Grammys Post-Party Fugs and Fabs

I thought for a second that was Selena Gomez in the background, and I was going to stage a fashion intervention. As it is, we might need to tell Taylor to put down the tube tops.

[Photos: Getty, Fame/Flynet]

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  1. Trace

    Mya’s outfit would look 100% ridiculous on anyone else but she is working it!

    And has Brandy worked out how to stop the ageing process? Because she literally looks no older than she did in her Boy Is Mine days.

    • Shannon

      Mya’s got some major polterwang going on, poor thing.

    • Mrs. Helpful

      Mrs. Claus breaks out and hits Studio 54

    • Linda

      Somebody forgot to tell Mya they already cast Wonder Woman.

      I take it the Kardashian/West klan didn’t attend because Kanye was boycotting because he didn’t win Best Album of the Year because he wasn’t nominated.

      Is there a Best Begging for $53 million on Twitter category?

      • Ericajeanine

        I’m sure even Kanye and the Kardashians know he couldn’t be nominated for an album that was released the night before the show aired. Many musicians don’t attend in years when they are between projects.

  2. pem

    Am I seeing Miranda’s frilly knickers through that pelvic mesh window? Or is that part of the dress?

    •  Cucina49

      I cannot sign off on Miranda’s dress. The mere fact that it has a sheer hip panel renders it fug.

  3.  Mina

    So much fug.

    Ellie Goulding went back into Ellie Goulding mode.

    At this point I’m curious to see how Taylor Swift manages to keep those awful tube tops from falling down.

    • Shannon

      I kind of like Ellie’s dress, but maybe not for an event in winter. Her hoof shoes need to die though. Why can’t she just get a nice blue or red heel? Why???

    • S in Seattle

      I am a breast (oncology) surgeon and I have opinions on how she keeps her tube tops up.

  4. Jane

    Mya? Michelle Branch? Brandy? What year is it again???

  5. stargazer

    Mya, Brandy, Michelle Branch? It appears I’ve fallen into a late 90′s wormhole but I’m not mad about it. Side note – I do think Mya looks kinda fab though in her disco inspired pantsuit.

  6. MaryAnne

    If you had said that pic of Brooklyn Beckham was actually Vonni Ribisi during the “My Two Dads” era, I would totally believe you. Except maybe he’s taller.

    And it’s too bad Holland Roden didn’t have time to do her hair after the gym.

  7. anne p.

    (“A turgid mess” . . . Excellent addition to the Fashion Dictionary of Words and Phrases!)

  8. Campbell

    Please take the tube tops away from Taylor.

  9. Lerie

    Kerr looks like she got run over by a Jeep that drove through neon paint first.

  10.  Alyssa

    Thanks to this slideshow, I realized that apparently I missed Brandy.

    I would also watch Mya as a 70′s era superhero. Definitely.

    • perletwo

      100% on board for Mya in a superhero/70s-blaxpoitation films mashup. For that matter, since Marvel is doing Luke Cage and Iron Fist series’es on Netflix, maybe they should keep Mya’s name on the short list in case their first casting choice for Misty Knight falls through. (click name for comparison image)

    • Edith

      I, too, am all over Mya as 70s superhero.

      Is it just me, or do the proportions on Brandy’s dress make it look like she’s a little kid trying on Mama’s clothes? It’s the length more than anything.

  11. KirstyBee

    Calvin looks like he wants to die inside. Boy he is not hiding it well.

    Fun fact – I once bumped into him in the VIP bit of a music festival back here in Scotland and he told me I was tall, but I was just standing on a small hill. I know it’s not particularly relevant but thought I’d share anyway. He always has and I suspect always will look a bit scruffy.

    • Mrs. Helpful

      Maybe they agreed to stay together through the Grammys or some such timeline and he is just about done now. Just riding out the wave.

      • KirstyBee

        That sounds pretty likely.

      •  KZ.

        I don’t know, I always got a whiff of “friends with benefits” about those two. Like, they clearly “hang out” (ahem) but they both do their own thing too, which is refreshing, and also, simultaneously, probably a PR / image-rebranding move on Taylor’s part (to rehab herself from her “immediately-desperately-in-love” narrative).

  12. filmcricket

    I enjoy that Taylor as a tall woman still wears heels, but man do her party shoes need work, especially compared to her “just leaving the gym” looks. Those are some Payless pumps she’s got on.

    Mya looks FAB. I think it’s the fact that she didn’t half-ass it, and try to make the jumpsuit contemporary by styling it with blah hair and accessories. In the words of Homer Simpson, she used her whole ass, and it works.

  13. CassandraMortmain

    Miranda looks like she was going for sexy Pebbles Flintstone. A missed opportunity for a top knot with a bone in it.

    • Sally

      HA, CassandraMortmain! I came to say she was doing her best camo Betty Rubble impersonation with some hip pizza

  14. Joey

    The fashion disaster in the background of the Taylor Swift picture is Camila Cabello from Fifth Harmony, friend of Taylor and girlfriend of Shawn Mendes.

    •  FormerLibraryChick

      Thanks for the note about the Fifth Harmony lady and her example of an outfit that was not Worth It.

  15. Jenz

    The fabric of Miranda’s dress looks extremely cheap and like it’s about to start unraveling.

    That nose ring of Tove’s would drive me insane by night’s end, dangling in front of her mouth like that. Both wearing it or being next to her.

    Is Hailee already in a style rut? This is what.. the fourth time she’s shown up in a bustier/corset, neck band and long coat?

    • KirstyBee

      Why won’t chokers die again?? Especially those black satin or velvet ones such as Hailee’s that genuinely could just be a length of ribbon, urgh. Plus she has the long untailored trouser and pointy courts look so beloved of the same period. Basically I think she looks hella dated and fug.

      • BrownEyedBetty

        I just can’t with Hailee Steinfeld. The sight of her at music functions just makes me stabby. Irrational much?

        • meme

          same here. I can’t stand her.

        • Jenz

          I get that she’s trying to branch out but I hope she stays in acting. She was phenomonal in True Grit, holding her own against Jeff Bridges.

  16. Sandra

    Other than being a celebre-spawn, why was Brooklyn Beckham there? Do 16-year-olds not have school anymore?

    • annemarieg

      I always thought they were a nice family. I am so sick of genetic fame, though. The kids are so often ill-suited to it, despite being born into it.

  17.  shahea

    Brooklyn Beckham looks like Giovanni Ribisi did when he was younger in that phot, it’s uncanny.

    The suit’s boring, but kudos to Michelle Branch for the color combo for the shoes and suit.

  18. ohsohappy

    Being a product of the 70s and 80s, I think Taylor is completely ROCKIN IT!!!

  19. meme

    All super fug to me. I wouldn’t wear any of those outfits. And why is Calvin dressed like a slob?

    • aunttora

      I feel that way too. But I was attributing it to this nightmare cold that won’t go away and the general crankiness that goes along with it. Glad I’m not the only one.

  20.  LT1

    Please don’t let Beckham’s shirt foretell that Ed Hardy-style shirts will come back in style.

  21. perletwo

    Is Brandy wearing some kind of gold-dust body makeup to go with the dress? She’s giving off a the-girl-from-Goldfinger vibe (I would totally love to see her in a remake of Goldfinger based on this, possibly AS Goldfinger instead of as his moll.)

  22.  attica

    I used to like tube tops — in the 70s/80s. But one thing I learned the hard way: they are unreliable garments when one is performing on stage. Why I couldn’t intuit that without direct experimentation is a mystery lost to time, but direct experiment I did. And wardrobe malfunction occurred. As of course it did!. (Also good about the era: no handheld video recording devices!)

    Learn from my mistakes, Taylor!

  23. Little Bow Wow

    I like Michelle Branch’s pink suit.

    •  gryt

      Me too! She needs to go up a size though, it’s pulling in all directions.

    • Michele

      That was my exact reaction when I saw the suit. Love the color, think it’s one size too small.

      I adore Michelle (she’s my fave and has been for 14+ years) but sometimes her clothing choices are the worst.

  24. Shannon

    Tove Lo really upped the ante in her distracting septum piercing. Ugh

    • Other Emily

      I feel about facial piercings the way a lot of people feel about tattoos — I honestly cannot see anything else but that bullring. It’s just way gross to me. Which maybe is ok here since her dress is not good.

  25. Jules

    It fascinates me how TayTay manages to make all the sexy clothes she or her cats select look matronly or just.. wrong. Its never interesting – just eh. Now.. IMO if she had been in Miranda Kerr’s dress? That would have been perfect. That dress is sexy and fun. Taydizzle needs to leave all these hot messes she’s been rocking to the Kardashian’s.

  26. SG

    I’m always super bummed by Holland on the red carpet because EVERY TIME she does that blank stare and it’s like lady you are great looking, you are going to a party, you have definitely smiled before at least on Teen Wolf, IT’S OK TO BE HAPPY. Or at least less blank! Why always blank in the face on the red carpet.

  27. Stefanie

    Taylor should have worn this to the show.


  28. maydays

    Most importantly, is that Danielle Haim behind Calvin Harris? Because, girl crush.

  29. Lottcha

    Ok, Kacey Musgrave? Dead ringer for Lea Michele.

    •  Cucina49

      I hadn’t noticed it until now, but you’re right. I think it’s primarily the hair. However, I love Kacey and Lea is way too try-hard for me.

  30. Jolene

    Ellie Goulding should’ve worn her party dress to the Grammys proper. It looks far better on her than that saggy pink dress.

  31.  Cucina49

    I just want to tell Tay-Tay to put away the legs and abs, already. We know they’re enviable, but they don’t have to be on display all the time.

  32. soitgoes

    What the eff, Tove? I’ve said it before: She doesn’t have to position herself as a post-Britney pop singer. She’s cooler and better than that.

    Hailee looks great! This is the first time I’ve seen her popstar look work for her.

  33. aezjh

    What on earth is that woman standing behind TS wearing?! And why

  34. Julia (Another one!)

    Taylor Swift’s… whatever it is she’s wearing… reminds me way too much of the caps old ladies used to make out of tin-snipped beer cans and crochet.

    And, since I seem to have missed Giovanni Ribisi as a pop culture datum, I think Brooklyn Beckham is one of those rare young people who manages to look exactly like both of his parents (and certainly has Posh’s nose).

  35. Jess

    Calvin Harris is always dressed like that. I wish he would dress better.

    About him & Taylor, I follow him on snapchat (don’t judge me!) and on Valentine’s day he was definitely with her. You could hear her talk and laugh while he was snapchatting the cats.

    I actually think that they make a good couple, and the fact that they’ve been together for almost a year is huge, at least for Taylor.

  36. Catfishbud

    “Which came first, the chicken or the crackpots?” That is one of the “never ending” questions of fashion, Heather!

  37.  Maria

    Tube tops are NEVER a yes, unless you are a 12 year old girl in 1979.

    Mya somehow looks great in that superhero outfit. I hate Brandi’s dress but she herself looks fantastic.

  38. isaidnoh

    Sequinned duster = YES. Everything under it = NO. Start over, Hailee, and remember your shirt this time.

  39. Terri in SF

    As far as cute little party dresses go, Ellie Goulding FTW.

  40. Keyla

    Should I feel bad that I thought Brooklyn Beckham was Giovanni Ribisi?!

  41. Jackieannie

    Miranda= Jane of the Jungle

  42. Adria

    Totally thought Mya was Downtown Julie Brown.

  43. Jane

    I simply cannot with the leotard negligee thingy in the first pic. What…How…Why?