Grammy Awards Mostly Well Played: Taylor Swift


First off: I like Taylor Swift. She writes songs that are totally fun to sing along with in the car, and I actually think she is one of the only funny things about the execrable Valentine’s Day. But her singing voice isn’t generally very strong, especially live, so I always worry when she gets up to yelp at one of these things. That being said, I thought girlfriend sounded pretty good last night. On key, mostly, and way stronger than usual. Voice lessons? Keep on doing what you’re doing. And let’s look at your outfits!

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  1. Adriana

    It almost looks as if Taylor were inadvertently photobombing NPH and his husband.

    I love the back of the dress. It was an interesting choice within her sparkly comfort zone.

  2. mshesterp

    It’s definitely the most “fashion-y” I think I’ve ever seen her, and I thought she looked terrific. Good for her to break out of the Sweet 15-year Old Girl box she’s put herself in!

  3. Willow

    Loved the red carpet look, nice to see her push herself a bit.

    The performance was good, she sounded the best she has ever sounded live, it did reminded me of when a couple had a Hobo themed wedding and the internet exploded with rage though.

  4. Lina

    oh sweet jeebus. I was good with the gold dress until the rear view — does it NEED a star on her butt? REALLY? Meanwhile the stagewear is 100% made of flour sacks. My grandma has quilts with that exact print that she made out of flour sacking back in the 40s. (Wouldn’t it rock if flour started being sold in pretty fabric bags again?)

  5. Crystal

    I like her too, despite all of the negative things people say about her. And if you think about the negative things they say, there are far worse things people can criticize you about. She always dresses appropriately (albeit predictably) . I don’t know how she manages to exercise the maturity and modesty to not constantly show off her legs with as tall as she is.

    Her parents raised her well! Tish and Billy Ray, take note.

  6. Gigi

    She is objectively pretty, but there is nothing charismatic or sexy about her, imo. And on a night when we were celebrating Whitney Houston and her chops, the stage singing was just too weak and cornpone for me.

    • Kris

      I agree 100%. She always looks like a little girl playing dress-up. Like she’s going through the actions but not feeling it at all. This dress is no exception.

  7. fritanga

    Yeah, she’s cute, but she has negligible talent and I’m so tired of her winning awards she doesn’t really deserve (which is why I was so relieved when Adele swept everything, and cried over the loss of another real singing talent who had a truly miraculous voice).

    The red carpet dress is OK, I’m so glad she won’t be playing Giant US Country!Eponine, and I’m a little offended by her trying to dress like someone out of Dorothea Lange photos because OMG NO.

    • Art Eclectic

      I agree. Pretty girl, lackluster talent, and thankfully she wore something other than an offering from the Sears Prom Dress department.

    • TereLiz

      The stage outfit just struck me more as a 90s grunge look than anything else. I think I had the same dress in 1995. But um, is that a wig, or is she just really good at hiding her bangs the rest of the time?

      Love the red carpet dress because it is simply glorious, but her face is just so “cute” it doesn’t do it justice.

  8. Ladyblahblah

    Based on the Surprised Face picture, she is going to look just like Christine Baranski when she grows up (who is not the worst person in the world to age into, BTW).

  9. Kimberli

    Is Seacrest really that small? Or is it just the angle? Wow.

    • Lindsay Briggs

      I know! That’s what I was really focused on. I don’t like anything about Taylor Swift so I could care less about her outfits, but Seacrest! No idea.

    • Lindy

      Seacrest IS wee and he hates it! When I used to watch AI, he was forever making comments when he had to stand next to taller people. I’d peg him at Cruise proportions, so 5’7 maybe.

    • Crystal

      He is short for a man…around 5’7′? But to his credit, Taylor is a tall drink of water.

  10. allisankelly

    I read your tweet last night and I 1,000% agree it is the strongest her voice has sounded when she’s live on the teevee.

    She is SO TALL! And I found the whole banjo-playing little ol’ me look was cute. My daughter is 19 and TSwift, as she’s known in our house, is always on in her room when she’s home from college.

    But, I digress. This dress is beautiful and she looks SO TALL in it!

  11. sandra

    Neil Patrick Harris makes me happy. That is all.

    • jean

      Yes he does. And damn, he looks pulled together. I hate the neckline on this dress. The “choker” look drives me nuts. And the color makes her look washed out. But I’ll give her props for trying something new and not just “pretty”.

  12. Kit

    I loved this dress on her, and thought she was pretty tolerable (as in, I was able to tolerate her); I even enjoyed her performance – except for the “OMG, I’m so surprised they’re giving me a standing O!!!” face at the end of it. Just smile and say thank you like an adult Taylor. You’re 22. Enough.

    • Emily

      Seriously. She’s super famous and has performed all over the world. Honey, it looks fake when you act all, “aw shucks — you people are clapping for little old me?” And I actually enjoyed her performance. The pretend surprise bugged the bejeezus out of me.

  13. wtfnyc

    Dig the dress from the back, but not from the front — I think it’s the neck. I do like her in general, though, and I thought she sounded good on a really fun song.

    LOVE the look on NPH’s face, though, with his clenched jaw of “STOP IT RIGHT NOW I MEAN IT.” As always, I am fully in agreement with him.

  14. Anon

    Her hair looks AWFUL. Just saying..

  15. Kristan

    Love her gold dress (minus the star but whatevs) and YES omg her best live performance (that I’ve heard, anyway). So happy for her about that. Also, her makeup during the show was flawless. I kept thinking, Geez, she has the best, most glowy skin!

    To all the haters: Why you gotta be so mean? ;)

    I actually loved the granny dress when I thought it was going to be some sort of peasant blouse top with fancy pants. For the performance, it worked, but it could have actually looked nice if it had been knee-length (or a little shorter) instead of longer.

  16. Erin

    I took my niece to see her in concert in November and was very pleasantly surprised at how great she sounded. That said, the surprised reaction to everything has been around the block a time or two, and it’s time to let it live out its days at Shady Pines.

    As for the performance get-up, as I said on Twitter last night, she and her entire band were dressed up like Emmet Otter’s Jug Band.

  17. deee

    I took a group of teeny boppers to her concert. My ears have almost recovered from the constant ear drum splitting audience shrieking. I’m pretty sure the hillbilly ho down schtick including the elaborate set was lifted completely from her live show.

    I do have to say that her concert, while maybe a bit too slick was superbly produced and choreographed. And her live singing was surprisingly good.

  18. Sarie

    I just came to see the NPH, whom I love, but stayed for the incredibly tiny Seacrest. I knew he was short but I did not know he was that short. But she is tall, that can’t help.

    I an very confused by her performance outfit. That’s not how country folks dress Taylor. Not for a very long time.

  19. Pouncer

    I like to pretend that she’d just caught sight of La Minaj in the first photo. Who among us wouldn’t look shocked? Or maybe it was Fergie. Or Deadmau5.

    There were a lot of weird outfits, you guys.

  20. Dazie

    She’s a GIANT. Or is Seacrest just tiny? She looks sooooo talll! Like she’s on stilts! That’s kind of awesome, because I always picture her as tiny, pocket-able.

  21. Rebecca

    I really adore her too, despite almost every other person I know hating her. I love the red carpet look, it’s a bit more mature but still has that cute sparkly vibe she’s known for. And I love her hair like that with it – a little boring but I think it goes perfectly with the snazziness of the dress. I also thought she sounded the best she ever has…I loved when she changed the line at the end about singing at the Grammy’s, it was cute.

  22. Maria

    Seacrest is Harry to TSwizzle’s Hagrid.

  23. TonyG

    Love the red carpet look. And I love that she’s having fun with us in her performance garb. Still, I never really liked Ms. Swift’s singing, at least what I have heard in her live performances. She kind of sounds whiny — and yes, off-key — most of the time and her melodies often sound recycled.

  24. Claire L

    I like her. Can’t help it. Is she the most talented, prettiest, fashion forward? Probably not….but I know that I can let my tween listen to her and not have to have the “I know you like her music and think she’s pretty…but she makes some horrible choices that aren’t a good idea for a young lady” ( even her questionable taste in men is age appropriate in the mistakes and pda s )… Hell no! I can say “Yup, you’re right, she rocks”….
    She’s adorable, she’s having fun…more power to her. God knows that if I had that body I’d be making the Cyrus girl look like a nun.

    • Claire L

      Oh…and I love the gold dress…. star butt and all! I especially loved it after the Star Wars reference. I’m such a Geek!

  25. moluv4nyc

    She needs to go whole-hog Minnie Pearl on us for CMA’s.

  26. C-No

    a) I LOVE THE GOLD DRESS. Love it. Want to swan around my house in it.
    b) I also wanted to dress like Laura when I read Little House on the Prarie, BUT I DIDN’T.
    c) I like her. I think she’s a little precious, and it’s possibly time to grow up now that she’s 22 and not 15, but at least she’s not shooting fireworks out of her boobs. Also: tall girls represent!

    Best comment I got on my facebook feed during her performance: “I’ma let you finish, but why are you dressed like a sister wife?”

  27. Bam Bam

    WHAT THE HELL? I am so sick of that O-Face, I am ready to go to Petsmart and buy one of those muzzles you get for dogs who bite. Hope they don’t just make them in German Shepherd, hope they also make them in Pug. Or Fug.

  28. vandalfan

    The gold dress, assstar and all, is very pretty. But this gal is just a grown up pageant girl from Toddlers and Tiaras. She uses autotune, people. Music is not supposed to be solely a visual medium.

  29. anonymoose

    Did anyone love The Civil Wars (the couple who sang and introduced Taylor on the show? as much as I did?

    They sounded great and had SUCH a refreshing demeanor, too!

    My new favorites!

    • Michelle Castro

      I was very happy/surprised to see The Civil Wars on the Grammys. Even if they only got to play for about 30 seconds.

  30. Lindy

    Taylor Swift is 6′ tall people so just DEAL WITH IT! Geesh!

  31. Frankie

    I would have loved to see that dress on Cate Blanchett. She would have worn the hell out of it, which I just don’t think Taylor is quite pulling off.

  32. Jenna

    She has the most appropriately named perfume of any celebrity. In every other photo I’ve seen of her, she looks delightedly gob-smacked by everything in the whole, wide world. Like a little kid seeing Mickey Mouse for the first time, or something. I think Wonderstruck is the only name she could use. (And frankly, I’m more than a little tired of it.)

  33. Al

    I am of two minds when it comes to Taylor. On the one hand, she seems like a well-meaning, well-adjusted kid who enjoys doing what she is doing (and isn’t just in show business because her parents forced her into it).

    On the other, I don’t think she’s particularly talented and, at some point, she’s going to have to let go of that high school girl writing songs about mean boys persona and evolve a bit. I get that tweens are her “base” but I feel like there’s a limit to how long she is going to be able to sell that.

    With that in mind, I thought her red carpet dress was great in that she looked like a grown-up woman and not a girl at prom. It was interesting to look at and showed off her statuesque figure well.

  34. D

    I loved her gold dress – my favorite by far of the night. Just absolutely gorgeous. I wish I owned it! (Even though I could never wear it…still, I can dream.)

  35. Martha Raab

    I am mostly just glad she’s stopped wearing eye makeup that exaggerates what beady eyes she has.

  36. Gracie

    Wow you guys are ridiculous. Taylor Swift is one of the most well-adjusted person in Hollywood. For comments saying she needs to grow up–really? She produces her own song and shows, and was the headliner of a $100 million plus grossing tour last year. She mircromanages and continues to oversee her own career to the finest of detail. I doubt any of you has achieved even a fraction of her success when you were 22.

    Despite all of her success, she has stayed gracious to fans and remains humble. She said in an interview that she’s amazed every time there’s a sellout show or an award, because she’s been taught to never expect anything. I can’t really understand how someone can hate a person who has such a refreshing take on success–who’s actually grateful for it and doesn’t take it for granted. Being grateful seems to me totally inoffensive compared to almost every other celebrity who thinks they are the hot stuff and deserve everything.

    I think that dress is gorgeous.

    • goodygoodygumdrops

      And yet an important part of growing up is acquiring the ability to authentically grow and be who you are instead of spending your energy molding yourself to an image in which others want to see you. This is a lesson that most females begin learning by this point in their lives.

      Guess what? She isn’t fifteen anymore, her behavior was on the emotionally arrested side of the spectrum when she was that age, and now she is simply playing a role at a time when anyone in the real world would have already graduated college. It isn’t authentic and empowering to sit around with your guitar and wallow in your identity as a pre-adolescent princess victim. This fake teenager needs to put her golly-gosh-darn innocence routine behind her and grow up.

      • Leah

        Being humble is one thing, but puttin gon that “Are you really cheering for me?” face is getting old. My husband said she did it after EVERY song when he took our daughter to her concert. I can see it after the first song or last song, but not EVERY song. It is fake and overused.
        I don’t doubt that she is a sweet girl, but she is also not naive-hell, she dated John Mayer!!! She needs to grown up and act her age.

  37. goodygoodygumdrops

    No matter what she does, she always looks like a gawkishly awkward twelve year old with a scrunchy rat face. I will never understand people who think she’s pretty.

    Hopefully the media will be over kissing her rear by her next album release and somebody will call her out for whining in a deliberately obvious manner about others in the public spotlight. I never understood how you manage a Shirley Temple public image whilst making your living smack talking every famous person within a two block radius.

    • Faye

      Not a Taylor Swift fan (at 32, I’m a little past her target age group), but she’s always seemed very nice, and I’ve never heard her slag off anyway. Who has she “called out,” exactly?

      • Franziska

        Pretty much every one she ever went out with or allegedly went out with. And people who managed to annoy her. Like Kanye West. Or critics who point out her flaws.

      • Leah

        High school boyfriends, John Mayer, Joe Jonas, Kanye West, Taylor Lautner, Jake Gyllenhaal…

  38. Liz

    “Pocket Seacrest” – funniest description ever!

  39. Kay

    I think I love this picture. Everyone is so expressive. NPH looks like he is coming up with an evil scheme, Taylor looks thrilled to be invited to the party, and wierd guy in blue tie is staring intently at Neil’s husbands shoulder.

  40. guerra

    I love this gold dress! love!!! I also love nph LOVE

  41. Sajorina

    1) The 1st picture is AWESOME!

    2) LOVE the dress & LOVE the shoes, but not on her! It would’ve been perfect on a Charlize Theron type at the Oscars, but on Taylor Swift at the Grammys doesn’t work for me!

    3) The performance outfit gave me a Bluebell, AL feel! Was she subconciously sending a message to the “Hart of Dixie” producers to put her in the show? Hmmmmm….

  42. Mahastee

    I’m in love with the gold dress. I want to take it home to meet my parents. Love, love, LOVE.

  43. Franziska

    I thought she looked rather like a pretty Christmas tree ornament. But I liked her hair that way. I don’t think a fringe suits her.

  44. Michelle Castro

    Taylor Swift & her band’s Grammy performance was really good. Anyone remember Dexy’s Midnight Runners?

  45. M.Amanda

    I do not like the dress (Is that a mesh cutout on the front?), but am sooooo, sooooo happy to see something other than the swoop over one side of her forehead. I was seriously wondering if she had some gnarly scar that was super hard to hide or something.

    Also, NPH dresses up any picture. I love his expression here.

  46. alexd

    does anyone else find it a little strange that, after the whole Kanye “Imma let you finish” thing, her dress looks exactly like the album cover of “watch the throne”?