Harry Potter and the Deathly Fuglows

If we learned anything from the Harry Potter series, it’s that You Know Who and his army of Death Eaters can strike at any moment — causing untold havoc and heartless destruction in their wake. We thought, of course, that Lord Thingy had been vanquished. However:

It seems Voldemort just retreated to the inside of Draco Malfoy’s closet, where he’s slowly wreaking havoc on the man’s wardrobe. But you know what they say: First, one man’s wardrobe, NEXT THE WORLD. Someone find DanRad and have him put his tennis shoes in the safe.

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  1. Gigi

    Did he ride to the event on his bike? Why is his bottom half Wall Street and his top half all SXSW attendee caught in the rain? Is he wet or sweaty? The expression and the hair (I sympathize: I also have thin, unmanageable hair) don’t help. Definitely Lord Voldemort’s work.

  2. ceecee

    Everything about this look is a delight- the topknot, the scruffy beard, the wrinkles, the man-pris, all the way down to the sock-less dress shoes. But the best part is the satisfied smile. This needs a thought balloon- “NAILED IT!”

    • Emily

      Yeah, I can’t hate on it because he looks so happy. I guess you could take his smile as smug, but I don’t. It’s hilarious.

  3. Shiitake

    Woman repellant or man repellant, as the case may be.

  4. Sajorina

    Ok, his hair & the Terminator sunglasses are bad! Plus, the rolled up pants make me think “Which pond did he have to cross to get to this event?” Anyway, the jacket is nice, the shirt ok, but too casual and the shoes are rad, but no socks? Who does he think he is, SWINTON? Ummm, NO!

  5. vandalfan

    The jacket and T shirt and glasses, and possibly even the five o’clock shadow, are typical hipster guy. The rest of this look implies that he mugged a banker, stole his pants and shoes, and intends to wade through a creek to throw off the pursuing bloodhounds.

  6. eandh

    he LOVES his manpris – he’ll roll up any random pair of trousers – and I’m surprised to see dress shoes, he’s been rocking this look with various pairs of TOMS, and tweeting loudly his love of TOMS, for weeks. Englishman in LA unprepared for sun but enjoying it LOL. He’s in a 4-year relationship, he’s stopped trying to pick up chicks. But it’s sad how badly he fails at casual clothes, given how well he can rock a suit.

  7. Paige

    Honestly, the capri pants aren’t even the biggest issue here. Somebody fetch the scissors and give poor Tom the haircut he deserves.

  8. deee

    Is there any female in the world that likes a guy in man-pris? Are there guys that guys in man-pris?

    So perplexed.

  9. aphy

    I had a horribly inappropriate crush on him circa 4th-6th movie. This “outfit” cleared that right up. As they say, the evil lways dresses better. Apparently, he learned nothing from being a bad-ass Slytherin.

    • Miranda

      The drawback to setting your epic tale of good and evil in a prep school: uniforms. Nobody comes out the other side knowing how to dress like a good guy, bad guy, reformed bad guy, whatever. It all gets very confusing.

    • Liane

      I also have an inappropriate dirty old lady crush on young Mr. Malfoy. But I cannot get behind the manpris.

  10. Sarah

    I’m actually delighted by this. It caused me to burst into laughter anyway.

  11. nobody much

    but but… his father was always so well dressed. What happened Draco?

  12. Melissa

    I’m not sure I’ve ever seen such a comprehensive male stumpification before. Impressive.

  13. eandh

    Should have a pic of him with his girlfriend – who’s wearing a cloche hat and a Kate Moss for Topshop white lace dress.

  14. Mahastee

    I miss Hot Neville.

  15. Ben

    As a gay, I feel my words carry Deep Weight. Also a large pinch of Importance.

    Beyond my slagginess, I’m fairly picky. Not clothes-wise; I dress like a hobo. This is lame on paper and on .jpeg, but surprisingly I feel like in real life it’d be damn charming, with a side of risky and saucy. Yah, saucy. Perhaps even salacious. Just sayin’.

  16. Alena

    ….And this just killed my crush on Draco. What in fresh hell, Tom Felton? I’m trying to think of how he thought this would actually be a good idea…

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