Hairtrospective: Alec Baldwin

When I stumbled upon Alec Baldwin’s latest attempt at coiffure, I was going to fug it plain. Then I realized digging through the photo archives for a little sashay down memory lane would be so much more fun. Warning: This slideshow ends somewhere adjacent to the Kingdom of Bieber. It’s alarming and I couldn’t send you there without forewarning. Brandish your liquid courage and let’s get going.

[Photos: Getty, WENN]

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  1. Edith

    This post is amazing, for the Over the Counter Pomade remark alone…. but it needs more young Alec Baldwin. I forgot how much I need Young Alec Baldwin in my life until that first photo, and then POOF! you went to middle-aged in the very next pic….

    Chestnut hair is a TERRIBLE idea. If you feel old with your lovely young wife and thus don’t want to be naturally steely grey, then (1) the time for dealing with that was BEFORE you married her, (2) get over it, and (3) if you must dye your hair, go back to the lovely dark dark brown it always was before…..

    • Jen

      I know! I wanted some more of that hot young Baldwin!

      • Heather

        I went as far back as our photo house had — couldn’t steal any pics. Sorry!

    • mhorv4

      I actually think the second picture is him at his best looking-his younger self looks slightly underdone.

  2. Sandra

    He should post Slide 20 on his bathroom mirror and try for that every morning. The rest of it just looks very…..strange.

  3. Jesse

    Please do Fugcap Working Girl! That movie is the bomb, and I fear These Kids Today have not seen it.

    • A.J.

      I second that motion! It’s been a while since I’ve seen that movie, I’d love to relive it through a discussion about 80s fashion!

      • cdd

        Third! You cannot leave us hanging! The styling in that movie (really everything in that movie) is incredible.

        • Maria

          Please! Joan Cusacks hair…there are no words… But I bet you would find some HILARIOUS ones!

  4. filmcricket

    Several things: 1) This was awesome. 2) How much does Alec look like Daniel in that 2nd photo? 3) The phrase “Fresh Bieber” is one that should never, ever be uttered again. 4) GUND! 5) Pretty please fug-cap “Working Girl” – that would be amazeballs. 5a) I flat out adore Joan Cusack, but yes, her hair in the 80s was something else; remember “Broadcast News”?

  5. Emmaleigh

    That last picture is exactly how my dad does his hair when he pretends to be Bieber. (Yes, my 60 some odd year dad, has pretended to be Justin Bieber at least once.)

    Back to Alec, I served him ice cream in the 90s. He was super nice. His hair was well groomed and he looked nice in was in khakis & a blue button down, total dadwear.

  6. jean

    He was gorgeous at 41. And he should always just rock the greasy comeback because that works for him. It’s very Don Draper and classic and it works. Product always!

    Also, in Working Girl, even in that era Joan Cusick was over the top. Gloriously over the top, but nobody really looked like her. Really. Now Sigourney Weaver in that film represents the 1980s and please note how gorgeous she looks. She’s got some good genes that woman.

  7. Andrew S.

    OMG – PLEASE fugcap ‘Working Girl’! It would be EVERYTHING!! I wish you guys did more ‘fromage’ as well

  8. Jules

    I like Alec Baldwin. A lot. He’s funny, good looking, does his own thing and he’s been famous a long time while mostly managing to stay above the fray caused by his crazy family. His recent weight loss looks great on him, but this new hair do is most certainly a don’t.

  9. Jules

    I like Alec Baldwin a lot. He’s funny, he’s good looking, he does his own thing. He’s been famous for a long time and yet manages to mostly stay above the fray caused by his crazy family. His recent weight loss looks great on him, but this new hair do is most certainly a don’t.

  10. Jen

    Aaaaa! Slide 23, what have you done to my EYYYYES!!!?

    I think it’s really funny how much his look changes from slide-to-slide, even when they’re all very recent. It’s like he goes from 52 years old, to 45, to 58…

    I will leave you all with this, one of my favorite Jack Donaghy moments – Alec Baldwin in hi-def. … Sign… he was such a dreamboat! :)

  11. Sally

    1) PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE fugcap “Working Girl”!!!! I am now looking out my office window at NY harbor and can’t get the theme song out of my head, damn it. I should have something to compensate for that.
    2) I am so going to superimpose my face over Kelly Lynch’s in the first photo and look at it every day.
    3) I recently saw an SNL special of Alec Baldwin sketches – very funny and I had the pleasure of seeing my 25 yr old cousin jaw-drop and say, “OMG- who IS that?” at a very young Alec Baldwin

  12. Lori

    Oh, this makes me miss the Alec Baldwin of the Hunt for Red October days. Yum. I had his picture on my dorm room wall.

  13. Beth

    I have seen “Notting Hill” about 11 milion times – give or take- and I still gasp when Alec is onscreen. What a difference 13 years makes!

  14. oldrose

    I swooned over every picture…and for sure could use more young Alec. He’s still got it!

  15. Kris M

    Her name is Hilaria!? Is that the plural of hilarious?

    • Mair Mair

      Giggle. I just assumed that was a joke that I didn’t get. One Google search later, and I know that that is, in fact, her real name.

  16. Lynne

    I am in love with this post. If ever there is an opportunity to steal your “pelt of Gund koala” joke in a casual social setting, I plan to jump on it. (Okay, I’ll give you credit.)

    I also endorse a Working Girl fugcap as well as perhaps a trip back to In And Out. Another movie that Joan Cusack mercilessly robbed from the leading actors.

  17. Christy

    I know I’m supposed to be looking at Alec, but I can’t stop looking at the first slide of Kelly Lynch and telling myself that I want that bikini top (and those ta-tas). WELL-PLAYED.

    • Diana

      I was distracted by the slide of Anne Heche. I had no idea that she and Judy Greer were separated at birth.

      I love the Alec pout – it’s kind of a Zoolander. I swear he does it on 30 Rock all the time. You have a great shot of this in slide 25.

  18. Rosa

    I looked at slide 23, the mullet shot, and thought ‘Good Lord, how did Barry Melrose make it from ESPN to a Fug Girls slide show?!’

  19. Mair Mair

    Some men became better looking with age, but I wouldn’t put Alec in that category. But even though I have warm memories of his youthful hotness (The Marrying Man, anyone?), I have a huge soft spot for his current persona. He’s smart and smart ass and funny as hell. Just what I like in a man.

  20. Mary

    You cannot tease a Working Girl fugcap!!
    Now I know how my dog feels when I only pretend to throw the ball!!!

    • Christy

      HAHAHAHA. So true, Mary. Fantastic comparison and TRUE STATEMENT.
      RETRO FUG in the form of WORKING GIRL, please.

  21. maryse

    alec baldwin was, is and always will be awesome.

  22. Prolixity Julien

    I think I have a useful persepective here:

    My husband is the same type as Baldwin, including the Straight Irish Chest Hair of Doom*. The hair on his head is so thick that it doesn’t tangle and he never need brush it. That kind of hair has two modes: spikey or levitating. It’s so thick that it sticks straight up for a long time before it starts to surrender to the forces of gravity, hence the pomade. Baldwin doesn’t have a lot of options, avoiding the bang fangs would be one, but remember this is the opposite of Jon Hamm hair. You have to coax it into floppiness and it will resist you all the way. He’s doing the best he can, and it will never leave him.

    *True story: the first time I saw Mr. Julien’s torso I thought, “Alec Baldwin is the only other person I’ve ever seen with chest hair like this!”

  23. LA

    Ok, I may be missing the point here (although I didn’t actually miss it; I quite enjoyed the hair retrospective). I am really distracted by the fact that I cannot remember or find (on imdb) what Alec and Kelly Lynch were in together. It’s killing me!

  24. LA

    …And furthermore, it says RIGHT ON THE SLIDE what it’s from. I’ll just be over here, quietly losing my mind.

  25. Stefanie

    So here’s a funny little ditty: I thought Young Alec Baldwin was a different Baldwin than 30 Rock Baldwin. Yep, true story.

  26. Gigi

    Yow, in Photo 23 he looks just like Bill Maher.

    Alec Baldwin falls into the category of People I Love To See No Matter What They’re In, But Wouldn’t Touch With a Bargepole In Real Life.

    Joan Cusack is The Deal.

  27. Angela

    Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease FugCap Working GIrl! You need to introduce Joan Cusack’s sassy secretary to a new fug generation!

  28. vandalfan

    His hair is Everything to Everyman, but my, oh, my he certainly wears his suits and casualwear to divine perfection!

  29. Art Eclectic

    28 pictures of Alec Baldwin. THANK YOU.

  30. Dyanna

    I would just like to say, that after seeing Beetlejuice for the first time since 30 Rock came out, I was surprised to see how foxy he was then. (I was 4 when Beetlejuice came out.)

  31. Ruth

    He looks a lot like Cary Elwes in slide 19. Maybe it’s the way he’s holding his mouth? He really is a fox, except when he looks like his brothers. He looks like Stephen in some of the slides and ick.

  32. Jo

    This is my preferred young Alec Baldwin (and more young pics next time please girls!) :

  33. Dazie
  34. Nici

    Awesome pictures! I love the reference to “Unbearable Lightness of Being”.

  35. tarasaurusrex

    God he is just THE BEST.

  36. Ann

    August 2011 totally looks like Bob Hawke, former prime minister of Australia –

  37. Alli

    I would love to see some more movie fugcaps here. Of all the things I love on this site (absolutely everything) I love the movie fugcaps the MOST. You and Jessica are both sooo hilarious<3

  38. Brooke

    The other weekend I caught the John Hughes movie “She’s Having a Baby” on tv and while Young Kevin Bacon is certainly scrumptious in his own right ( Young Elizabeth McGovern, while adorable, was cursed with a seriously unfortunate haircut and perm in that movie though), Young Alec Baldwin was MIND-BLOWINGLY BREATHTAKING. No joke, the first shot of him is enough to make you gasp. Funky highlighted mullet and all.

  39. Heather

    Awesome. Although there are some scary ‘dos here, we have to applaud a man who’s willing to experiment with color. Also, he looks hammered in most of these pics.

    BTW “never go with a hippie to a second location” is one of my favorite Jack Donaghy quotes. Also “I’m expecting a call from 1985.”

  40. Bdel

    I LOVE Working Girl. Wrote an essay in college about how the same song (Carly!) played at different tempos reflects the mood in the movie. Got an A, baby!

  41. yeahandalso

    I think in those long haired early 2011 pics he was trying to be Jeff Bridges and failing, there is only one Dude.

    I thought about both Maria Bello and Anne Heche that I wish he would date a strong, woman in her mid-40′s instead of a 20-something yoga teacher…especially Anne Heche that would be such an entertainingly volatile couple, they’re both nuts according to pretty much anybody who dated either of them.

    The younger pics really make me wish he was Batman instead of The Shadow…so much better a choice than Michael Keaton

  42. yeahandalso

    PS I totally thought “never go with a hippie to a second location” was a George Bluth quote and not Jack Donaghy but it fits them both perfectly.