Guess fug?

This one, I AM going to make you guess.

Let’s look at the evidence: Clearly the lady does not have an allergy to melodrama, and she also suffers from Winter Torso Syndrome, wherein her body must be cloaked in fur and yet her arms are completely at ease in the terrifying summer elements. Seriously, the last time this was practical, Wilma Flintstone was making dinosaur steaks for dinner — and yet, I feel like this outfit — NAY, this very pose — would be in a montage in Pretty Woman if they remade that today.

So, what fugger do you think this is? We will edit the post later to include the answer, but for now, watch, enjoy, and grab your wallets for the inevitable telethon for her terrible disease, which will be called At Our WTS End.

** SIGH, since I never click on the photos, I had no idea that you can do that and it tells you who it is. So, surprised busted. It is Nicole Scherzinger, walking around like she is J.Lo. Although I liked the Rosario Dawson guess, but fortunately (for her), Rosario Dawson does not seem this insane.

[Photo: Splash News]

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Comments (49):

  1. S

    Rosario Dawson! who is working this and should be in the PW remake/sequel!

  2. Crystal

    Nicole Sherzinger

  3. anne

    It’s not Jessica Simpson, but I feel like it *should* be.

  4. Jennifer

    Tis Nicole Scherzinger!

  5. Mary

    Nicole Scherzinger …. but I’ll admit I cheated.

  6. Andrew S.

    Nicole Scherzinger ;3 This looks like the UK for one. and for 2, we all know how she likes those high boots

  7. paigle

    Rosario D?

  8. Jasmine

    The Scherz! But I cheated by hovering over the photo. Alas, I cannot lie to the Fug Girls.

  9. meghan

    Nicole Scherzinger!

  10. Carol

    I love how if you hover, it tells you who it is. Otherwise, I would not have known **Jessica Glitter**!

  11. Heather

    Huh. it does? Who knew? Well, so much for that.

  12. Mary

    Also, if you click through to the image only page, the photo name (and so the end of the url) is nicole-scherzinger-seen-wearing-a-fur-coat-as-she-arrives-at-her-new-york-city-hotel

  13. AmyK

    Is this Nicole Sh-whatsherface who decided she’d be much, much better off not being part of the Pussycat Dolls? Because this certainly looks like something she’d love to wear, though I admit that it’s missing her usual leather chaps/schoolgirl skirt/bustier and pointless strapidoodles and whatnot.

  14. Jennifer

    Nicole No Discernible Talent Scherezade whatever.

  15. Tracy

    Nicole whats-her-face from the PCD!!! Ugh.

  16. Kristan

    Hm, I thought it was Eva Mendez. But the image-hover-caption thingie does say otherwise.

  17. Jill

    Well, until I read the comment about hovering over it, I totally thought it was Elisabetta Canalis.

  18. AP

    Same here, thought it was Eva Mendez (or Janice Dickinson actually) but I gets its whatshername!

  19. Cassandra

    Nicole Fugzinger: Looking smug in a rug.

  20. Emily

    My first thought was Rosario Dawson, but on second glance I could tell it wasn’t really her. I have no idea who Nicole Scherzinger is.

  21. Jen

    Not only does her torso display Seasonal Confusion Disorder — her bags do as well: the White Why It Must Be Summer Handbag, and Black Means Business All Winter Tote.

  22. Miz H

    Like others, I thought it was Eva Mendez at first but the lips didn’t look like hers.

  23. that girl

    Based on the hat, and not having ready everyone else’s response, I would say Phoebe Price.

  24. Chasmosaur

    Heather -

    If you want to do this again, then you need to fill in the text for the picture (depending upon your software, it’s “alt”, “title” or “caption” text) with something like “Guess who?” You should be able to edit it – I’ve noticed this text varies sometimes.

  25. Carol

    Okay, so Jessica Glitter was her only laudable character. I do love HIMYM.

  26. Eric

    You guys know that if you click on the photo it says right in the metadata who it is, right? That said, I guessed correctly without the cheating. (Honest, I really did!)

  27. Amanda

    I don’t know who this Nicole Whatserface is, but I thought it was J. Lo.

  28. Janice Marie

    I thought it was Catherine Zeta Jones, but everyone is making me second guess myself into thinking it is Nicole ‘whatsherface’ (does ANYONE know how to say/spell that chicks last name??.

  29. vandalfan

    Never heard of her, so I used clues in the photo- A Ford product for fancy transport, so surely in the US. Bits of the American Flag and a state flag, so possibly New York? (Yesssss! says the footers!)

    Now, I thought this was pheasant feather vest at first, peculiar but understandable. But it’s a real, formerly live, dead animal. Sleeveless fur and knee high boots. In June. That boggles the mind.

  30. Strunkette

    I thought it was Janice Dickinson for a minute. Not a good look Nicole!

  31. Challis

    Whoa she looks nuts, and unlike herself.
    I guess now I can be glad that Nick Hexum got out when he did…

  32. Anne B

    Hideous. In every sense of the word.

    I just sort of didn’t care about The Pussycat Dolls before, but a person who will wear a dead animal this way, not for warmth but purely to be an attention-seeking a**hat, is a special kind of person.

    Just because she’s a chick doesn’t mean she’s not a douche. Listen, Douchemoiselle: your table’s ready. Waaaaay in the back.

  33. K.

    I got it right! Without checking! Woot!

  34. Sajorina

    @Anne B: “Douchemoiselle” is RIGHT!!!

  35. yeahandalso

    am i the only one who thought it was Eva Mendez?

  36. Bvann

    I totes thought it was Janice Dickenson too, Strunkette!

  37. The Other Molly

    Oh my.
    I’m a web designer, so I knew about the cheat/hover thing right off.
    No comments on why in the blue F she’s carrying white and black bags?
    Perhaps we just don’t want to know.
    Yes, that’s it.

  38. Abi

    ugh i could tell by her busted face it was N.S of Pussycat dolls and humping Lewis Hamilton fame. She just looks like one of those girls who would be really whiny all the effin time. And her nose job is ridiculous!

  39. Annie E

    I can not believe other people considered Janice Dickinson, who was also my guess before I saw the tag.

  40. SwapQueenII

    I dont get the look…. at all!

    If you are cold enough to wear that winter horror, why are your arms exposed?

    Nice shoes though!

  41. Kristen

    I thought Eva Mendez

  42. M.Amanda

    I totally would have guess Eva Mendes, though I had doubts as this outift doesn’t really seem like her style.

  43. Heather

    I got Nicole too, tho realize that it could have been any one of the guesses (Eva Mendes, Rosario Dawson, JLo, Jessica Simpson with dark extensions, etc.).

    By the way – I think this is FEATHERS, not fur. Which is – perhaps? – even scarier.

  44. LadidaFab

    What the heck did she do to her lips?!

  45. NYC1114

    It’s been close to 100 degrees in NYC with 100% humidity – this is certifiably INSANE!

  46. jess

    I really DO NOT want this chick to get more famous. But sadly, due to the X Factor looming on the horizon, we’re in for more f/k/a Head Pussy Cat Doll Fuggenstance from this broad.

  47. Lou UK

    I totally thought Janice Dickinson!

  48. una

    Clearly, if this is fur, this person loves killing animals in the name of fashion! Frankly I dont care who it is because of that!

  49. Sal

    I was gonna say Solange Knowles.