Grammys Fugs and Fabs: The Ladies Knowles, and The Knowles-Adjacent

Let’s see: CBS tried to ban sideboob and underboob at the Grammys. So the question is, when exactly does overboob become underboob? Is this… what, a five-yard penalty? Or is it the kind of intentional underboob that should get fifteen yards and an automatic first-down for Michelle Williams?

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  1. Helen

    I don’t believe it, I actually think everyone looks great here. In all the outfits! Even that jumpsuit, so true, it would work on no one else, but I think Beyoncé is wearing it perfectly.

    Special thumbs-up to the minidress on Solange, OMG sooooo cute, and the outrageous but very flattering dress on Kelly Rowland (now THAT says Grammys to me). Those two looks IMO are the best here.

    But I like ‘em all.

  2. Stefanie

    Kelly looked good. Sexy and yet not vulgar. I liked it.

    B is just the coolest person in the room. She doesnt even have to try and she hits it out of the park.

    Solange…that green? OMG. NAILED IT. SO HARD.

  3. Cucina49

    B looks great, but I love Solange’s style more–she just seems effortlessly cool in whatever (often crazy) outfit she wears. The minidress is particularly fabulous.

  4. Kristan

    Beyonce? Yes! Kelly? HELL YES. Solange? Eh. I liked the middle one (brown, green, blue pattern).

  5. Alicia

    I wish Kelly Rowland’s dress was solid on the bottom because the zig zags down her legs are just a little too much. I love the green dress and orange shoe on Solange!

  6. Lisa

    Kelly Rowlands…TMI. Your body is beyond amazing, but I don’t need to see that much of it all at once.I LOVED Beyonce’s outfit and I generally hate jumpsuits. Loved the green gown on Solange, both she and Beyonce looked great.

  7. Tamburlaine

    Loved all those ladies’ outfits. All of them. I particularly love Solange’s hair. She can do no wrong for me with that hair.

    On the other hand (foot?), Timberlake is wearing WHITE socks with his DJ. I just can’t.

    • Sabina

      Agree re: the white socks. Is that a thing now? If it is, I don’t like it.

  8. greena

    I liked Kelly’s dress sheer panels and all.
    I liked Solange’s emerald dress but her face was missing something.
    I thought Beyonce looked meh- the jumpsuit was boring, she really needs a new hairstyle, the dark roots and blonde weave need to be retired.

  9. TonyG

    I didn’t like the colors of Solange’s minidress. It made it look old, not just vintage, but old, like it was faded after being in the closet for 4 decades. It’s like the bronze stripes faded from red, the teal stripes faded from a darker turqoise., etc. I know that’s probably not the case, but that’s what I thought of.

    Solange’s spotted white pants suit…um…I just didn’t like it either. It’s definitely her style, it fits, but I am not feeling the it.

    I really liked her green dress though.

    Kelly Rowland looks absolutely spectacular. I love Bey and Biel’s outfits too.

  10. ChristieLea

    Kelly Rowland. Now *THAT* is a Grammy dress. She looks amazing.

    Kudos too for the Sisters Knowles.

    And not only did Jessica Biel skip the red carpet, but the way she’s folded her hands hides her wedding ring. Oh, Jessica. You totally missed the chance to brag.

  11. Josephine

    Dear Universe,
    Send me Solange’s green dress immediately. IMMEDIATELY, I SAY. I will freaking find somewhere to wear it; do not trouble me with your petty displays of logic.

  12. Lindy

    Solange looks fantastic! For some reason, the picture makes her shoes look orange, but they were actually a vivid pink.

    Beyonce, on the other hand…I’m sorry but that jumpsuit is not cute with that droopy, ill-fitting crotch. That’s the problem with jumpsuits: either they’ve got room for a polterwang or they’re crotch biters.

  13. AM

    I really like Solange’s dresses, especially the green sparkly one. I think Kelly’s dress is just ugly and unflattering more than it offends my sense of modesty.

  14. eva

    In general, all the ladies look good but I have “but”s to every one of these. Kelly has an amazing body but does she need to make us SEE so much of it? B has amazing makeup and the cool factor to pull the pantsuit off but I don’t like the way the pants suit her and the green gown is beautiful but it feels to me like Solange got up, put it on, forgot to do her makeup and went to the event

  15. AMS

    I see that I’m in the minority here. I didn’t like Beyonce’s jumpsuit at all – I thought the top was clunky and awkward, and the pants made her look super-hippy. The whole thing looked too plain and dressed-down for front row at the Grammy awards. Solange, on the other hand, is KILLING. IT. She looks so effortless in all of these pictures. I swoon.

    • Vandalfan

      Hear, hear. And if Kelly’s sheer net cut outs were solid panels of some nice contrasting material, I’d be on board.

  16. Alicia

    Timberlake is wearing white socks? What is he, 12?

    • Miriam

      Amen. He looked perfect on the Red Carpet but who knew those white socks were lurking underneath? Is that a thing now? Please no (excepting David Letterman).

    • calli

      I think he’s pulling a Gene Kelly. Maybe. Although it’s not exactly the right place for it, unless he was dancing on stage. I didn’t watch so, I can’t really say.

  17. Sandra

    I don’t know anything about Kelly Rowlands or her music, so I’m working with an entirely blank slate there. Or I was, until she scrawled vulgar graffiti all over it. See also: Revenge, cold.

    Solange looks spectacular.

  18. Billie

    They all looked fantastic.

    JT is starting to annoy the bejesus out of me. Bruno Mars does the big band, throw back schtick a lot better.

  19. Jules

    I don’t care for Kelly’s outfit. When she walked onstage, it almost looked like a pantsuit. And Beyonce looks like she’s going grocery shopping. Her outfit does not suit the occasion. On a side note, this was the first time I’ve noticed people drinking during the show. Of course, there were no tables, so did Jay Z walk in with a glass and a bottle that he stashed under the seat when he wasn’t passing it up and down the row?

  20. Chicklet

    I can’t believe people are letting Beyonce get away with wearing A JUMPSUIT to the Grammys, and one that looks ready for a Real Housewife, at that.

  21. annie

    Not a fan of Beyonce’s look at all. The pantsuit wasn’t appropriate for the event, isn’t flattering, and is just ugly. And, I’m so tired of her hair. It looks dry, fake, and cheap.

    Kelly’s dress was just too much. It would have been much better with a solid skirt. Solange is making giant leaps forward.

  22. Sylvia

    I liked Kelly’s dress more than I should have. Then again, I like Kelly, so passes abound.

    I hate jumpsuits. Bey is pulling it off, but I don’t think I can ever fully support them. But goodness, she packed every ounce of her curves in that thing.

    Solange’s dress should be in my closet NOW!

  23. julyol1972

    Even though Kelly has a really beautiful body, I can’t get behind all the love for this dress – it’s skanky!!! She is a hair-breath away from showing the goodies and is she even wearing underwear – the sides are so sheer. Rihanna get a lot of flak because her nipple ring was barely outlined in her dress but Kelly gets a pass of nearly exposing everything God and the plastic surgeon gave her. SMH!!!

  24. Andrew S.

    Kelly nailed it for sure while JT I’m torn on, simply because he’s totally jocking (or is that jacking?) Robin Thicke’s style & stying his look after Gosling and I’m not here for that but both songs were nice & the performance was cute.

  25. BigTex

    I think it’s clear that if you can see the shadows UNDER her BOOBS, that is UNDERBOOB.

  26. Mel

    Agree with all who are not feeling the love for Beyonce’s jumpsuit. She still could have been elegantly understated in something a bit more Grammy appropriate. The jumpsuit looks like an attempt at upmarket workout wear and the sleeves are ridiculous.

  27. Christine S

    So not a fan of JT’s hair. It is just not working for me.

  28. Jane

    Is Justin wearing white crew socks with a tuxedo?

  29. Sajorina

    FAB to Kelly, Jessica & Justin! MEH to Beyoncé & Jay-Z! FUG to Solange!

  30. Ellelake

    Solange’s spotted white pants suit…would have been perfect with 70′s White platforms. If you get a chance, ask her how she picks footwear. Thank you for showing the love!

  31. Dileri

    Beyonce’s white sleeve makes her look like she just finished feeding the baby and left the spit-up towel on her shoulder.

  32. SoLe

    Rowland’s dress is really really tacky ick. everyone else looked great on the pics – especially justins wife – can’t remember her name right now and am too lazy to scroll up check it out, sorry