Grammy Awards Well Played, Florence Welch

Florence here seemed STOKED to lose to Kelly Clarkson last night, and that was very endearing. Anyone who loves Kelly is okay by me — and, frankly, are there two women singing today who create better Belt It Out In The Car Music than the two of them? NO. And I feel like “Stronger” and “Shake It Off” are probably two extremely strong entries on the all-time list of Songs Best Suited to Go On a Break-Up Mix, along with “Single Ladies” and “We Are Never Ever Ever Getting Back Together” and “I Will Survive” and “Cry Me a River” and so on and so forth. So it’s likewise good news that she looked pretty awesome:

You know our feelings about a redhead in green AND sequins AND, sure, she has spikes on her arms like a dinosaur, but what you might not know is that we ALSO like dinosaurs.

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Comments (41):

  1. jem2012

    *Shake it out

  2. Rose

    Once again, a dress that would look awful on anyone else but looks wonderful on HER. She is truly a delight.

  3. Helen

    Ohhhh, I looooove it… elegant, yet with those out-there touches on the sleeve and chest, and a slit a mile long to just hint at her spectacular legs. Fit, color, fabric, all fabulous.

    The dinosaur horns are just SO FLORENCE. Wonderful!

  4. Sallie T

    She’s a goddess. Apparently a dragon goddess, which suggests a Game of Thrones tie-in, with FloWe as Khaleesi’s singing lizard whisperer, which would be pretty great.

  5. Am

    *Florence Welch, but yeah! Dino-Flo looked great!

  6. KSK

    Gorgeous! And those are not horns on her sleeves but Nespresso pods, for when she needs a pick-me-up later in the evening. So, gorgeous -and- smart!

  7. Trent

    IMO, this is the best Flo has EVER looked (and I am not usually a fan of her Boho-Ren-Faire-Matron aesthetic). But I still refuse to believe that she is only 26…

  8. Candy

    She does look better than I think I’ve ever seen her. But (and this might be a little nit-picky) her dress, purse AND shoes are all the same green sequins. That’s a little too matchy-matchy for me. Each item separately is groovy, but too much all together.

  9. Dimatron

    She is all Bowser’s bride, and I mean it in an awesome way!

  10. Chasmosaur

    I saw this and actually squealed with joy. This is a dress a former paleontologist doesn’t just love, but covets. A lot. It is pure awesome.

  11. anny

    Love. Seems to fit her looks so much better than the airy-floaty business.

  12. LJcoolJ

    Anyone else kinda not enjoying the spikes…I think they look a little cheap. But other than that, she looks phenomenal.

  13. anna s.

    The reptile spikes get a ‘Well played’? Side-eyeing that decision so hard.

    I like the dress, I like the color, I like the fit, I like it on her. I’d just like it better with NO GIMMICKY REPTILE SPIKES. Come on, they ruin the whole thing. If she’d have just gone with the slinky green dress, it would have been so much better.

  14. whiterabbit11

    Yay dino-spikes! I also very much appreciate that she has a long, daring slit and is not sticking her leg out of it. The only way this would be better is if she were smiling.

  15. Tracey

    I like the dino-spikes! She’s a rock star, it’s the Grammy Awards for heaven’s sake. She’s a little off-beat, but not Bjork-ing on us. It’s awesome. And green sequins is delightful. :)

  16. Bottle Ginger


    Okay, I have the same red hair and fair skin as her, and I’m going to have to break into her house and steal that dress, and then go without food for a few months so it’ll fit.

    Once the dress is in my dastardly hands, should I keep the spikes?

    • Corriner

      THIS ^^^

      I too have very similar colouring to Florence, and MAN would I kill to find a gown in this colour. AWESOME.

      In the fantasy world in which I own this dress I would nix the spikes, but on her, at the Grammys, they’re perfect.

  17. amys

    Not a fan of the spikes since I don’t feel like outside of a theatrical costume anyone’s evening wear should be deadly if jostled…but she’s working it. Love that green on her.

  18. Sajorina

    LOVE IT!!! My 2nd favorite of the night! That color is PERFECTION on her skin & hair color! And the clutch, shoes & rings are TO DIE FOR! Bravo!

  19. Ladyblahblah

    The dress is all kinds of hideous but she looks fabulous. I never knew she had such a rocking body.

  20. Alicia

    The lizard spikes make it work. Without them the matchy purse and sandals would be dull.

  21. Franziska

    I love this dress. Very Swintonian.

  22. Anna

    Only Flo to pull this off! Great colour, great fit and the spikes need to be there, because they’re so very Florence.

  23. Mel

    I concur, VERY Florence. I actually love it, spikes and all, but on anyone else I don’t think the spikes would work. She looks amazing!

  24. Librarinox

    Okay, I love the dress for SURE. But what, what, what is she doing with her make-up?? I mean, you could EASILY convince me that she is pushing 50. That really should not be the case for someone who is 26. I know she has a much more mature look, which I really appreciate, but she looks downright haggard here.

  25. Mongerel

    Personal best for Flo! I wholeheartedly approve of the spikes and the matchy shoes and clutch make my heart sing with joy.

    Mongerel Score: A+, contender for my personal all-time Top Ten GFY looks. With demerit for the lips. What is that stuff, dried blood?

  26. Sandra

    See Florence! You look so much better in fitted clothes than you do in those floaty curtains you so often wrap around yourself. And bold colors suit you.

  27. Janie S


    That is all.

  28. tigers4us

    Love it! Wish we could see the shoes.

  29. Sylvia

    Florence’s music gives her about five passes. I’m so glad she didn’t need one here. Love this look. It’s classy and her personality is all over it.

  30. Rachael

    I love dinosaurs so much. But I can’t with the spikes on the dress, unfortunately. The rest, I’m with (maybe a touch too much matching, but I’ll forgive), but I would like it better without the spikes. All in all, though, I’m cool with the Well Played, because I like this 100x better than what she usually shows up in. At least 100x. Maybe more.

  31. Clementine

    I’m just happy to see a woman in a dress with a slit who doesn’t have her leg sticking out like a moron. Flo obviously understands that the purpose of the slit is that there’s a flash of leg as the woman walks.

  32. Lux

    Nothing with huge dinosaur spikes will ever work for me. And nothing about Florence Welch is well played in my opinion…

  33. Lux

    Okay, that was a little harsh. Basically what I mean is that I’m not a fan of the dress and since I don’t really care for the person in it, either, that’s not exactly helping to sell it.
    (Hopefully that didn’t sound even more harsh. I think it did. Damn.)

  34. Maura

    Are there…. spikes on the front bodice as well as the sleeves? I can’t, with that.

  35. karanakau

    She really reminds me of Noel Fielding.. Check him out as Kate Bush on Youtube. Effin’ hilarious..

  36. Ben

    I think she looks amazingly like a comic book supervillain on a night out. Love it. I want to see the movie adaptation.

  37. Elaine

    Open the door, get on the floor
    Everybody walk the dinosaur