Grammys Fug or Fab Carpet: Justin Bieber


It is true that I am not totally on the Justin Bieber train. I sometimes get Night Fever, or the kind of fever that can only be cured by more cowbell, but I have avoided the fevers Typhoid, Rheumatic, Yellow, and Bieber. So I can’t really be relied upon to judge this outfit on its merits, because to me, Justin Bieber is only tangentially a person. He’s more of a cartoon character in a strip called Queen Bieb, or something, which has all the earnest flatness of Rex Morgan, M.D., mixed with Foxtrot hair and very possibly the bit of Calvin and Hobbes where the stuffed tiger comes to life. This is where you come in — you’re keeping me honest here, Fug Nation.

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  1. Willow

    I want to like him, I really do, but his hardcore fans creep me the hell out and he has become one massive CashCow. I mean was a 3D Documovie really necessary?

  2. M.Amanda

    I can’t even believe there is a question. This suit is just awful.

    I’d comment on the hair, but apparently I’ve gone all Old Lady on that topic and the youngster quite dig this look.

  3. lou

    He didn’t win a Grammy so I think a little sanity may have been restored. I can’t get on board the B train either. As someone has said about him: he’s not a talent; he’s product. I do hope he’s looked around to see how many tween idols segue into meaningful adult careers, and that he invests wisely while the sun’s shining.

  4. Clara

    My seven year old son loves the Beib. He plays his videos on YouTube and sings along. And there are no swears, just vague love words. So I ‘m grateful for the “amused son + clean lyrics + not fighting with his sister = peace” equation that is Beiber in my house. BUT, the suit is frightful, the lopsided bow tie is a crying shame. I didn’t mind his stage get up, but I wish he would pull up his pants.

  5. Roy

    Most importantly: What’s up with the ninjas in the last shot? I kind of love it.

  6. Alma

    I think it’d be acceptable if it just fit a little better! WHY BAGGY BIEBER?

  7. Danielle Lilly

    Actually I think he looks fine. Even his hair is only mildly annoying. But for got sake he couldn’t spring for a pair of dress shoes?

  8. Candy

    I haven’t been in the “he looks like a girl” boat… until now. In the full length shot, he looks JUST like Hilary Swank in “Boys Don’t Cry”.

    I guess I’d be down with the suit if it actually FIT.

  9. Rayna

    Addressing the suit ONLY, as I have not heard him sing, def not on the B train, but that’s OK, I’m hardly his demographic.

    I get that he’s going for slouchy, baggy cool, but his look could have benefitted from some tailoring.

    At least he’s had a haircut recently. OMG, did I say that? I really AM my own mother.

  10. Lindy

    I have to agree with Candy. Something about this suit and the way it fits makes him look too much like a girl–and I don’t normally think he looks like a girl. The whole look is just wrong, wrong, wrong.

  11. Brooke

    Young Orville Redenbacher dressing up in his dad’s suit. Just … no.

  12. Annie

    I think I’ve only heard one Bieber song (the “baby” one) and it’s kind of annoying but fine; what I like about Bieber (and Katy Perry) is the amount of marketing and production that goes into making these people of middling talent into superstars. I have a hard time faulting a 16-year-old boy for wearing clean clothes on the proper body parts, including pants that more or less fit (though the dropped crotch in the last shot is disconcerting). Further, he has some seriously awesome eyebrows.

  13. granny

    Never going to diss any young dude who puts on a suit for a major event.

  14. Jeanie

    It really bugs me that all the whites do not match. The shoes and his shirt are a bright white and his suit is cream!

  15. amanda

    I don’t particularly like his music, but I’m not in that age group. However, I think he does have loads of talent. Yes, that talent is definitely being marketed. But, he’s not just a product. The thing I like about him is that he always looks presentable but still keeps it youthful. I liked his Grammy look, although it should have been tailored better. He can’t really control if he looks like a girl, he’s young. It really irritates me that people keep saying that about a child. Is he supposed to look like a man at his age??

  16. Ms. Pants

    Mixing ivory and white is like wearing black shoes with a navy suit. NO.

    And also, hishairissofuckingstupidiwanttokickit.

  17. beth

    I don’t think I’ve ever heard him sing, but he was the best part of SNL, and that was the week Dana Carvey returned. I’ll be quite happy if he doesn’t succumb to the Brit-Brit/LiLo effect–stay adjusted, Bieb!

  18. Christine

    Dressed in that white suit he looks like Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins.

  19. Fuh Ugh

    More cowbell please.

    Word from backstage was that the B was the biggest diva there – and the competitive set includes JLo, Gaga and Aretha (admittedly by video, but still).

    Just remember … David Cassidy, Shaun Cassidy, Bobby Sherman, Leif Garrett, Boyz2Men, Menudo … where are they now? Beiber will be on season 35 of Celebrity Apprentice – or in prison.

  20. Jenny

    I’m with Ozzie- what’s a Bieber?

    As for his suit… well, he’s trying and he’s clean. That’s more than a lot of celebrities can say these days.

  21. Anne B

    Justin. What are we going to do with you?

    Do you understand that grave-robbers are bad? That the robbers of Great-Great-Uncle-Colonel-Sanders’ grave were *especially* bad, in this case?

    Do you understand why you must now have a time-out? And no cookie?

    Good. Now go take that s**t off. And no talking back.

  22. Sandy

    Thank you Ms. Pants. Can’t get past the hair.

  23. AmyRey

    It’s Colonel Sanders’ ne’er-do-well great-grandson!

  24. Shannon

    More Cowbell!!!

  25. Kelsey A

    Three words: Ice. Cream. Man.

  26. Jess Goodwin

    The baggy suit is all just part of the “Keep Biebs a Tween 4evr” campaign. The bigger the suit, the younger he looks! It’s all a conspiracy!

  27. Anita

    I’m sorry but everything about Justin Bieber makes my blood run cold. He is like a facsimile of a person.

  28. anner

    i don’t like the turn his hair has taken. the silky mop was kind of hip and cute, but the abruptly chopped swishy bowl is too 90s (women’s) hair-product ad.

  29. Joni Woodhead

    I am NOT in Beiber’s demographic either, and ive also only really heard Baby Baby as far as his own songs go … but he is definitely a talent and not just a product. He can play multiple instruments and well, not just bang on them, in doing the unplugged thing plus his older YouTube stuff you can hear that there is a real voice in there which does not require auto tune, plus he can dance for real.

    Yeah he’s seriously way too popular right now which can be grating, and I think its much too early in his career for a biopic. But I dont like people attributing negatives when they’re not accurate ( far too many accurate negatives to waste time on like Xtina = Snooki? ). besides as far as the age thing goes.. Usher himself was only 16 when “My Way” and “You Make me Wanna” were taking over MTV ( sigh. back when they played videos )

  30. Joni Woodhead

    and to the people sayimg he looks like a girl .. how would you have felt at 16 if you walked down the street and heard a stranger say “oh wow, thats a girl? she looked like a boy to me” … devastated right? tsk tsk .. he is still technically a child people

  31. Craig Turner

    I realize that I am fundamentally incapable of sticking to only commenting on the outfit when it comes to the Biebs, so I bid this comment section adieu.

  32. Inferno

    The only reason I even chose “I’d keep the sneakers” is because I have a shameful sneaker fever.

    Otherwise: My initial reaction was, “OH CHILD NO;” however, as my initial reaction to the Bieb himself is “OH CHILD NO,” I cannot separate that from his outfit. Which is heinous, but again, I’m biased against Bieber.

    Although I did grow up in the BSB/N*Sync era, so I have no room to talk. I may have also danced (privately) to Britney Spears. (I may still dance to Britney’s “music.”)

  33. pam

    The reason most kids wear sneakers with dress up clothes is because mom doesn’t want to spend money on a pair of shoes they will only wear once. I’m guessing Justin probably could have worked a new pair of dress shoes into the budget.

  34. vandalfan

    Certainly Usher could have given him a sartorial hint or two.

  35. Infoqueen

    Big boy haircut, please, oh please, oh please.

  36. charlie

    Can we discuss the ninjas behind him in the last picture? I think they have come out the winners in this fashion battle. Quilted ninjas, what could be better? Maybe they even have scissors up their sleeves and they can chop off that awful hair!!! A girl can hope, right?

  37. Sharell

    His clip-on bowtie is askew. And I am against white (or sort-of white) suits. But he is just a kid, and he did manage to be clean and more-or-less appropriately dressed for both the occasion and his age, so I say could have been MUCH worse.

  38. char

    I’m so old I find him adorable in a pinch his little face kinda way. I think he looks fine: yes, the fit could have been better, but all in all he looks neat and presentable. I’ve no opinion of his music, but at least he’s not acting offensively older than his actual age (looking at YOU, Miley).

  39. Anouk

    I CAN’T STAND this kid. Who the hell is he?

  40. Sue

    what is difficult to see is that his FLY IS OPEN!!! there was a picture in the uk metro newpaper this morning that made it very obvious


  41. Elizabeth

    LOOK! It’s Hilary Swank in Boys Don’t Cry II: Boyz 2 Borez!

  42. Jeroen

    So his fly is open?!? I thought that his shirt was not tucked in.

  43. therills

    Too old to contract the fever. Not sure of the appeal. But he does have a great voice. Lyrics I mean probably could be more original then “Baby, Baby, Baby, oh”. Just saying.

  44. Allison

    Is it just me or did he and Ricky Martin maybe trade pants on the way over?

  45. Katydid

    As someone on Jezebel commented, there is only one man who can pull off the suit+running shoes look, and that man is David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor. Biebs, kid, go visit a tailor and a cobbler, then we can talk.

  46. Jennie-Suz

    Ug, I just want to quote Ozzy in the new Best Buy commercial. “What the hell’s a Bieber!?”

  47. jenny

    Whatever is happening in the background of that last photo frightens me. As does the reckless mixing of off white and true white.

  48. Makinka

    Can’t help it, that boy constantly looks like he’s wearing a costume.

  49. maya

    He looks like Jim Carrey in Dumb and dumber