Grammys Well Played, Gwyneth Paltrow


FINE, Paltrow.

You win this one. But I’m NOT buying your stupid $500 cleanse, no matter what you do.

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  1. mary lou bethune

    She tried so hard to be all over the place in just the right ideas, clothes, food , etc..
    Tired of her- she is not that talented. Pretty, yes, but this looks like another attention seeker- Heidi Klum. .

  2. Heidi

    But, did you see her present in this? The sides are fabric or illusion netting or something, and they wrinkled when they moved. It made me wonder if her skin was just really papery and weird or if it was the dress. I was seriously distracted by it.

    • Dave

      Yes. Thank you. I could not get past this either.

    • Peri

      I completely agree. that really bugged me too. She is so thin, there really wasn’t need for the illusion netting. slap on some boob tape and be done with it.

    • Dani

      Exactly what I came down to the comments to say. In the close-ups it looks like her skin is majorly wrinkly, though of course it’s the netting.

  3. Amanda

    I’m sorry, I just can’t with this woman. I will never give her a “Well Played” because I can’t look past how much I can’t stand her. Smug, is all I see.

  4. Robert P

    Did she get something done to her face?

  5. Ms Poopy Von Pants

    Is her face starting to look like Michael Jackson?

  6. Molly

    Gosh, I’m hungry.

  7. theotherjennifer

    she just looks hungry to me. like my head is one of those big cartoon hams.

  8. Stefanie

    The sides ruin it.

  9. Martha Raab

    Yeah, the sides do ruin it. It makes her look deformed.

  10. Moi

    Oops, sorry. Fell asleep there for a second . . .

  11. lynn

    I cannot believe this is a well-played. The sides look like pantyhose material – can not get the image of the wrinkling pantyhose sides out of my mind. UGH!

  12. amys

    Is she morphing into Kelly Ripa?

  13. neiges

    Well, she does look good. But she is so annoying that there are those arrows on the floor behind her saying “you look good. Now go away”.

  14. goodygoodygumdrops

    She’s really pretty, if only you can get the look of crazy out of your mind. I daresay, the belt makes even fair Gwyneth look a little bulky in the waist! Interesting ultramodern design though. Do like the overall look in this picture.

  15. guerra

    I really liked this until I realised it was illusion netting with out that it would be Fab but she needs lipstick asap – she is looking a little tired

  16. Girlin

    There are a lot of Gwyneth bashers about today! I like this – I think it’s really nice and I think it’s sweet that the sides are illusion netting – it makes her more normal! Well played GP! Elegant and comely.

  17. Mathilde

    I don’t buy it. To me, she looks pokey, angular and tightly wound up. It makes me tired just looking at her. I can imagine her cornering me at a party, somwhere beside the salad bar (she’d push them round her plate but never eat), and she’d talk at high speed about some minutae.

    Note to my imaginary PA: please stop sending me to the parties that Gwynth goes to. Sheesh.

    • SaraK

      Agree totally with what Mathilde wrote. I have that same too-tired look on my own face lately and it’s not attractive on either of us. Get some sleep, Gwynnie, and eat something and relax on a beach for a while and then put on this dress (without the netting) and you’ll actually deserve the fab.

      • Lillibet

        Agree. And eat at least one full square meal with meat while you’re relaxing.

  18. Sajorina

    I LOVE IT! It’s elegant, sexy & understated… My favorite of the night!

  19. anonymoose

    “To me, she looks pokey, angular and tightly wound up. It makes me tired just looking at her.”

    Indeed! Well-said.

    The bib front of this rag LOOKS LIKE A BLACK TOILET SEAT. (Perfect.)

  20. Lady Oscar

    Ouch. That collar bone is so sharp it looks like it’s going to break through her skin at any moment.

  21. fritanga

    She looks like an X-ray (tm Tom Wolfe) in this dress, which is fine in certain parts of NYC. Definitely trying too hard for the LA Grammys red carpet though.

    Oh, and there is such a thing as over-cleansing. Jeebus, eat a cheeseburger.

  22. Elspeth Too

    I think she’d actually like to BE Stella McCartney

  23. werwer

    Mates, can you understand that. I love The Ro;ma’nce with wealthy people! It is so nice. My boyfriend and I both think so. He is a sexy billio’naire, LOL. I kno’w him via βillǐonāireƒrienďs–čˇō/Μit’s a nice place for excellent si’ngles, to interact with each other…no bounds or extremes in front of true love ;)

  24. Pelagia

    So upset with myself . I looked at the picture after I ate my souvlaki had my bear and scoffed my LINDTT chocolate.
    I hate her

    But in a good way

  25. Eva

    I think she looks too severe: the hairstyle, the design of the dress, her expression… not fug but not a well-played either for me

  26. chatham

    Lovely. Nice job. Looks chic, elegant, modern and trim. What’s with the hate?

  27. Franziska

    I find her black dress a bit on the boring side. And the netting on the sides? Bizarre!

  28. ChaChaHeels

    Oh people love to hate Gwynny. It’s totally irrational, but the internet is basically tubes full of cats, and whatever isn’t that is just a population of those who hate Gwynneth Paltrow. There are some outfits that she just can’t pull off (and usually it’s because of poor fit or the wrong colour) but this isn’t too bad on her. I really don’t like illusion netting and the gold belt, but if this is a Stella McCartney, it’s one of the least offensive dresses McCartney has ever made, so there’s that. It’s a classic elegant black gown look and she looks pretty.

  29. Kris

    She looks gaunt and the dress does nothing to help that. It isn’t flattering -it just is.

  30. mhorv4

    I think she would have been a total fab if she had full hair. As it is, it’s too severe and draws too much attention to her collar/shoulder bones.

  31. gryt


  32. vandalfan

    Hair, too severe. But the dress does give her boyish figure some much needed womanly curves. It’s a shame about the backy-hose. (Sidey-hose?)

  33. Bubba

    I dunno. She looks like an alien to me.

  34. Bambi Anne Dear

    I know actors need direction, but on the floor as well?