Gutsily Played, Kristen Stewart; Well Played, Kirsten Dunst


On the night of the VMAs, when Elizabeth Reaser kindly stepped in to play her role, Kristen Stewart was across the continent in Toronto promoting On The Road — her first non-paparazzi public appearance since The Twipocalypse. And she went big. Remember when Ryan and Reese got divorced, and everyone painted Abbie Cornish as the interloper, and she started going out places frocked like a nun? I applaud Kristen — who has, in by belief unjustly, taken the brunt of the heat for the misdeed with Rupert Saunders while he is inexplicably largely left alone — for stepping onto this red carpet in something bold and brassy and sexy, instead of shuffling out in Puritan garb. It basically says, “I am not broken.” And while, yes, she certainly has her share of culpability, I find the media’s insistence on covering this with a “wanton tart seduces poor married man” aura to be unfair at best. So good for you, K.Stew, for refusing to curl up in a ball. Do I wish you’d done it without also showing off your undergarments? Yes. But as Mick Jagger once said, you can’t always get what you want.

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  1. Crystal

    She smiling, no eyeliner, and her hair is un-dirty….she looks good!

  2. pantsonfire

    Yep. Couldn’t have been an easy carpet to walk. The dress is totally fine by me, though I gotta say that I’m not loving exactly what’s going on in the face/headsuit department. The hairstyle seems a little bit to unbalance her face, no? Or is it the strong brows combined with the hair style? I really think she’s remarkably pretty, so this is not a dig at her face at all, just this particular headsuit. Overall, though, I think this is a victory.

    • Megan

      I think she’s very pretty, too. It’s just that she doesn’t even look like herself.

  3. lindsay

    That dress is soooo pretty from the back! Sure, I’m lamenting the lipstick, hairstyle and lack of full underskirt, but overall there’s a lot more good than bad here. Not least of which is a genuine-looking smile.

  4. Gal

    She looks beautiful in the second picture. A friend/parent/manager/stylist should really tell her to smile more often.

  5. Helen

    She looks great! A few details, as usual, that I would change – not loving the hairstyle, and the lipstick color is fine with me but she’s wearing too much of it, or it’s a bad texture – but overall, very very nice. The dress suits her beautifully, and the tailoring is almost without peer.

    And even if one doesn’t like her (and I don’t), it’s always nice to see someone looking genuinely happy. Maybe she needed a good scandal! ;-D But hey, yeah… Saunders is an older man, arguably with some authority or at least influence with her, and he’s the one that’s married – why isn’t he getting some blame?

    • Kat

      I totally agree with you (on the last bit), and that has irked me from the very beginning. It’s very frustrating that this happened between two people, and she’s absorbing all the blame, and even worse, that he’s letting her. I feel bad for the girl, and I’m no KStew apologist, but you know this must be one of the toughest things she’s ever gone through. Can you image living out the Scarlet Letter in front of the whole world?

    • Chasmosaur

      Concur on the blame machine here. Rupert Sanders is 41 years old, married and with a child. He has a large portion of blame here.

      Dress is pretty on her, hair is not. I’ve learned that we just have to cope with this lack of underskirt thing, and hope it will pass soon.

      • Jane

        So agree (about the blame and the hair). There was a really great article about the media putting the onus of the affair on her in Huffington Post- it actually has the word “trampire” in it.

        I basically find it reprehensible that she’s being vilified by the media and he gets off scot-free. Also that she’s been dropped from the Snow White sequel, and he has not. They would rather drop the TITLE CHARACTER than the married director!

  6. macy

    I must have missed all those articles calling her a wanton harlot. I’ve just seen dozens of articles excusing it as a “mistake” we all make when we’re “only 22″ and making her into the ultimate victim who’s had to endure SO much. I’ve never seen so many media outlets bending over backwards to excuse someone who carried on an affair. Somewhere Angelina and Sienna are going “WTH?”

    Anyway, like the dress, hate the hair and make-up. Didn’t like her before she cheated, don’t like her now.

  7. Luz

    Am I the only one who sees an Alyssa Milano resemblance in the smiling picture?

  8. Sandra

    I’d really love it if it was properly lined.

    I think a lot of the harsh that Ms. Stewart received was from some folks who aren’t quite clear that she and Mr. Pattinson are not actually Bella and Edward. Nothing provokes screaming rage like having the real world intrude on your fantasies. She’s young, she’s very much in the public eye, and she did something really stupid. She’ll learn from her mistakes and go on. Certainly not the burning-at-the-stake issue that some have made it out to be.

    Whatshisface, the director guy, is a Class-A idiot. A mature man wouldn’t have done this in the first place. He’d either say, “Go away, I like my life and my family just as it is” or “Go away, my life is a mess but getting involved with you isn’t going to help.” She may have been looking for trouble–I think she said something about that in an interview right before the sh!t hit the fan–but what is explainable, if not excusable, at 22 simply is NOT at 41. She bears some of the responsibility, but I do think his behavior is worse.

    I’m not just saying that because I am female. If their ages and life situations were reversed, I would still think that a 22-year-old should be old enough to know better but a 41-year-old is definitely old enough to know better.

    • daphne

      thank you! Sandra–

      I think the public, verbal whipping this poor young actress has been subjected to is horrifying and reprehensible. the guy is a husband and a father AND, in my mind, even more important, was her boss, for goodnesssakesss! power differential, anyone ? like, hello ? and he’s been left alone– (by the press) grrrrrr

      oy. shall I say how I really feel ? (sheepish apology for rant)

      ok. dress time.
      I think she looks smashingly gorgeous. as richly colored as a peony.

      yeah, I agree about the underskirt.
      and, even though the lighter hair and eyebrows do not cover up her beauty, I prefer the Snow White, nearly raven tresses..

      and the harsh pullback hair reminded me, sadly, of Nicole Kidman’s painful looking pullbacks- remember her accepting the gold man/Oscar ? ouch hair.

      painful breakups must tempt painful dos? I dunno–

      wow, this is long-winded and NOT funny. sorry gals!

    • kb

      ^^ This. Every word of it.

  9. Sonya

    Kristen is pretty and this dress has grown on me. Picture 4 up there is so weird though. I keep seeing it everywhere and something is so strange about it, it bothers me. It doesn’t look like her and it isn’t the lightened eyebrows.

  10. Liz

    I mean. Let’s be honest here. Clothing is not “brave.” Kristen Stewart is not “brave.” Perspective, indeed.

    • pantsonfire

      Well, maybe, maybe not. We are making some assumptions here, based pretty much on aesthetics and facial expressions and just her decision to show up and do the press line, I guess. I have no pony in this race, so it doesn’t matter to me if folks consider it bravery or nothingness. But I do want to say that bravery can happen on a seemingly minuscule scale everyday. Living a life bravely can mean many things, and sometimes it means a lot of little brave acts–or acts that require personal courage/fortitude that are particular to the person involved, but may seem insignificant to others.

      • pantsonfire

        And it may be that perhaps the clothes are more properly characterized as bold, but that wearing bold clothes sometimes takes a little bravery.

        • Jessica

          Nicely said.

          There are also degrees of bravery. We’re not saying this is the same thing as saving someone from a burning building. But it takes some guts to go out there and show your face sometimes, and that’s a good thing.

        • Sajorina

          @pantsonfire: BRAVO!!!! *standing ovation* @GFY Jessica: Well said! Thank you!

  11. Lynne

    Good for her on one hand.

    On the other, I think I’m over the floral trend. Personal bias, maybe, but it all just looks like granny’s wallpaper to me. I’m over it.

    Also, hate her hair.

  12. heather

    I think this is the nicest she’s ever looked. And yeah, she’s 22. I made stupid mistakes when I was her age. I just didn’t have to make them in the public eye. It doesn’t seem fair that she’s taking all the flack for things. Good for her for not going the burlap-sack route.

  13. Eli

    I actually like the dress but the hair is super unflattering to her ear region.

  14. Miranda

    Pic number 3 looks like Alicia Silverstone to me. I am also totally over the dresses that look as if the woman has a skin disease. That being said, I was ambivalent about her until I saw her episode of The Graham Norton Show. She seemed like it was such an inconvenience to be there. To that I say, carry yourself back to the house. There are plenty of people who want it more, have more talent, and would be more grateful.

  15. Kara

    Like the dress, not the hair. Don’t care about her personal life.

  16. Art Eclectic

    Oh, holy cats I love that dress. Would love it more if the lining had gone all the way down, but wowzers.

  17. S

    She looks like a knock out – her face is gorgeous! Am I the only one who thinks her and RPattz actually look better when they’re not together?! He looks hot lately, and never used to!

  18. amy

    I look at the director and see a pervy, skeevy boss who sexually harassed a much younger employee. Yes, she’s old enough to know better, but he’s disgusting.

    And I love that dress. The hair looks like she let her little sister fix it for her.

    • Tracy L

      I am inclined to agree with your first paragraph.
      I don’t know when I have seen her looking better. Not sure what it is. Is she thinner? and no, I’m not implying that she needed to lose weight or anything. Is it that her hair is styled differently? Whatever, she looks great and good for her.

  19. jodi

    Thank you for coming forward and saying what I’ve been wishing SOMEBODY would say for a while. She is a young unmarried woman, and she can have relationships with whomever she wishes, and I don’t want to hear about them. It’s stupid to choose a married man, but she now recognizes that and should move along.

    HE, however, has no such defense.

    The dress is beautiful, she looks beautiful, and I have a glimmer of hope that she’s learning to lift her chin, throw back her shoulders and stand up straight. But its just a little glimmer, as she still looks hunched over.

    • paige

      I don’t think you need to be married to sustain a monogamous relationship. Especially when you consider that not everyone in this country even has the opportunity to get married. My understanding is that she and her boyfriend lived together, so I assume they had a fairly serious, if young, relationship. I lived with my husband prior to marrying him, and it would have been inexcusable to me if he had justified cheating by saying “well we’re not married, so it’s ok.” It’s absolutely not. If your partner is relying on you to be monogamous, and you break their trust, you’re in the wrong. I don’t think a ring changes the situation too much.

      I really don’t even care about this scandal, but the “well she wasn’t married” argument hit a nerve with me.

      Anyways, she looks pretty here. Love the dress. Not sold on the hair.

  20. Alderene

    She does not have the ears for wearing her hair pulled back like that.

  21. Elizabeth

    I’ve been waiting to see what you had to say about this dress as it blew me away at the first photo. I love love love it. So bold, so festive, so va va voom.
    Her hair, on the other hand, … looks like it is going down for the count in a losing battle with gravity.

  22. TaraMisu

    I love the dress…. the hair, not so much.

    And I’m appalled at the behavior of the media towards KStew, it takes 2 to tango and why is the skeevy older married man not getting this type of attention and being called a whore? Ugh. Anyway, I know this is about the clothes and I think she bravely rocked the red carpet, fugly hair not withstanding :)

    • Art Eclectic

      Sadly, it’s always the woman who gets the blame when it comes to an affair. My theory on that is that it’s because the assumption is that of course the man has no self-control, he has a penis and can’t help himself, but the woman should know better. The whole thing is very sexist.

  23. Beth C.

    I really like the idea of the hair, I think the super straight, pulled back thing works for such a busy print, but yeah, slightly less bumpy would have been nice.

    I’ll be honest, the underskirt doesn’t bother me. I think it works, at least for me, because all the seqins and embroidery makes the overskirt feel more opaque than it actually is, so yeah, I like it unreservedly.

  24. ChristieLea

    I think most of the vitrol on K.Stew’s head stems from the fact that she had the NERVE to shatter the Real Life Bella And Edward Romance that so many twihards hold near and dear. The impression I’ve always gotten from her fans is they envy her more than love her: she got to play Bella Swan in their favourite series, and THEN she got to really fall in love with Edward for reals OMG!!!!…so most people figured her life was perfect, and so they were outraged when she threw away Edward for some old director who most definitely is NOT sparkly.

    I’m no fan of the girl, but I pity her for having to bear the brunt of rage for shattering so many great expectations.

    • Rina

      I’m sure there is some monster repository of realperson fic about those two, which I hope to never, ever find.

      The hair makes her look kind of strained and elongates her face a bit much, but the dress looks interesting and lovely. I like that she didn’t go for crotch-skimming OR a nun’s habit.

  25. RebekahMacd

    I think the dress is gorgeous, although would like the underskirt to go all the way to the hem. I want it. I am also incredibly jealous of everyone who gets to wear shoes like that. I miss those days.

    And Kirsten’s dress is lovely too.

  26. Amy

    It’s nice to hear some voices of reason here – for some reason much of the ridicule has been directed at her instead of whatshismarriedface. Seriously, thank GOD I’m not being held accountable for some of the relationship choices I made when I was 22! She looks stunning here – I mean if I were going through what she is going through right now, I’d have Cheetos dust in my hair, a month’s worth of leg hair, a cookie dough ice cream hangover and the extra butt to show for it.

    And I love this dress.

    • Mukel

      For real. It’s because she’s a woman. You know, with our supernatural powers of seduction that no man can resist. Angelina, for example, is always painted as the succubus who stole Brad Pitt from Jennifer Aniston. As if the guy had no will of his own.

      • Art Eclectic

        The only intelligent thing that Denise Richards has ever said was in regard to “stealing” Richie Sambora, “How do STEAL someone else’s husband? You don’t. He goes willingly.”

  27. Mare

    I don’t pity her or think she is brave….she has made a stinking ton of bank on the whole Bella thing, and if she wants to continue getting roles, she must keep herself out there, since her talent is not why she is booked these days. That being said, the dress is cute, and the director should be shunned.

  28. vandalfan

    I would not call this sartorially brave. Considering the hemline and the wearer, it’s practically ready for the convent. But her hair really is unattractive.

    Now, although I’m not KStew fan (“oh, lord, not bitchface again”, I said to myself on seeing this photo), she did nothing wrong in her personal life and is being treated unfairly. She’s young and unmarried, not even engaged. The married family man is responsible for his own fidelity.

  29. Bea

    I see what you mean about her face changing, or at least looking mildly different, but i think that’s actually down to weight loss… Anyone agree she’s even thinner than she already was? Or could she indeed be growing out her ‘coltish’ expressions? Mind you, a public furore like the one she’s endured would put a few lines on anybody’s face…

  30. filmcricket

    I was leaving the theatre as she was arriving on the red carpet, and I was stunned by what a tiny little slip of a thing she is – not just slender, but short, too, despite the fact that pics make her look like she’s got legs for days. The dress was very darkly glam in person – it was too dark to really see what her hair was doing but I agree this style is a bit awkward for her. Eye make-up is great, the lip is a bit too harsh.

  31. SKGD

    Love, love, love this dress! Good on you Kristen! I am not a Twilight fan, sorry just don’t get the hype, but I did see her in Snow White and was pleasantly surprised. That and how she is being treated now I must admit I am becoming a fan, or least solidly in her corner. Like so many others have commented, she is just 22 and we all made some bad decisions at 22! Thank goodness mine were not broadcast all over the world. Rupert Sanders, on the other hand, is 20 years older than she is, married with children, and was in a position of authority over her. He’s laying low but she’s out there in public taking it on the chin. Shame on him in spades!!

  32. Susan

    WOW!!! she is smileing in some of the pics. Maybe she is like me and is far, far happier being single. I don’t think marriage or relationships are nesessarly for everyone. I wish I could have convenced my mother of that fact and if a couple of DIPSTICK men would have believed me when I said it. It would ave been a lot better for everyone envolved if any one had taken me seriously.ESPECIALLY ME!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. rb

    Not to be repetitive, but it merits inquiring… WTF with her hair? Pulling it back at her temples does not make her pointy ears like more elvin. She looks HOT in the “On the Road” trailer. Can we get that look, please? This is giving me flashbacks to 7th grade.

  34. Claire L1

    I’m not EVEN going to comment on the affair… She’s young, he’s not…they were both stupid….

    But *I* think this is the best she’s looked in ages….and I actually like the hair. It’s got her attitude, but is actually clean and brushed.

  35. yeahandalso

    I do not care for the dress on her. It gives her broad shoulders and a short waist, neither of which she normally appears to have. Also, it is sort of matronly somehow. If you cover up the head and asked me to guess who wore it I would have said Marishka Hargitay

  36. Memo

    I’m SO happy this got posted! She looks absolutely stunning. I especially love her new hair color, which does SO much more for her than the gothic black ever did.

  37. jlj

    The dress is amazing, and I like that she smiles and goes right out there, knowing there might be some unkind things said. It is brave; it is also what she simply must do. She has to face her mistake and work on the growing up thing some more. I’m glad to see her do it and not hide. Good for her, damn it. She admitted wrong. She apologized. Then, she moved forward. That’s how it has to be done.

    The whole situation is ridiculous. She messed up, and so did the man, although no one is calling him a slut or ‘trampire,’ are they? The general excuse is “He’s not that famous,” but that’s just utter bull from a bunch of people who should, and do, know better.

    I’m not as fond of the hair because it looks painfully tight, but it’s daring, and I like that. She’s lost weight. Her face is very thin. She’s very beautiful as always. However, I think she’s reached her weight loss limit.

  38. WithoutaK

    Meh. Never been a fan of florals or her so I don’t really care but I agree 100% that the director is just as culpable in the whole affair. It takes two to tango after all. Although I am very surprised how many people keep saying she was single. She was in 3 or so year, presumably monogamous relationship and cohabitating. It may not be married, but it’s also not “sleep with whoever you damn well please.” Ol’ Pattinson did not appear to think they were in an open relationship, so she did wrong too. Period. And whether they like it or not, they live in the public eye and this kind of shit gets out, 22 is NOT too young to use your damn brain and think of your reputation when you live in the public eye.

  39. Nancy

    Such a beautiful dress marred only by the fact that the lining should’ve gone all the way down. But, I’m still happy with it. And very happy that she’s finally not in a micro-mini just because she’s in the age bracket that wears them. This is much more flattering. Could even have been a tad bit shorter.

    Her hair color and make up I think are both pretty, though I don’t like the ‘do.

  40. emily

    The dress reminds me pleasantly of the print of a Betsey Johnson dress I wore in my youf, so I’m liking it. She does look like she’s lost weight: cheekbones look sharper or something. I’m not loving the hair: she has a longish face and between the uncovered forehead and the hair kind of extending the face, I don’t think she’s particularly doing herself favors. I completely agree w/Heather that this is one of those times when you can see what someone will look like when s/he’s completely formed and adult.

    Also also: yes re the vilification. I thought Jodie Foster’s article was fairly dumb: this woman is 22, not 18, but otherwise, how is she the Whore of Babylon when the guy is almost twice her age and, oh yeah, MARRIED. The double standard, it lives.

  41. Sajorina

    LOVE!!!!!!! That dress might be my LBD with a BANG soulmate! COVET! I’m in love with it… And, the fact that she wore it with navy patent leather stiletto heels makes me love this even more! I like the color of the hair & now want it for myself! I like that I can see her BEAUTIFUL face and the makeup is flawless! WELL PLAYED! FAB! ABSOLUTE WIN!

    I also applaud her for going out there holding her head up high during a difficult situation… What 22 y/o hasn’t made a mistake and lived to regret it? I know I have! Maybe that’s why I’ve spent many months at a time lying on the floor in a pile of wet Kleenexes crying until my soul was dry! Love you, Heather!

    • Sajorina

      Oh, I also LOVE Kirsten’s whole look & Garret looks soooo handsome! GORGEOUS trio!!!

  42. BeeDreams

    I too, am going to basically ignore the outfit (it’s pretty) and say who didn’t feck something up at 22? I sure did. This director douche seems to have gotten off scott free (media wise) which is just PANTS. I know she made a choice but again, everybody stuffs up- we just don’t have a hoard of gross paparazzi following us.

    Ok, rant over! Thanks for that fug nation.

  43. Lilibet

    Kirsten looks great in that dress although I have reservations about the hairstyle. It makes her ears stick out. I find her difficult to warm to but my heart went out to her when I saw another photo from this event on another website. For an unguarded moment, she looked so lonely and hollow. I know that feeling. Good luck Kirsten. Give it time…

  44. Tamburlaine

    The dress is gorgeous and Stewart looks very pretty in it: I don’t even mind the lack of a proper lining. Not so sold on the hairstyle, but her hair is lovely.

    And I like Dunst’s outfit, too. It’s a bit plain next to Stewart’s, but it’s very flattering.

  45. jean

    I love that backside look at the dress. The cut is perfect for making her legs look endlessly long and she’s short, isn’t she? I thought Kiki was short, but she looks like an Amazon in comparison.

  46. Carolyn

    If you’d described this dress to me – florals! metallics! transparency! lace! black! – I would have dismissed it as completely F-U-G. But seeing it on a person, I can’t help but feel that it totally works. Well done.

  47. Jolene

    She’s a child! Kids should be allowed to make mistakes, learn from them and move on. The older man in a fiduciary relationship to her failed in his duty of care and should be ashamed of himself.

    On another important note, I think she looks different because her eyebrows are thicker. Much more flattering!

  48. Tracey

    Love the dress, hate the hair, still don’t like the attitude from her (didn’t like it prior to the “scandal”). Twenty-two is not a child and it’s time to put the “trampire” articles AND the “poor Kristen” articles to sleep. Stars live and die by publicity and she’s a star – if she was known more for her acting than for her stardom, I might have felt worse for her.

  49. Tess

    Ha Rob did give her that necklace (apparently)

  50. Sarah O

    Her makeup looks good, but that dress is potentially the ugliest thing I have ever seen. Perfect for a slut. I mean I hate to be mean, but the man was MARRIED.

    • Jessica

      Yeah, and therefore HE shouldn’t have been hooking up with people. He’s presumably an adult capable of remaining faithful to his own wife.

      Don’t call people sluts on this website, please.

  51. Denise

    Unapologetically a Kristen fan here, and I do love the dress. Not a big fan of the hair, although I like the new color. The make up is fine, but not my favorite of her looks. The lips are a fresh burst of pink happy, though, and I do love that.

    She’s lost a fair amount of weight in the past few weeks, and that’s pretty apparent. You can see it in her face without a doubt. She was already trying to become more lean for her role in Cali (which she has now dropped out of- good decision), but the happenings of the past couple of months have pushed her into the ‘needs to put some weight back on’ side. But that’ll probably come as she recovers her emotional stability. I do think she’s brave for being there, because the girl has no doubt received a lot of death threats and hate mail. She always had to deal with some of that in the past, but it must be way worse now. It’s not easy to face a phalanx of people when you know that somewhere in the crowd there are folks who genuinely would do you an injury if they could. And that’s just the media! bada bing. Seriously, though, props to Kristen for not hiding away anymore.

    Rob did give her that necklace, and she almost never takes it off, no matter what she is wearing. It’s vintage Cartier, and worth a small fortune. Definitely worth more than the rest of her outfit put together.

  52. Blythe

    She looks happier than she ever did with Rob by her side. I don’t think that what she did is excusable, but maybe they weren’t right for each other.

  53. Ambrosia Jones

    I am SO disappointed in you girls. KStew looks a MESS, a damn hot mess. Side ponytail? Really? Derp face AND embroidery? No. I cannot and I SHALL not. Good day, madam. I said good day.

  54. Bambi Anne Dear

    That is about the best dress she’s ever worn.

  55. Jen

    What I love most is her eye makeup. A big thanks to the makeup artist who made her look fresh, well-rested, friendly, and clean. Because I think she always looks smeared and walk of shamish and hungover-crabby. But, oh dear god, STOP PULLING ALL YOUR HAIR OVER YOUR LEFT SHOULDER. It’s so affected. At least it looks clean and combed in these shots. Unlike the other three-days-without-a-shower grublet looks she usually adores.