Halloweenly Played, Martha Stewart

Halloween is coming a week and a half early, it seems, and with it, a very premature Christmas present to us all:

She looks like a Glinda souffle that just kept on rising and rising.

[Photo: Getty]

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  1. KarenG

    She’s a hoot, and I love that she has so much fun with Halloween.

    • The What

      I want that outfit for candy-begging with my daughter. I am a dude.

      •  HelenBackAgain

        Oh, I’ll bet your daughter would love that.

        If you do it, we need a picture!

  2.  HelenBackAgain

    Cotton candy! Yum!

    I may be a bit peckish…

  3. Mair Mair

    Do you have ANY IDEA how many boxes of pink Kleenex it took to make this???

  4. Kate


  5. AJ

    This is everything.

    • Anne B

      It is, and SHE is.

      I can’t believe I’ve gone from disliking this woman to loving her with my whole heart, in like five years. She even ages more gracefully than we do. <3

  6. Lizzy

    Love it! Love her Halloween costume and decorating ideas!

    All that tulle gives the illusion that she is floating.

  7. Heather

    Love me some Martha!!

    Story: my sister (a photographer) got to photograph Martha once, and said she was very lovely and professional and personable.

  8.  Nora

    I think I may have seen her hanging on the photo arch at my senior prom.

  9. Maria L.

    I can’t help it, I think this is charming and funny. Say what you want about Martha, she is fearless.

    • GFY Heather

      I also find it funny! The post was meant to be light.

      • Maria L.

        @ GFY Heather That’s a generic “say what you want” not specifically in response to your post!

        Your post is as light as a feather!

  10. LB

    She is awesome with Halloween. It’s always fun to see what she does.

  11. martinipie

    This is like the prettiest possible outcome of Harry Potter inflating his aunt and sending her adrift. I mean that in a good way.

  12. Jax

    She’s had some great Halloween MS Living covers too.

  13. Cat

    Is it sad that this is one of my favorite looks on her? Love it.

  14. Sajorina


  15. luxsword

    Barbapapa ! Miam !

  16.  Steph

    This made my morning!

  17. Rachael

    I love her enthusiasm for Halloween. As someone with no enthusiasm for it whatsoever, I’m actually surprised that I find her joy in the holiday so delightful. But, you know, I guess I just appreciate her commitment and obvious enjoyment.

  18. Little Lupe

    Man, I love her!

  19. CC

    It’s great to see someone who is willing to dress up (not like a hooker) and willing to have fun. I have always thought it was way cooler to dress up and be unafraid to look un-cool than to be “too cool” to dress up.

  20. Nanny

    One of my favorite moments from her old show is her and Christian Siriano making Halloween costumes. He goes all out too as you can imagine. I remember him eyeing her so carefully, them both making some awesome mermaid costume, it was so fun to watch.

  21. Cruising

    Didn’t I just see her in this same costume on a magazine cover recently too? My daughter exclaimed that it was THE Fairy Godmother from Cinderella. :)

  22. Daffodil

    I love how she is selling this costume so hard it doesn’t even look like she’s touching the ground. She is just floating there, ethereally, like it’s all part of the costume. Rock on, Martha, rock on.

  23. Shanti

    I just love how into Halloween Martha Stewart gets. This is just so fluffy and fun – it’s fantastic!

  24. Evalyn

    I think Martha and Heidi Klum should design a line of costumes together.

    And I must say, this is an age appropriate Halloween costume for Martha!

  25. Laurie

    did anyone else look quickly and think Connie Britton? She is rocking some serious Tami Taylor eyes in that picture. which, obviously: well played, Martha.

  26. Kayron

    I feel like this is Martha does Gaga doing Glinda. Which. Awesome, is what I’m saying.