, I hate every single piece of this outfit. That isn’t a fur shrug as much as it is a fur cardigan. Bleh. The skirt looks like it was inspired by a bordello lampshade, and that cuffs on that shirt make her arms look abnormally long and spindly. She looks like she was dressed by a blind person.

  11. HoneyT

    i thought this was terri hatcher pre- desperate housewives.

  12. Just Me

    Yeah wow not so good, shame too because the pieces (other than the FUR) are really cute. She has a great figure too.

  13. Nia


  14. ninjette

    Psst…isn’t it “cummberbund”? Not that I like it.

  15. Kitten

    She looks like she got stretched on Willy Wonka’s chewing-gum machine… how is it possible to be so tall and thin that horizon stripes just emphasise your tube-like figure instead of making you look fat, like the rest of us??

    Also: I concurr entirely with the Fug Judgement.

  16. Esther

    She so looks like she could be Teri Hatcher’s third cousin, twice removed, w/an extra side of fug.

  17. BB

    Maybe it was cold and she just threw on every single thing she had.

  18. PUGLY

    Not to excuse the shrug, but I think she’s wearing it to cover her boobs. I feel confident we would be able to see them through that diaphanous Mary Tyler Moore-esque blouse were it not for the shrug. And then we’d have something else altogether to discuss.

  19. Anna

    As someone else said, she is indeed still married to Simon Le Bon. Oh God, how do I know that? I must read Heat magazine way too regularly.

  20. FashMags

    UGH on the ensemble. Simon Le Bon (her lovely husband and my favorite high school fantasy boy) credits her with pulling him “up from the depths and reviving his career”. Maybe he can return the favor and take the wife and three daughters shopping for UNFUG!

  21. Jemal

    Ummmm: cummerbund. Only one b. Either way it’s fugly.

  22. JupiterPluvius

    She’s lucky nobody tried to pull a roll of toilet paper out from under her skirt.

    Seriously, she looks like some kind of nightmarish craft project cooked up by the residents of a nursing home.

    WTF is this “Granny Chic” movement? Why is it happening? And how can we make it stop?

  23. peppertree

    She looks rather…wooden.

  24. peppertree

    She looks rather…wooden.

  25. Jessica

    Cummerbund typo fixed. I swear, I have NEVER spelled that word corrected, ever.

  26. tamara

    for once i am not envious of the tall and thin. plus, she looks like she has that proverbial kick-stand out for times when the meds have worn off.

    i’m not being nice. i’m sure she’s a sweet gal.

  27. bombed_pop

    This has to be the reason that Simon has a mistriss (and children) in every major city. ugg, that skirt is hurting my eyes.

  28. Francoise Gilot

    She is powerful skinny!

  29. trojandoll

    No one has mentioned the fact that the shoes, also are cute but do not match – in fact none of those colors go together AT ALL.

  30. steph

    okay… if this were a normal person on the street i’d give them five dollars because obviously they didn’t have enough to pay the electricity bill and got dressed in complete darkness as a result.

    but that skirt probably cost what i make in a week so she can suck it!

  31. pantrygirl

    Can someone tell when did Christmas tinsel become fashionable?

    Is that from the same designer that made Sheryl Crow’s yellow banana with a bite taken from the middle gown?

  32. pantrygirl

    BTW, my mom wants her blouse back.

  33. shaggy

    Her posture is total Frankenstein’s Monster. Unfortunately she doesn’t have his fashion sense.

  34. Betty

    Did someone botox one side of her face while she was sleeping?

    She looks like a little-house-on-the-prairie-toilet-roll-cover-doll

  35. hot bisexual model

    She’s really covered up …. How much you want to bet her spray tan was peeling off looking totally icky!?

  36. akadrenalinegirl

    and this children is an example of why you should avoid all vintage stores during a tornado

  37. Devin

    That’s one of the worst fuglies I’ve ever seen.

  38. juni moon

    oh my, a whole new level of FUG! I think she needs to see her hubby’s stylist. Mint green? Mint green? did someone spill something on the REAL top she wore and this was all that was around to properly cover her? That’s what it looks like to me. And what IS her hair doing, exactly?

  39. cicelyfairfield

    she’s clearly attempting to do her famous elvis impersonation (i know i’ve seen him in that shirt) and she’s just realized that skirt is too tight for a good pelvic thrust.

  40. Dreama

    Duran Duran is on tour in the States right now, I think they took the stylist with them. They look great. The wives left at home are a whole other story. How sad.

  41. Peachy Keen

    Good call on the stroke comment, SOS! I was just saying to myself, “Dear God, when did Teri Hatcher have a stroke?”

  42. texasexile

    She has no electricity, no mirrors, no friends and no idea how to dress herself.

  43. Emily

    Eesh. Those sleeves make her arms look downright skeletal. I realize that’s like criticizing the paint job on the Titanic, but ye gods.

  44. Midge

    The skirt made my jaw drop with the fug of it all. I mean, the rest of it is terrible too but the skirt is just so long. Whoever said it looked like a lampshade was right… only it looks like nine lamshades stacked into a lampshade tower.

  45. therealmrsjamierubin

    my mom had the exact same pink bed jacket when she was in the hospital in the early sixties. she had a good excuse for wearing it, the hospital was really cold, she was covered from the neck down and she was high on morphine. 2 out of 3 ain’t bad, eh, yaz?

  46. char

    Echo: she IS still married to Simon and they supposedly have one of the happiest marriages in the rock-star/model kingdom.

    Fashion-wise, I’m sure she was just having a slightly off day :( Plus, models are allowed to be a “fashion-forward” no?

  47. Reine

    She is one hell of a woman to have her own style, and not give a flying f@ck who likes it, and who don’t. That is what style is. Go pick up Vogue or Elle ok folks.

  48. lizzymama

    Q: “Plus, models are allowed to be ‘fashion forward’ no?”

    A: Fashion forward? No.

  49. Lily

    Ah, so this is what the cesspool of cruelty looks like…!

    Sure, it isn’t a very becoming ensemble, but that is where the snide-attempting-to-be-clever comments should end. If your average woman wears something unbecoming, she only has to deal with the comments of the people in her immediate circle unless a stranger feels rude or fashionably enlightened enough to tell her otherwise. However, if that woman is a model or something else notable, as in this case, suddenly she has more than her immediate circle making fun of her; no, instead she has an audience, and a very cruel one at that. It is one thing to say that she is wearing something unattractive, it is another thing to start making comments about her physical appearance and other unneccessary shots. No one can look youthful forever (don’t believe me – check the mirror yourself) or exist without having some bad days – not even the famous.

    I should like to see how some of you would enjoy someone catching a photograph of you in an unattractive style and posting it on the internet for thousands of faceless spectators to comment on. You can dish it obviously, but can you take your own medicine precisely as read above? Nuff said.

  50. XXX


    omfg yaz what were you thinking?


  51. Ngakaari

    I reckon she fell into her closet and walked out dressed like that.

  52. flomo

    Christmas meets Easter with just a splash of Valentine’s Day.

  53. JupiterPluvius

    Lily, you seem to be forgetting that these people are professional celebrities being photographed on the job. The fugmistresses don’t fug random passersby–they fug people who have attended high-profile events looking for publicity.

    Given that everyone who goes to a movie, buys a fashion magazine, watches TV, purchases music, etc., is paying these people’s salaries, I think that we have a right to critique their performance.

    The clothing that US celebrities wear to public events is considered part of their “professional equipment” (i.e., tax-deductible), so US taxpayers are also subsidizing these fashion nightmares through tax breaks. Again, I think that gives us a vested interest in their hits and misses.

    Now, the fugmistresses, as far as I know, are not professional entertainers; they cannot deduct the cost of their clothing as a business expense; nor do they have the services of stylists, publicists, full-time personal trainers, on-call hairdressers, and all the other panoply of celebrity glamour. Therefore, I think there’s no more call for them to have their appearances fugged than there is for them to have a critique of their tennis backhand broadcast on ESPN.

    Professional sports personalities can expect to have their performance critiqued by the public; professional chefs can expect to have their cooking reviewed in the newspapers and in Zagat’s; professional celebrities can, imo, equally expect to have their glamour and style (or lack of same) as exhibited at high-profile public events critiqued.

    Thanks for your, um, interesting perspective, though. Have you ever laughed at anything in your entire life, or do you spend every waking moment drinking herbal tea and being self-righteous?

  54. JupiterPluvius

    Also, I have a face. You, of course, may not–your eternal disapproving frown may have caused it to sink back into your skull.

  55. queenofattolia

    Reine and Lily, you are *obviously* in the wrong place. Please get back on your high horses and trot along to another site which won’t offend your tender sensibilities. The rest of us will continue to laugh heartily at all things great and fugly, as God intended us to do at this fabulous website. Viva Fug!

  56. Charlene

    Sorry, but that skirt is *not* well-played.

    Unless you mean in the sense of a player piano roll….

  57. ap

    “Also, I have a face. You, of course, may not–your eternal disapproving frown may have caused it to sink back into your skull.”
    Jupiterpluvius, it’s 7AM and I decided to wake up, have some coffee and read a little fug. All was going well until I read this and spit coffee all over my PowerBook. There’s also a distinct possibility that I just peed on myself. Damn you.

  58. Another Faith

    I applaud Jupiterpluvius for her eloquent, appropriate response to Lily. I was thinking of going with the equally appropriate but far less eloquent, “What the fuck are you doing in this blog, Lily?”

  59. TastesLikeChikken

    Wondered where my shower curtain went to…..

  60. Jan

    I kinda like this fug. It is a fun fug… I think a change of top could make this outfit work.

  61. zazzu

    She’s pretty and thin, so I’d think she’d look good in anything. Boy, I’d be wrong.

  62. Texasexile

    Mad props to Jupiterpluvis. I myself was just going to go for a simple Dear Lily and Reine – you are trolls who apparently have no idea what this blog is all about. I am sure that I speak for my fellow fuggers when I say “Please shut the fuck up and go away.”

  63. Fluffernutter

    Dear Lily:

    I fug myself every day, with all the viciousness I can muster (which is quite a bit). But I haven’t got NEARLY the financial resources or the audience base to pull off a really Grande Fugge.

    …and I think the key is the audience base aforementioned. It’s performance art to some extent, being a red carpet denizen.

    That said, I really have to protest that aqua color with her complexion.

  64. heather

    she looks hideous, and what is with the “I’m sucking something outta my teeth” face?

    And she is still married to Simon.

  65. vennie

    I like Jupiter’s slogan. Who here would buy a Viva Fug! T shirt if it were available? I would! hahaha Hint hint, Heather and Jess. :)

  66. Jules

    I wasn’t even going to bother making a comment on this outfit—the fug is so obvious. Why bother, right? But then I saw comments by Reine and Lily, and got all excited. Nothing gets me more excited than people defending a celebrity’s “style.”

    Reine. You really think what she’s wearing is style? How do you even know that’s her style, and not something her misguided stylist told her to wear? Why are you defending her? Are you secretly Simon Le Bon? That’s really sweet. But Valentine’s Day was Monday. Also, I do read Vogue and Elle. You obviously don’t.

    Lily. Oh Lily, Lily, Lily. “Ah, so this is what the cesspool of cruelty looks like…!” I think you are the queen of the “snide, attempting to be clever” comment. Congratulations. Also, you seem to not understand that the trade-off of celebrity and all that accompanies it (fame, riches, comfort), is scrutiny by the public. How do you know I can’t take my own medicine? I’m totally willing to send in a picture of myself to Jessica and Heather (they have my email and can contact me) and have it fugged by the public.

    Nuff said.

  67. GB in GB

    Simon was on Richard & Judy’s show over here in GB-land last week.
    He totally sang his wife’s praises, blabbed about how happy they were and how his wife “gets more beautiful every year”

    I recall Brad Pitt saying that about poor ol’ Jen just before he gave her the elbow…

    This outfit…has to be the worst yet – she must have worn it for a bet, or to please her in-laws by wearing their Xmas gifts all at once.

    Do us all a favour love, bag the lot up for Oxfam (that’s if they’ll take them…)

  68. MAdgelove

    Yasmin is CLEARLY a fan of this site and her outfit is mearly a bone thrown to her favorite critics.

    There can be no other explanation.

  69. BB

    “Ah, so this is what the cesspool of cruelty looks like…!” I

    You know, when I read that, I thought it was talking about her outfit!

  70. Peacebang

    oooh, ooh! Let’s all send in photos of ourselves to be fugged!! That would be so fun, like “Go Fug Yourself: Amateur Hour.”
    Lily…oh, pussycat. C’mon now. Don’t humiliate yourself on a site devoted to yummy, bitchy criticism by suggesting that we all join the Amy Semple McPherson “Jesus Wants You For A Sunbeam” Club. What’s that puke-provoking women’s web site that was designed for humorless, hostile harpies like you? I can’t think of it just now, but it’s the internet equivalent of the Lifetime Channel. Why don’t you run off and play there? That’s a good girl.

    On the topic of Duran Duran, I *just* remembered that one of my high school boyfriends was obsessed with them and used to wear eye liner a la Simon LeB. He lost his virginity to me on prom night but I’m ever so sure he’s gay by now. Thanks girls, for the sweet kohl-lined memories.

    Yasmin! Horizontal lines! Vertical lines! Bad sausage curls! 1970′s Librarian bow-at-neck! Aqua and mauve-pink! My kingdom for a fainting couch!

  71. Lily

    Actually, no – I’m not misinformed about what the blog is about. If you notice, I agreed that it didn’t look good. I didn’t defend what she was wearing, nor did I say it was wrong to say it wasn’t the best thing to be wearing. What I said was that the comments about her physical appearance were cruel.

    I know damn well that this is a site for making fun of what celebrities wear (it’s only obvious), and I know damn well that when you’re a celebrity people expect you to look good when you go out. It only takes common sense to know that much. People do the same thing after red carpet shows and it’s aired on the television, put in newspapers, whatever. People can say and do whatever the hell they want to; that was not what I was speaking of. My beef was how it turned into discussing how skinny she was and the like – that was what I thought was out of line. That was all. It’s just a peeve of mine; I don’t make anorexic jokes about models or comment on their skinniness because you never know which ones are sick and which ones just have genuinely fast metabolisms in this day and age.

    Very amusing how you perceived me to be slamming the whole arena of critique though. Perhaps now you’ll see what I meant *instead* of what you *thought* I meant. I can give myself a gold star for causing an uproar, either way. :P

    You have your opinions, I have mine. I’m not going to sit here and spar over who’s right. For me, it was all about the harsh comments about her physical appearance and nothing else. Do you really think I’m going to get infuriated over people saying an outfit is fugly? Really now. I’m not that bored, uninformed, or hypocritical.

    Anyhow, I’ll apologise for causing such a stir on your site. I wasn’t angry and I certainly wasn’t intending to make anyone else angry. What’s that saying – opinions are like assholes and everyone has one? It fits. I’ve spoken my opinion, clairified what I meant for those of you that thought I didn’t understand, and now I’ll be on my way.

  72. HeatherX

    Lilly, hon.’ If you don’t care so much, why the thesis-length boo-hooing then, and over of all people, a celebrity wife sniffing out the camera because her own grown-ass self wants to be photographed by the great unwashed? Valium is your friend. “Nuff said” ;)

  73. Peacebang

    :::passing the hankies:::

    Don’t you all feel ashamed of yourselves? I’m going to stick my own finger down my throat in penance this very minute.

  74. HeatherX

    ::sniff:: HOOOONK!!, ew, booger::

    Me, too, Peacebang, ::SNORT:: me too!

  75. Peacebang

    For real, though… as a professional care-giver and such, I want to say this: a blog that is devoted to free expression of the Shadow Side is what it is. It is a safe outlet, a theatre of cruelty and malicious humor. None of us on here knows anything but the other’s most base, mean-girl personas, which is not the real person. So get over thyself, Chick. To quote Robert DeNiro as Al Capone in “The Untouchables,” “You know NOTThin! You got NOTThing!”
    If you can’t handle Dionysian orgies, stay home. Viva la fug!

  76. Elaine

    OK, maybe I’m not as bright as I thought I was.

    I understand that there are some people who do not think it is appropriate to critique the fashion choices of celebrities. Got it. Don’t agree with it, but got it.

    So why, oh WHY, if you feel this way, would you go to a blog that is EXPRESSLY FOR THE PURPOSE of doing just that? What else do you do for fun, watch The Rivers Family Trainwreck?


  77. HeatherX

    Peacebang, I WUV you! This is one of the other reasons I keep coming back here — people who can reference the shadow self and Dionysian orgies correctly and without trying to be pretentious! I too am a great believer that you absolutely must find a way to acknowledge the shadow in yourself. If you don’t, well, there’s exibit A up above: You become a thin-skinned, secretly bitter, celebrity-worshipping jackass who’s more likely to express her shadow in truly nasty passive-agressive “helpful” comments all the while pretending she’s oh-SO concerend for the welfare of humanity and the children — THINK of the CHIRRUN, Y’ALL!!! :))

    Whoo! And thanks, Lanus/Elaine, for reminding me that maybe old Raine & Lily are two of those millions who live for creating celebrity worship sites and probably *do* think said celebs are more equal than others.

  78. TwoRainingPrincesses

    **old Raine & Lily are two of those millions who live for creating celebrity worship sites**

    I’d say so. Please note for future reference if you are REALLY bored: http://www.duranduran.com/bboard/duranduran/index.asp

    You have to log in you lucky sonsobitches you! But it can be entertainment on a rainy afternoon.

  79. BornAgainPagan

    “What’s that saying – opinions are like assholes and everyone has one?”

    And the ORIGINALITY of these wannabe starfuckers! Priceless.

  80. akadrenalinegirl

    Lily, as someone who works everyday at trying to fit into a size 14 by excersize and tryign to eat healthy I am justified in ridiculing a fug. If Gods/Goddesses of genetics blessed me with the “ideal (size 2 *barf*) body” and a wad of cash I would certainly hope to display a somewhat less ridiculous sense of fashion.
    Try not to hurt your skinny superior attitude when you dismount of your high horse.

    signed, healthy alaska bayiotch!

  81. nocomment


  82. Jan

    Lily, if you are here defending the skinny supermodel (poor thing must have low self-esteem from looking like that)[/end sarcasm], why aren’t you over on the Bloat Watch entry defending people who are calling Jon Favreau fat? Or on the Nikka Costa one? She is maybe half a size bigger than Yasmin, and there is talk of how her legs are “huge” and “disgusting”. Or do you think the fat (or imaginary fat, in Nikka’s case) deserve these comments?

  83. Jan

    fighting with, not defending*

  84. Fluffernutter

    Can we please not lose sight of the real horror here?

    By which I specifically mean:


    That’s yer enemy, right there. Let’s work together to stop the insanity!

  85. Sarashay

    I’m reading the look on her face as “I swear, I’m just KIDDING about the outfit!”

    Please tell me that’s what it means.

  86. JupiterPluvius

    Yes, it’s cruel when people call PROFESSIONAL RUNWAY MODELS “too thin”. WTF?

    I take back what I said about Lily’s face receding into her skull–any bone worth its calcium would reject it.

  87. BornAgainPagan

    After taking a gander at the Pam Anderson pic *retch* — excuse me — may I add that Mrs. Le Bon gets a lifetime pass for this laundry day look if she throws just one of those items of clothing over Pam’s Hep-C stricken body. Please, Yasmin, I beg of you!

  88. Jessica

    Let’s stick to talking about the outfit, please! Thanks.

  89. madgelove

    WORD. Hep C is no joke, whether she has it or not.

    BTW, is this get-up eerily similar to the matching outfits the Brady girls wear for their, pardon the expression, “performances?”

  90. JupiterPluvius

    Anderson does have Hepatitis-C, and I applaud her for talking about it so openly in the media. Seriously–her candor about that is one of the things I most admire about her.

    Unfortunately, the physical changes are often caused by that disease (specifically, taut, swollen trunk) are one factor in why her astonishingly fugly outfit fugged above is so spectacularly unflattering as well as whorish and inappropriate.

  91. Smarter than I look

    Does anyone remember the time Yasmin Le Bon went to some awards show with Courtney Love and they dressed in identical white prom dresses? Yasmin’s been wallowing in the fug for a very long time now.

    What’s with all of the trolls lately? We had this problem on the Gwen Stefani picture too.

    Have all of the patients on the Personality Disorders (PD) Psych wards beem “cheeking” their meds? Zyprexa comes in an “insta-dissolve” form now…might want to look into it.

    Lilly is displaying a classic defense mechanism: “I hate me; you’re like me, so I hate you.”

    And also one of my very favorite PDisms: “I hate you. Why don’t you love/like me?”

    Eating disorder much?

    Jupiter: You rock!!!

    PS: Humor is the most advanced coping mechanism.

  92. BornAgainPagan

    “PS: Humor is the most advanced coping mechanism.”

    Which may explain why it’s absent from the troll/psychostalkers posting here. I love me some good actors and a handful of musicians producing some good viewable and listenable shit, but take your meds already, troll-fans! It is NOT your mission in life to spend countless of your albeit empty days defending the fragile, oh-so-delicate egos of multi-billionaires and famewhores.

    Back on topic: I think Yasmin reminds me of an aunt I have who has this nauseating habit of sucking on her front teeth like she’s trying to suck food stuck in there — does it all the time, at weddings, everywhere *ugh* her tongue is her toothpick. Also, I think the blue of that granny blouse would actually complement her skin tone if it was brought down a couple of notches. Maybe a powder blue, with a solid black pencil skirt. And without the teeth-sucking.

  93. Sarashay

    I don’t recall Yasmin le Bon having anything to do with Courtney Love. Methinks you’re thinking about Amanda DeCadenet, who was briefly married to John Taylor, Mr. le Bon’s sometime bandmate.

  94. Smarter that I look

    Thanks, Sarashay! I always get my Duran-Duran wives mixed up. :-)

  95. huh

    Is the fur real? If so, what happened to her? She and her husband used to be “anti-fur”.
    Oh, and I believe she needs someone to pick clothes for her all the time. I gasped when I once saw her wearing something which you can see her tits and butt clearly. Clearly enough to see the size of her nipples,the shape and design of the underwear. Who said this woman has class?

  96. huh

    Is the fur real? If so, what happened to her? She and her husband used to be “anti-fur”.
    Oh, and I believe she needs someone to pick clothes for her all the time. I gasped when I once saw her wearing something which you can see her tits and butt clearly. Clearly enough to see the size of her nipples,the shape and design of the underwear. Who said this woman has class?

  97. lucky

    is it just me or is she morphing into teri hatcher? dressed in a victorian lightshade?


  98. Oh bitch, please...

    SCENE: Trendy London boutique. Yasmin is behind dressing room door. Salesperson approaches with lovely garments.

    SALESPERSON: Mrs. Le Bon, here are some other things I think you will look lovely in’

    (door opens revealing LB in outfit pictured above)

    SP: OH..well..umm…I didn’t acutally mean for ALL of those peices I gave you to be worn TOGETHER.

  99. borborygmus

    That is one fuggin’ hideous ensemble (and all the individual parts are fugly, too). I don’t really know who she is (aside from the odd AbFab reference), but … she’s homely as a mud fence. Was she once a great beauty or something? I swear I think she looks like Crazy Margot Kidder. Anyone else?

  100. borborygmus

    That is one fuggin’ hideous ensemble (and all the individual parts are fugly, too). I don’t really know who she is (aside from the odd AbFab reference), but … she’s homely as a mud fence. Was she once a great beauty or something? I swear I think she looks like Crazy Margot Kidder. Anyone else?

  101. Dutch Girl

    Just a side note; they are still married, 16 years this year.
    Doesn’t excuse the fug, no.

  102. Sunshine

    when i saw this photo, i laughed so hard i cried. i have NEVER in my life seen such a misguided attempt to be 5 different kinds of trendy, even on the sad, sad ms. peldon. hell, even mischa barton hasn’t gone this far down the road of fug. however, what an insight into what mischa will be 15 years from now…

  103. Copiously Copulating

    Looks like an easter experiment gone wrong! You have the pink and the blue with the twine for the basket and even the bunny fur and ribbons! I suspect Jimmy Neutron had something to do with this!

    Jupiterpluvius, I really enjoyed your Comments!

    Reine and Lily are overly obsessed Duranies that have nothing better to do then try and get Simon LeBon to notice them. They would hang Yas in a second if they thought they could get her man!

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