Rock me Amadeus,  this is terrible:

Outfits like this are basically the entire reason this website exists. Because someone in the world will sniff of this, “you just don’t get it,” and I need somewhere to say, “oh, I GET IT. I just don’t LIKE IT.”

This dumb suit, with its too short arms, and those clonky shoes, and the no-makeup (which I get as a choice, but Zosia’s face needs some color and definition to compete with the INSANITY TAKING HOLD OF HER BODY) and the pattern that makes her look like she’s being SUCKED INTO SOME KIND OF WORMHOLE…I JUST CAN’T.  I CAN’T EVEN FINISH THAT SENTENCE. I CAN’T AND I WON’T. I feel like Elaine Benes: I DON’T LIKE THIS THING AND HERE’S WHAT I’M DOING WITH IT.


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  1. Miriam

    Whaaattt? Is it a suit? Chaps? A bird? A plane? Does not compute.

    • Brooke

      Yes, this. It’s not that I don’t get it, I don’t GET IT. What am I even looking at? I can’t even weigh in an opinion because I am so confused.

    • Gabfest

      Mother. Of. God.

  2. pahtypoopah

    Call me crazy *deep breath*…but I kind of like it! Maybe it looked worse in other photos? Or maybe that doesn’t matter?? I don’t even usually like crazy patterned suits and the flame details on the sleeves are borderline Ed Hardy- but I like it!
    But I do agree that the face needs some make up.

  3. maryse

    i have more of a problem with her hair being kind of a mess than her not wearing makeup. a suit that busy needs hair that is neat neat neat.

  4. Helen

    Well, this is awful.

    But I would kind of love the shoes if they weren’t platforms. A T-strap really works on her and the color is gorgeous.

    • Elle

      Ditto. LOVE the shoes. Although maybe without the t-strap (at least with pants)

  5. filmcricket

    This could work if the details were fixed. The jacket is indeed too small, and she needs to sell it, which includes sleek hair, proper make-up, and attitude. Basically, if she were owning it the way Anne Hathaway was owning the Tom Ford disaster from earlier, this could be really fabulous. Instead it looks insane.

    • AndersonicTK421

      Neck up: “I can’t be bothered with any of those trappings of femininity that society…”
      Neck down: “omigawd! squeeee! I got the super MOST COOLEST SUIT EVA!!!”
      Other: Shawn White called, he wants his smile back.

  6. Sandra

    Her face reminds me very much of my sister when we were in high-school. The clothes remind me to call my mother and thank her profusely for teaching better than to leave the house dressed like this.

  7. Stefanie

    This is insane. The suit, the hair, the no makeup(!?). It’s just a disaster.

    (And Im not one that believes you have to wear a full face every time you leave the house …BUT.)

  8. Lizzy

    At least she’s smiling? (Unlike every other GFY entry for her)
    It appears she though the jumpsuit(?) was busy enough that she needn’t bother with makeup, hairstyling or jewelry. On the contrary, she just might have pulled it off (like Ann Hathaway’s black nightmare) had she gone all-in.

    • vandalfan

      Thank goodness I’m not the only one who thought this hideous outfit was a jumpsuit at first. I think the matching T shirt and too-small jacket fooled me.

  9. Edith

    This is something that could only (maybe) work on a Met Baller like Coco Rocha, who would know how to style it and carry it off. Presented like this, its a disaster. None of it fits, it’s clasy and loud and haphazard and weirdly proportioned and trying too hard.

    I generally have no problem with women who don’t wear makeup day to day, but with seething like this, it just makes her look out of her depth, like she didn’t know what to do with her head, so she chose to do nothing at all. And whatever one’s thoughts in makeup, surely we can all agree Zosia needs a good haircut, something with shape and a cłean style to it…

    • Edith

      Jeez, I should never post from my phone… Should be:

      1. None of it fits, it’s CLASHY and loud
      2. but with SOMETHING like this (not seething!

  10. jean

    I can only hope she was supporting a friend designer by wearing this. Who designed this? And why did they think it would work on any human body (human or otherwise …it wouldn’t look good a mannequin either)?

  11. Kit

    Seriously, when this appeared on my screen, I said

    “Oh shit!” out loud.

    and then I sorta bark/laughed.

    (this is not a good reaction to an outfit in any case, but especially not when you work in a law firm where everything is SERIOUS. BIDNESS.)

    (Although I’d love to wear that to work one day just to see their reactions before they carted me off – as I sit here in my navy blue be-peplumed suit and “tasteful” jewellery. I’m rocking the fishnets and red suede court shoes though. ;) )

  12. mary lou bethune

    She is funny and probably very smart what with her father and all and obviously got lots of strokes for being HERSELF, which is great, but someone should have provided a little more fashion advice, like don’t grab your great aunt from Boca’s pantsuit…

  13. Rayna


    Girl has a natural radiance, and GORGEOUS shiny hair, but could use some restrained enhancements/styling for each.

    And a decent, tasteful dress in classic, simple lines. She could even accommodate those SHOES, sans platform, if she wanted.

    I don’t do a complicated hair/makeup thing myself as a rule, so I get it, but she would look better, not worse.

    • Celeste

      I completely disagree; she has whatever the opposite of “natural radiance” is, and her hair is disgustingly dull and damaged looking and gross, which is why she needs some make-up and a decent hair cut. Be that as it may, the most beautiful person in the world would look ridonkulous in this insane get-up. Honestly, one of the worst things I’ve ever seen on here.

  14. Joemama

    The way she’s standing looks like she just got out of the pool after being pushed in and she’s all cold and uncomfortable in wet clothes. My guess is that she IS uncomfortable in those clothes. The jacket sleeves are crazy. Being a long-limbed gal (Spaghetti Arms was my nickname) I cringe imagining that uncomfortable feeling when your jacket arms or pant legs are too short. I kind of want to wrap her in a nice fluffy towel and get her some tea.

  15. shanna

    The thing is, I think if she had pulled up her hair, wore a strong red lip and some fabulous black heels we’d be talking about how the print is insane but she totally pulled it off. I think this is one of those cases where she hurt herself in styling not necessarily outfit choice.

    • Megan

      I agree. This is a crazy fabric design, but someone who is a little more confident could be selling it. If you smile and at least *look* like you love the outfit, you can probably convince everyone else to do the same.

  16. Sandala

    I don’t even know.

  17. Samara

    I love Shoshanna, suits AND full-body insane prints. If the shoes were pointed and slate-grey, with a bun that looked like she did it on purpose and dark berry lips, this would be fantastic. It would also help if she learned a jauntier stance.

  18. kickassmomnyc

    Her ‘choice’ not to wear makeup or even attend to her hair is hypocritical in light of the ostentatious garment she chose to wear. She’s not making a point, really. It’s just lack of respect — for the public she loathingly courts and maybe for herself.

    • Edith

      YES. If you are trying that hard from the neck down, it’s ludicrous to “not be bothered” from the neck UP.

      And to everyone who thinks the suit works, really? It would look BETTER if she styled it well, but it would still be ugly and unflattering as hell. I mean, as I mentioned, a Coco Rocha could pull this off, but Coco Rocha can pull off wearing ANYTHING. This is hideous. There’s the black part, with the orange flames? dragons? The light blue sections look like too little gift wrap desperately trying to cover a too-big beflamed gift, taped down with the points not quite touching, in the hope that if you flip it over, it will be presentable. Just – NO.

  19. Elbyem

    It’s not a wormhole – it’s a “Versace Vortex”.

  20. rb

    Hahaha — I love Jessica’s appreciation for Elaine Benes at JUST the right time.

    Unlike her father’s screenplays, Zosia’s clothes cannot pretend they are smarter than me.

    • Hima

      I, too, think that Elaine clip was perfectly deployed for this post. My god, is that a horrible outfit. I don’t like this thing at all.

  21. Lynnlynn

    I cannot tell you how many times I have quoted a one Ms. Elaine Benes. That quote in particular, I have screamed at various women in magazines, on tv, and at least once at my husband. WELL PLAYED, FUG GIRLS.

  22. Lori

    You’re BALD!!!!! Love me some Elaine Benes – thanks – I needed that!

  23. Corriner

    FUG MADNESS here comes Shoshanna!

  24. Christin

    love her shes. that is all I have to say about that.

  25. Sarah

    The suit is terrible, but I mostly came here to say that that scene from Seinfeld is one of the best of the whole series.
    You’re BALD!
    I…WAS bald.

  26. hairpik69

    I love Clover Canyon but it’s not for everyone. If you’re going to rock that kind of a look, it requires polished makeup and sleek, groomed hair. Definitely a strong lip. That suit wears her when it should be the other way around…

  27. TonyG

    When considering outfits that the wearer chose because s/he believed s/he might have looked good in it (apologies for the long qualifier)….

    I consider this one of the worst outfits I’ve seen on GFY, and that’s saying a lot.

  28. 7Kellx

    See if he just wore those pants with a cute black blouse and dne her hair and make up, this would’ve been fantastic. But as it stands….I’m getting a headache.

  29. tina c

    Oy to the vey, this is horrific. So much outfit, so little styling.

  30. Kathleen

    I miss these kinds of posts, Fug Girls. SCATHE, SCATHE MORE.

  31. jmfausti

    Maybe, just maybe if she standing like that, with that expression on her face, it would be better. She just looks like she’s been caught in the middle of calling out, “What is this thing? Get it off me!” And, seriously a hair brush and some color on her face wouldn’t have killed her. She clearly wasn’t trying to go natural in the most garish suit ever produced.

  32. Lily1214

    Maybe she’s trying for the opposite effect? Maybe holding a styrofoam cup would complete the look?

  33. Sundance4me

    And that’s the living proof of why does make up matter. The skin tone, being a not very flattering one, gets eaten by the flashlight…. We add a terrible suit, borrowed from “whocares” and the result is… another actress looking like s…t. Because she’s that plain in the real world. Perfect for being a good actress, like she is. She has to convince the camara to love her. Go Zosia!